Marquise Henry’s “Keep It Moving” Part


  Marquise Henry has just unleashed an amazing video part on the Thrasher website called “Keep It Moving”, and move he does. Marquise is one of the best technical ledge skaters there is out there and this part more than asserts that statement. The New Balance rider comes through with hammer after hammer and his […]


Songs that include Skateboarding

Avril lavigne skater boy

  Being a skateboarder often involves random pissed up people shouting various lyrics from songs we all know and maybe don’t appreciate that include the topic, skateboarding. Considering there’s a fair few different ones I though I would put a collection together of songs that include skateboarding. You never know, this may also influence a […]


My War: Nuge’s Hill Bomb

My War Nuge's Hill Bomb

      I think I’ve just witnessed the gnarliest thing in skateboarding for a while now. Something that doesn’t even include a trick as well and that is thanks to the My War: Nuge’s Hill Bomb. I mean we can all appreciate a good hill bomb but this is just taking things to the next […]


AVE Rapiweld Pro Wear Test


    On Monday April 25th, The House of Vans London, hosted the official wear test for the AVE Rapiweld Pro and we were kindly invited to come along. Black Sheep representatives Tez (accompanied by young son and future ripper Reuben!) headed down with the shops newest rider Jordan Sharkey .Also in attendance were more […]


Zane Timpson – “Sun Machine” Part


  Thanks to the internet it seems like there is no stopping the amount of skateboard media there is out there. Yet again a brand new section is out there on the world wide web for us to enjoy via the people at Thrasher Magazine. A good part should make you want to grab your […]


Chris Cope’s “Route 44″ Part


      As far as skateboarding goes, it doesn’t get much better than this. I mean even my mum would enjoy this new ‘Route 44′ part from Chris Cope. There are tricks featured in this section that are mind blowing. Things that I’ve always wanted to witness too. For example someone doing a loop […]


Vans Propeller – Raw Files


  Vans, killing the shoe game since 1966 and never failing to keep the feet of many extremely satisfied. Over the years we have seen some amazing things come from these guys including the 50th anniversary shoes that were released earlier this year then the ‘Propeller’ DVD that came out last year. That’s just a […]


Quentin’s hometown weekend contest at PLO skate-park.


  My name is Quentin and from 1995 there has been a contest every year in the city I grew up in at PLO skate-park. That is thanks to the organizers Ploskateclub. This annual contest is an opportunity to meet new people and skate in a unique atmosphere. I mean as we all know, competitions and […]


Fresh drop of Polar Skate Co

polar skate co feature image

      Polar Skate Co smashed it this week with the release of their new video ‘I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time’ that was composed by one of skateboarding’s greatest, Pontus Alv. Pontus has entertained us yet again with another mind boggling video. Not as many unusual clips featured […]