CARVE WICKED Skateboards – ‘Tunnel Of Love’


  Carve Wicked Skateboards – ‘Tunnel Of Love’      Here we have the latest video from the CRV WKD (Carve Wicked) boys. This ‘Tunnel Of Love’ video celebrates the release of their new wood, which also celebrates the news of three new Pro’s for the company… Sox, Sam Pulley and Colin Adam. Three absolute beasts […]


Shake Junt – Flavor Country Video


  Shake Junt are back on our screens with their new Flavor Country video. Just like the rest of the edits and videos they have made this one is gonna make you call up the crew and head out for good time. It features Florida skaters Ish Cepeda, Zion Wright, John Dilorenxo, Tyson Peterson, Nikolai […]


London Raw 2 – Manny Lopez & Harry Lintell for Austin Bristow


  Here is London Raw 2 from Austin Bristow – a re-edit of the raw footage of Manny Lopez and Black Sheep rider Harry Lintell that first appeared in Austin’s earlier Capital series. Feast your eyes on three minutes of raw cruising around the capital from two of the most on point and productive lads […]


Malte Spitz – State Footwear Edit


  Berlin resident Malte Spitz has been welcomed to the 100% skater owned shoe brand, State Footwear with a minute and a half of ripping through German streets. The short but sweet edit shows how creative Malte can be whilst making it look all too easy indeed. Be sure to check out their first promo, […]


Tristan Funkhouser’s “VXtinct” Part


  When you see a big name in a homie video you kind of get the impression that the skating won’t be as good as in a bigger production. Not in this case, the DC and Baker rider comes through with a just as heavy part for this independent masterpiece, ‘VXtinct’ by Felix Soto. There’s […]


Rough Cut: Tony Trujillo’s “Spitfire x Antihero” Part


  I must admit I sometimes prefer these rough cut edits more than the final product. Take a look behind the scenes at the process including alternative angles to see what it took Tony T to film his Spitfire X AntiHero part. He’s been Skater Of The Year, a King of the Road champion and […]


Rough Cut: Chase Webb’s “DC Arrival” Part


  Chase Webb absolutely smashed it getting tricks for his part in DC’s ‘Arrival’ edit. It was one of those videos where your jaw would be hanging wide open from start to finish just because of how super gnarly all the clips were. Now via Thrasher Magazine there are thirteen minutes, yes that’s right thirteen […]


Almost Skateboards ‘3AM’


  Almost Skateboards present ‘3AM’ which sees a trio of their ams Yuri Facchini, Fran Molina, and Tyson Bowerbank show us some mind-melting board control and some next level tech skills. Literally every trick in this is a banger and, coming in at just over eight minutes this is a proper look into the next […]


Heath Kirchart: The Mayor of UCI


  Joey Sinko has put together a really rad remix of Emerica and overall skateboard legend Heath Kirchart at the famous UCI spot. From the edit we see just how much gnarly stuff Heath has put down at the University Of California, Irvine over the years, and it’s a lot of gnarliness – nearly seven […]