Jordan Sharkey – ‘Make It Count’ Winner


    Jordan Sharkey has done it and when I say done it I mean he has won the finals of the infamous Element Skateboards ‘Make It Count’ competition. His nerves have probably been stacked high in anticipation awaiting the results but now it’s time for him too relax. Well maybe not relax as this […]


Spanky – Made Chapter 2 B-Sides


  A few years ago Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long disappeared from the Baker and Emerica rosters. Since then, while filming for Made Chapter 2 – a video he thought he would have no part in, got his pro board back on Baker Skateboards. Made chapter 2 was one the biggest videos of the year and now […]


New Balance Numeric – ‘Barge At Will’

New Balance Numeric Barge At Will thumbnail

  Part two of Sidewalk Magazine Issue 228 unlocked this morning with a great article documenting the European New Balance Numeric crew on their inaugural trip this past summer.   Lead by Lost Art bossman Dave Mackey – the team consisting of Axel Cruysberghs, Flo Mirtain, Karl Salah, Mark Baines, Andrew Evans, Jethro Coldwell, Jeremy Jones, […]


Welcome To Hell – The Raw Tour Tapes


  20 years ago back in 1996, Toy Machine (then just three years old) released its third video titled Welcome To Hell. It was a dramatic change compared to Live! from 1994, when the team was made up of Ed Templeton, Jerry Fowler, Ethan Fowler, Joe Nemeth and others like Joel Danenhauer who could be found skating the […]


In Crust We Trust


    ‘In Crust We Trust’ is a skateboard film by Matt Hunt. It features some of the UK’s finest shredders like Harry While, Jack Richards, Eric Wade, Jake Sparham, Adam Keats, Phoenix Luke, Glen Brooks, Chaz Merryweather, Adam Moss, Joe Robertson, Steve Spencer, Josh Webb, Aaron Jago, Eddie Belvedere, Daryl Holcombe, Josh Rounding and Hypeman […]




    The Get Lesta crew seriously don’t mess about. Not long after the release of their first video ‘Get 3′ it is now time for another masterpiece, GET 420. It is being premiered this Saturday (October 22nd) at Broom skatepark and it would be cool if people from Manchester could get down and show […]


Element Make It Count – Vote For Sharkey

jordan sharkey for the win

    I would like everyone to appreciate the standard of skateboarding that Jordan Sharkey produces because lets be honest, it is ridiculous. He is one of the most technical, consistent, stylish and powerful skateboarders that the UK has ever seen. We have got to know his skating in Manchester extremely well over the past […]


Volcom ‘Euro Stokes’ Edit


    A couple of months previous to the infamous release of the Volcom Holy Stokes video the Volcom dudes decided to gather a crew and hit some spots in the UK and Europe to try and gather some last minute footage for the video. The van consisted of our very own Harry Lintell and then Ben […]


Figgy – Made Chapter 2 B-Sides


  By now you’ve probably seen Emerica’s MADE Chapter 2…if not you need to! Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa closes out the video with one of the heaviest parts of the year. Now via Thrasher Magazine his B-Sides have been released just to show how much blood, sweat and bone crunching slams went in to making a […]