Reiss Johnson

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  At the Black Sheep Store we have some wonderful bosses and I’m not just saying that to get a pay rise. Harry and Tez are generally top dudes and I personally couldn’t thank them enough. Not only have they given so much to Manchester skateboarding over the years, risking mortgages and food for their […]


Skateboarding’s Finest Photographers

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  Let’s just put it straight. A lot of hard work goes into the skateboard world and its obviously the best thing to happen since Noah built his ark. If it wasn’t for the photographers who capture this creative invention we would have never of witnessed magazines such as Thrasher, Transworld, Slap, Sidewalk, Document, Free, […]


Some Must See Sections

jason dill from habitat mosiac

  As myself (Stannerz) and Sexual Stu were working in the notorious new Black Sheep Store the other weekend we were surrounded by a load of skate rats asking every question under the sun. So we decided to ask a few back which were….   Who had, in your opinion, the best section in Flip […]


Vans Excursion: Episode 4 – Chris Oliver


  Chris Oliver is a beast and has been killing it since I can remember. Aged 34, mentally 25 and bodily 60 this dude is not done yet. For those that don’t know Chris has been heavily involved in the UK skate scene since the late 90’s early 2000’s. Grabbing himself 1st place in plenty […]


15 Years Of Enjoi


        Can you believe that we’ve had the pleasure of 15 years of Enjoi ?!?!?!   Started 15 years ago by skateboard magician Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson, after they got tired of skateboarding teams that were just built for their marketing purposes, Enjoi have spent the last 15 years keeping it […]


Classic Videos – Transworld Sight Unseen


      Transworld’s Sight unseen was released back in 2001, put together by Jon Holland and Greg Hunt ,this was the twelfth installment of what was a continuing series of Transworld videos being released every few years or so. Even today, Sight Unseen remains the how – to when it comes to making proper […]


Vital skate news From Sub Fifty, MUST READ!

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  I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about the new complications in skateboarding recently that includes some well known faces. Firstly the news broke out that Rowley left Flip Skateboards. A real shocker, but now adding to the pot of confusion is that Koston and Guy Mariano have departed from Girl. Kids and general forum waste-mans are […]


Bath Salts by Heroin Skateboards

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      My good friend Fos, owner of Heroin skateboards. He is truly one of the best dudes out there and I’m extremely happy to see the progression in which his company Heroin skateboards has made throughout its many years of existence. The team have currently been filming for a video, Bath Salts. I […]


The Vase video, by Isle Skateboards.

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      Isle Skateboards have come through with the UK’s newest skate video ‘Vase’. Premiered in London last weekend, it has had nothing but excellent reviews. Filmed and edited by Jacob Harris who certainly did himself and the Isle boys proud. Features sections from their newest pro Tom Knox then Nick Jensen, Casper Brooker, Jon Nguyen, Chris […]