Shake Junt – Flavor Country Video

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


Shake Junt are back on our screens with their new Flavor Country video. Just like the rest of the edits and videos they have made this one is gonna make you call up the crew and head out for good time. It features Florida skaters Ish Cepeda, Zion Wright, John Dilorenxo, Tyson Peterson, Nikolai Piombo and the powerhouse that is Jamie Foy. Also watch our for special guest appearances from none other than the boss Andrew Reynolds and OG Baker head and steez master Jeff Lenoce. Click play below and get buck!



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London Raw 2 – Manny Lopez & Harry Lintell for Austin Bristow

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


Here is London Raw 2 from Austin Bristow – a re-edit of the raw footage of Manny Lopez and Black Sheep rider Harry Lintell that first appeared in Austin’s earlier Capital series. Feast your eyes on three minutes of raw cruising around the capital from two of the most on point and productive lads in the game. Hitting up some London hot spots like Southbank, Canada Water and various other locations across the city. If Instagram is anything to go by these two are reportedly working on another heavy project with some well established London filmers, but that’ll remain a secret for now but I’m sure we will all know about it in the future.



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Norman Woods For Theeve Trucks

Monday, May 22nd, 2017


Theeve Trucks are proud to announce that Norman Woods has now joined their pro ranks and has produced this rad part for them which has been hosted over at the Transworld Skateboarding website. The two and a half minute edit shows that Norman has some buttery smooth style, amounts of seriously good pop and isn’t scared to raise the gnar factor on some big rails for some knee killing bangers. Click that play button below and digest the smoothness that is Mr Norman Woods.



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Amber Alert : Bronze 56K X Zoo York

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


You probably already know what to expect when you see that a new Bronze video has hit the web. Bronze’s latest visual work of art, Amber Alert, a collaboration with Zoo York, combines the editing style that the internet has come to know and love, with footage of Bronze regulars and some of the Zoo crew putting it down. Great skating set on those dream street spots of Barcelona, it seems that the lads got a bit of a rough deal with the weather but they came through none the less. The edit features Ron Deily, Kevin Tierney, Rob Gonyon, Billy McFeely, Chachi Maserati, Adrian Vega, Brendan Carroll, Josh Wilson and Dick Rizzo.



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Squadded Up In SD : Real Skateboards

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


“Nothing but good times with half the crew and a bunch of friends from Europe all headed to SD to get some. Jump in the van.”


Real Skateboards have just dropped a new short but sweet edit titled Squadded Up In SD : Jump In The Van. As the title suggests Real squeezed the likes of Peter Ramondetta, Jaffin Garvey, Justin Brock, Zion Wright, Willy Lara, Davis Torgerson, Ishod Wair, Kyle Walker, Hermann Stene and Black Sheep’s very own representative Mr Harry Lintell along for the ride. We’re obviously super stoked that they got Harry on to it and involved in the mix and as per he came through and smashed it. Click play below too see the clip and also check out some of the rad photos from the trip on the Real blog.



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Thaynan Costa – Our Sweet Baby Part

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017


Throw in some powerful on point street tech, stir in a little bit of that new-new stuff, add a dash of 80’s art video visual craziness and you end up with Thaynan Costa coming through with a banging part to mark his rise to the pro ranks for Enjoi. What about that ender though? Lets all party with the panda posse shall we!



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Baker In Dubai

Monday, May 8th, 2017


Baker Skateboards have been on it this past week treating us to some new footage, firstly showing us their new additions to the team in the Baker Am video and now this tour edit of some of the crew over in Dubai. While the AM video concentrated on the new blood like Zach Allen, Donta Hill and Kader Sylla this edit features more of the well known names from the Baker squad like Figgy, Reynolds and Cyril Jackson (plus special guest Toy Machine rider Colin Provost). Released in connection with The Skateboard Mag (alongside an article in the latest issue) and containing one of the best verial heelflips from the boss himself this clip is perfect for that injection of pre skate hype.



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House of Vans – Re-opening edit

Friday, May 5th, 2017



The infamous House of Vans has reopened and to celebrate the opening a few of the Vans team have shredded the newly built street course like masters. We’ve got our very own Rob Smith and Jordan Sharkey doing what they do best with some other very recognizable faces. Hit the play button right now and if you are ever in London then it is definitely worth paying this place a visit. Whether that be for a gig, skate or food they’ve got all aspects covered.

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Atlantic Drift Episode 3 by Jacob Harris

Thursday, May 4th, 2017



The Atlantic Drift episodes have been nothing but spectacular. Each and every time I see a glimmer or trailer of the latest episode on various social media aspects it definitely gets the blood flowing. This episode above is the latest one to the collection and I would be surprised if you haven’t already hit the play button. Like before in the previous 2 episodes it has been filmed and edited by London’s shredder Jacob Harris. A film-maker who is not only incredible at producing some fine edits but who is also a beast himself on the other side of the lens. Back to the ‘Atlantic Drift’ episodes because there seems to be a theme flowing throughout the individual edit too. For example the first one was located in just London, the second at St Paul’s which is an infamous and widely known spot to the 3rd and freshest where the French city Paris holds the limelight. Sit back, relax and enjoy this masterpiece as it doesn’t get much better. If you missed the first 2 episodes then watch them below or you could watch all three anyway for the vibes of a full length video. Sorted!




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The Baker AM Video

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017


Andrew Reynolds sure knows how to pick ’em for Baker. He also knows how he wants his brand representing, young kids going at it, having fun is, as always, the way it should be. Throw in some of that traditional Beagle filmed Hijinks and you’ve got yourself some of that Baker magic that thankfully hasn’t changed in the past two decades or so. Starting off this eight minute piece is the young Kader Sylla, he may only stand about a foot and a half  bigger than his board but that doesn’t stop him stepping up and pulling off some man sized hammers. It also features new recruits Zach Allen and Donta Hill in company with well established riders like Reynolds, Spanky, Funkhouser, Herman and more. With skateboarding changing almost daily it’s nice to know that some things will be just as they are, Baker will always be Baker producing the goods and long may that continue.



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