Nike Sb Lance Mountain Chronicles 3

Lance mountain feature image

        Lance Mountain took the breath away from each and every skaters lungs last year. Well maybe from those who managed to watch his part in the Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 3 video. His part was released yesterday via the good old internet. If you didn’t watch it the first time around […]


Top 3 – Stu Reynolds

stu reynolds feature image

    Stu Reynolds, The Black Sheep’s most valuable employee. A middle-aged man in a teenagers body. A dude that is still shredding to this day, and more than ever may I add. When I say shredding, I mean busting out 360 flips or flip back smiths on the regular, he’s a beast. There are […]


Pizza Skateboards “Puerto Rico” Video


  Some of the Pizza Skateboard team packed their bags and headed to Puerto Rico in search of sun, heat and skate spots! They found all three! The edit features Michael Pulizzi, Jesse Viera, Brian Whalen, Seph Quiming, and Richard Hughes. From the looks of the spots that they found I can see even more […]


Bobby De Keyzer’s “Blue Tile Lounge X Habitat” Part


  Once again Bobby De Keyzer comes through with a spot on part! The part is in connection with the skater owned shop in Toronto the Blue Tile Lounge who have teamed up with Habitat skateboards to produce some shop decks with some of Bobby’s photography on them!  The part is full of what you […]


Ishod Wair Dunk Low Pro


  He’s only gone and put out more, yes more footage! Ishod is unstoppable st the moment ! This time he’s released his Ishod Wair Dunk ReThunk advert for the release of his new Dunk Low Pro. It’s a more slimmed down version with zoom air heel and a new inner sock liner. He took […]


Devine Calloway Pro For Primitive


  Everybody loves a good come back! Devine Calloway certainly has had the best comeback of the year so far! After parting ways with Chocolate some years ago, it seemed that Devine fell off skateboarding’s radar all together. No photo’s or any footage really emerged, and unfortunately people began to think that was it, he’s […]


Capital 03


  The third installment from Austin Bristow’s Capital series is now online and it’s the best one to date! Real skateboarding, as it happens in the Big Smoke ! Capital 03 featuring C3P0 and crew with Reuben Dehaan, Bryce Campbell, Nelly Mayele, Conor Charleson, Manny Lopez, Jak Pietryga, Sox, Jake Collins, Will Creswick and our very own Black Sheep representative Harry […]


Jordan Taylor – “gordo2k” Part


  Having recently released his own colour way of New Balance’s Quincy 254, along with a snazzy Spring inspired floral footbed and a re – designed Numeric tongue logo, Jordan Taylor has also had his “gordo2k” part released online via Thrasher Magazine! This is a really refreshing part as Jordan has a really good trick […]


Pat Gallaher – thnku Part.

pat gallaher feature image

        I would personally like to thank Free Skate Magazine for supplying me yet another amazing section to watch on this not so great Friday afternoon. This time round we have Pat Gallaher’s part from the ‘thnku’ video. The style of skating certainly appeals to the kind of skating I like and I’m pretty […]