Black Sheep Store Exclusive Interview with the One and Only Eddie Belvedere.


Name/age/sponsors/blah blah?

Edward Lee Belvedere, 27 err, male, heterosexual, Aries, sponsors are Superdead, Theeve Trucks, Pig Wheels, Fallen Footwear and some shop that can’t be stopped!


How long  have you been Skateboarding in Manchester and what’s  your favorite spots?

14 years but probably 7 years in total due to it pissing down so much. Most recently my favorite spot has been the Urbis before that it was BBC banks but some clever dick decided to ruin it for everybody.


Who’s your favorite Black Sheep rider and who’s the worst?

My best-est Black Sheep riders is Andy Scott, Rob Smith and Nick Stansfield, that’s my top three, then the bottom three is ME, Ollie and Andy Scott (again.)


Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Riders?

Little Nick is now a male model and thinks he’s fit. 2 of the riders work in fast food outlets. Matty Kelly just thinks he knows everything. Rob Smith has a Chanel tattoo cause he’s joined the Shoreditch elite.


Controversial question for Edward Belvedere…..Who came up with the name for The Black Sheep…..?

 Right, contrary to popular belief it is in no way related to Harry’s original shop Sheep but although now I guess it’s kind of a reference to it and the history of skateboarding in Manchester. Basically I came up with the name, Harry stole it off me cause it was dope and he owes me BIGTIME,hahaa.


*Harry’s words- “He’s just a smackhead.”

What future plans have you got?

 Filming for the Superdead video, filming the best section I’ve fucking filmed,ha. Killing off the streets of Manchester, promoting the Black Sheep, promoting the Superdead, promoting the other companies I ride for and watching the rest of Breaking Bad. Errrrr Drinking lots of Brooklyn lager and partying till my eyes pop out!


Eddie Belvedere’s words of wisdom?

 Errrrrrr, don’t judge a book by its cover, errrr

Be nice to people and party onnnnn dudes!




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