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New Balance Numeric



The New Balance Numeric crew have come good again with this Pinnytown edit. All filmed and edited before the Winter took hold over on the East Coast around Boston and New York in search of the place they call Pinnytown. Featured riders Tom Karangelov, Tom Knox, PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Tyler Surrey, Jordan Trahan and filmed by master lens men Russell Houghten, Arto Saari and Keenan Tait.




Poler Stuff Spring 14′


Poler Stuff spring 14 has landed at The Black Sheep. The Outdoor brand makes gear for the travellers, skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, bicyclists, campers and anyone else looking for something that looks good and fits into their practical lifestyle. The brand has an organic, home-grown ’camp vibe’ that is carried throughout the brand. This spring’s collection bring a huge range of hats and bags which are now available in-store and online at The Black Sheep. 


Learn more about the outdoor lifestyle brand Poler Stuff on their blog.




Carhartt WIP X CRV WKD


Carhartt WIP have teamed up Carve Wicked to bring you this limited edition collaboration. The four-piece collection features 2 colour-ways on a pocket tee, socks, an 8.5″ skateboard deck and a limited engraved camp knife-skateboard combo. All woodland-inspired celebration of all things carveable created by illustrator Jon Horner and The Black Sheep’s very own Dogger aka Rob Smith.




You can shop for the collection in-store at our city centre store or online now.

Ben Horton Interview


Ben Horton is a well established artist and owner of $lave Skateboards, during the course of the last few months we have been exhibiting some of his original works for sale in-store and had a chance to catch up with Mr. Horton for an interview….


-Hey Ben, how’s it going ?


Things are good.



-Working on any projects right now?


Yeah. Mostly painting and drawing stuff. I have a couple solo shows coming up, so I’ve just been building a lot of wood pieces to paint on.



-How did you enjoy your first visit to UK soil? Was that the first time you’ve shown your art work outside the US?


It was great. The people are friendly, the architecture is amazing and the pies are the best. It was all thanks to my friend Cube though. He drove me all over that place. London, Liverpool, Manchester, etc. He even took me up to Scotland. That place is mind blowing. I’d like to move there someday.

But yeah, he made it all happen. I owe you one player!



-What’s the back story on knowing the Square one that is Cubic?


I met him back in 2007 when he set up a show for me at Cal’s Pharmacy in Portland, OR. It was so sick! I guess I owe him two! Shit.





-Hear you also had fun times with the wild one that is Div Adams from his jaunt over your way? Any ginger man stories suitable to share….?


Div rules. There are stories for days. But my favorite one is when we all played ‘skate’ on a slab of concrete from a torn down house, in the middle of the Southern California desert. We were camping at this spot and drinking by the fire. It’s 2 or 3 in the morning and pitch black. Someone starts skating on the slab and everyone gets hyped. We all get out head lamps or flashlights to help him out. It turned into a game of skate and chaos. Everyone skating and chasing fools around with lights, slamming and shit. Hilarious.

Anyway, it came down to Danny Dicola vs. Div. I was chasing them around with a speaker so they could listen to jams while they skated. Dicola’s shoe blew out I think, so Frecks hooked him up with his shoe. I don’t even remember what the final trick was or who won. But Div did a trick and flew off the slab into the darkness and down a small hill into a shit load of garbage and random metal. It was insane. I thought he was dusted. Maybe impaled. He just got up laughing. So I guess he won. Actually, that might have been Dicola. I don’t really remember. Conhuir Lynn was there, he probably remembers more.

The next day Div didn’t have any money. So he ate some random lunchmeat that had been sitting in the van for 3 days. He barfed it all up in a museum parking lot. He’s out there on the front lines, blind.



-As $lave Skateboards is a firm favorite here at The Black Sheep we’ve got to ask what’s in the works right now?


I’m working on a couple new board series’ for $lave. One series is with my friend J-hon who has been shooting photos of the team through thick and thin since the beginning. He’s the only one who has been on every $lave trip. He’s a great Dude and photographer.




-Please tell us we can look forward to another video from Slave….?


Someday, haha!



-Any future plans for more exploring of our cold and wet island?


I hope to get out there again soon. There’s so much to do and see. It’s great. Definitely one of the best places I’ve visited. The amount of history and worldwide influence from there is phenomenal.



-How much do you miss the pie, mash and gravy from Pieminster?


Damn, so much. Seriously. Those things are too good.



-Any final words of wisdom you’d care to share?


I don’t have anything wise to say. Just thanks for the support and hanging my art up in the shop. I’m grateful for that.



Check out more from $lave skateboards and Ben Horton artwork.


Sit back and enjoy the goodness from $lave Skateboards – Danny Dicola ‘Trying to Relax’…

Rockwell by Parra


We are proud to announce that the ‘Lost Seagull’ collection for SS14 by Rockwell by Parra is now available in-store and online at The Black Sheep!


Rockwell is a cultural clothing / skateboarding / lifestyle brand bought to you by Parra. For those who aren’t yet familiar with his work, Parra is a Dutch artist and co-founder of Rockwell who is most renowned for his quirky graphics, bright colours, vibrant typography and characters. Working across the board of drawing, painting, animation and sculpture, Parra creates an enigmatic and instantly recognisable style that defies easy categorisation which is reflected in the presentation of the clothing and skateboards.



Clothing is available from size small to XL and all purchases come with a free limited Rockwell tote bag. Pop down and come and have a ganders in-store at our Manchester city centre skate store.


Superdead at Ramp 1 Skatepark



Superdead skateboards got a private little invite session for the newly founded Ramp 1 skatepark in Warrington. Check out below to witness Black Sheep riders Eddie Belvedere, Jirka Bulin and Jake Potts joined by fellow SD destroyer Nick Remon.




If you’ve not ventured to this new skatepark on steroids we suggest you get planning your next road trip. The place is mental at 50’000 sq ft which now claims the UK’s biggest indoor park plus with plans already afoot to add an additional 30’000 sq ft this place will end up straight up bonkers!





Swanski Interview


We recently had the pleasure to host an in-store exclusive live-art show from Swanski to celebrate the UK launch of Polish skateboarding brand Turbokolor! If you managed to make it down last Saturday, you’ll know it was a great evening filled with art, beer, laughs and good-times!  After the event we caught up with Swanski for an exclusive interview. Check out the interview below and a few pictures from the event.


- Name & location:


Hello, my name is Swanski, I’m an artist and designer based in Warsaw, Poland.



- Tell us a little about your skateboarding / art roots?


Around 1994 I started skating with my friends from the neighborhood. I know this might sound like a cliché but since then skateboarding has become an important part of my life. It has taught me to be patient, to express myself through the tricks like I do now through brush moves on paper…. Skateboarding took me to the place where I am right now. From producing t-shirts for my own crew at the age of 15 to traveling with my art, designing skateboard graphics and expanding my work towards large commissioned projects like Absolut Vodka signature bottle.



- What kind of brands have you collaborated with in the past?


Well, there are quite a few. I was lucky to work German ones like Hessenmob and Titus… Then Cliche, Nomad… And finally US players: Listen Skateboards, Creation, Autobahn, Girl and Lakai. I also worked with companies from outside of the skate scene like Absolut, Nike and Casio G-Shock.



- What would you say your favourite collaboration is that you have done and why?


I really loved to work with Hessenmob – they are like family to me. Working with Girl and Lakai was amazing. For someone like me who grew up watching these guys skate, getting to work with them was quite an experience. As our relationship tightened, I was invited to participate in the Girl’s 20th anniversary exhibition in LA. I did my version of the Girl’s wooden toy for the show, which became later a staple for a special board series featuring this artwork. As for the upcoming things, Lakai is going to release my signature shoe series in 3 colorways. It’s a part of their Echelon line and my shoes are next to Spike Jonze and Mariano’s pro models. I’m excited.

(Click here to watch Swanski’s trip to LA for Girl Skateboards 20th Anniversary)



- Tell us a bit more about ‘Turbokolor’ and how it came about?


Well, skateboarding is all about D.I.Y, right? We build spots, make videos, we create our own tricks and the way of photographing them. I have been making t-shirts with friends since I was 15, so starting a brand seemed like a natural step forward. I was lucky to have my friends on board, who still run this project with me. A clothing brand is just like a huge tree which needs its roots, its trunk and many branches. Without either of them it is dead.



- Did you enjoy your trip to The Black Sheep, Manchester & Parlour Skate Store, London to celebrate and promote the UK launch of Turbokolor?


I enjoyed both places 100%! The most important thing was to feel a TRUE passion for what we do. Skateboarding is a worldwide tribe, language doesn’t really matter.



- What’s next for Swanski & Turbokolor?


A tough one! There is so much going on! We are focusing on supporting local scenes on the new markets. We’ve been seeing a lot of interest from Europe, but also from Asia and North America. As the Turbokolor family is growing and new projects are popping up, it only means more work and more travel. And that’s great news!


Thank you Swanki & Turbokolor for coming through with an amazing night, a great SS14 line and a dope new wall in our shop. Much love from us all here at The Black Sheep Store.








és Footwear Navy Pack



After the initial UK release from E’s Skateboarding we’re now to be blessed with the “Navy Pack” and you best be ready as these are due in store and online tomorrow, 14/03/14.


This is now a World Wide date release but still distribution is being kept tight through very select skate shops and we’re honored to be one of the 8 chosen UK stockist.


All three styles will be available from a UK 7 through to a UK 12. As before we will have very limited stock on each size so if you missed out last time be sure to snap these up quick >>> es skate shoes <<<


Scan your cursor in a downward motion to see the és Accent, Accelerate and Accelite in the all new navy colour-way.



Swanski Live Art Show In-Store


This Saturday, 15th March we will be hosting an in-store exclusive with Warsaw based artist, designer and illustrator, Swanski. He will be showcasing an in-store live art show with the opportunity to preview the new Turbokolor brand.



Turbokololor is a brand from the heart of Eastern Europe – Warsaw founded in 2007 by the artist and designer Swanski, together with his childhood friends, who all shared the same passions. Turbokolor has so far released collaborative projects with Vans, Casio G-shock, New Era caps, Foreign Family, Akomplice, as well as world’s best artists such Jeremy Fish or Will BarrasMarokM-City and Zbiok.

This Saturday, Swanski will be in-store at our city centre store to perform live art whilst you browse the new clothing. 

(Did we mention there will be a few free beers?!)

The event will run from 5:30pm til’ approximately 7:30pm.

59 Church Street
M4 1PD
Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday!


Check these links to find out more about TurboKolor and Swanski and peep the video below from when he spent some time over in LA.



Ben Raybourn Nike SB



Nike sb have just unleashed a whole new Ben Raybourn welcome part via Thrasher Magazine today. Get watching below and witness some untouched skate-spots and pools getting a serious beat down. Raybourn kills it!




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