Gilbert Crockett ‘Gospel’ Part


  With his banging new Vans model – and an accompanying edit – Gilbert Crockett has been all over the internet this week. His latest visual offering comes in the form of a part in ‘Gospel’, Venue, the Richmond, Virginia, shop’s new video. Every Gilbert part displays notable attention to detail : the trick selection, […]


The Bronze “56,000” Video


    The Bronze crew have done it yet again, producing a small but deadly edit for you guys to feast your eyes on this weekend. It is a combination of everything great from old footage, slow-motion, P2 card filming, Rizzo, Josh, house music and raw clips. Everything you need in life and it especially […]


Gilbert Crockett Interview


  What was it like having Jamie Thomas in charge back when you rode for Mystery and Fallen?   It was cool, I think he pushed me a lot and I definitely appreciate everything he did for me, I don’t think I would be sitting right here if it wasn’t for him.   Is his […]


Frank Gerwer Straight To Floppy Disk (Lost Part)


    We all scope various websites/Instagram pages each morning trying to witness the latest part that skateboarding has on offer. Although what was a delight and shocked my normal robot browse was when I payed a visit to the Free Skateboard Magazine website and instantly noticed the name… Frank Gerwer. Gerwer is a New York […]


Gilbert Crockett Pro 2


      Launching worldwide this Saturday, February 11, Vans reveals its latest breakthrough and introduces the second pro model from Gilbert Crockett. The Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 is a combination of craft and science, upholding Vans’ innovative Wafflecup unit bottom construction, improved fit and fully-fused Duracap upper reinforcements. A new outsole utilizes the performance advancements of Vans […]


Robbie Brockel’s “Surveillance” Part


  Last Spring, in what probably was a first within skateboarding, Real turned Robbie Brockel pro half way through his PHXAM run. Now almost a year later, Robbie is back with a new part, the 5th installment of Real Skateboards ‘Surveillance’ series. Over its three and a half minutes run time, Robbie delivers hammer after hammer, […]


Rough Cut: The Worble’s Manramp Video


  It seem we can’t get enough of these rough cut edits at the moment. So do you remeber the Worbles Manramp video from last week? Chances are that you do….and you loved it. We’d also put a bet on you being stocked on the fact that Thrasher have just released eight minutes of raw […]


Rough Cut: Evan Smith’s Spitfire Part


  Only two days into 2017, Evan Smith had already dropped his first part of the year. The Spitfire section took over from where he left off in 2016, quite possibly firmly cemented in the skater of the year category. Now, Thrasher have released the raw footage, which basically is seven minutes of Evan proving […]


Austyn Gillette – Quik Raw Edit


  A visual treat awaits your viewing pleasure brought to you by the style master himself Austyn Gillette. Doubt you’ll ever see a better switch push than in this ‘Quik Raw’ edit, seriously a thing of beauty. The mind baffles as to how one skater looks so natural skating both ways at speed but then […]