Riley Hawk’s ‘Shep Dawgs 5′ Promo


  According to Thrasher, this is a promo for the new Shep Dawgs 5 video and this is throw away footage of Riley Hawk. He must be stacking clips on a daily basis because this is pretty much a part of it’s own with some top shredding from the Baker Skateboards pro. Riley skates every […]


Legends Never Die VHS Boxset by DJ Odin

Ledgends-Never-Die-Soundtrack-And-Wax3 for blog feature image

    Skateboarding and music have always played a part in each others existence for as long as I can remember. Being a skateboarder music has had a huge influence on my life because as we all know the majority of skate sections include some of the best tracks ever released whether it being a […]


DC Shoes – US-Eh? Summer Tour Video


  When the summer comes it can only mean one thing for various skate teams, tour time. The DC lads have been at it again and have released quite a lot of footage already over the past few months. The newest edit is the DC Shoes US-Eh? tour video. They toured around the north east […]


Tre Williams ‘Extra Crispy’ Part


  A heavy one doing the rounds on the internet today. Last week Pig Wheels premiered their first full length video since 1998’s All Systems Go. Yesterday via Thrasher Magazine they released Tre Williams part , which is his first ever. Hailing from Riverside California the 21 year old has a smooth style, an amazing […]


Johnny Layton – Jenkem Bonus Part


  A week or so ago Jenkem Mag did an interview with Johnny Layton (once of Toy Machine) to see what he had been up to since he dint skateboard professionally anymore. He was one of the steeziest skaters at that moment in skate history and had possibly the best switch 360 flip ever ( […]


Rodney Mullen – Liminal Part


  After 2004’s Almost Round Three, Rodney Mullen has largely stayed out of the limelight. Now though, the 49 year old street pioneer is back with a brand new video part after twelve years, the new footage called Liminal and released by Vogue is far from an ordinary skate section. It came about when Dhani […]


Emerica – MADE Chapter 2 Trailer


  It has been about three years since Emerica started their MADE Chapter series. The first chapter, released in 2013 featured Leo Romero, Brandon Westgate, Colin Provost and a surprising part from Jeremy Leabres. Now, the official trailer for MADE Chapter 2 has been published online with Jerry Hsu giving us the lowdown on what […]


Axel Cruysberghs’ “Holy Stokes!” Over Stokes

axel feature image and facebook image 1

      Axel Cruysberghs is an all-terrain animal. He can log tricks at any spot that is put in front of him and that showed massively in his Volcom’s Holy Stokes video part. In conjunction with his part in Holy Stokes you can now watch his Over Stokes part that involves all the raw […]


Evan Smith’s ”A Tour Of It’s Own” Australia


  DC Shoes have just released a new montage from Evan Smith’s ‘A Tour Of It’s Own’. The latest edit checks in on the Australian leg of the tour. Evan, Cyril Jackson, Tristan Funkhouser and Wes Kremer were joined by Aussies Alex Lawton, Tommy Fynn and Chase Jaeger in search of good spots and good […]