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The Hundreds By Todd Bratrud Collection


Very pleased to announce that The Hundreads by Todd Bratrud collection will be available online in the next few days! Todd has designed hundreds of board graphics, stickers and adverts for numerous companies over the years like Flip, Birdhouse, Creature, Black Label and Real just to name a few. He is also a illustrator and blogger over at The Skateboardmag  and took over as art director at Consolidated skateboards way back in 1999. Todds artwork reflects his personality as it does with most other artists, his teenage fascination with skateboarding, pin ball machine art, large breasted women and comic books have carved the way for his style.


This project and these drawings are as simple as what happens when you keep a marker on you at all times, obviously bathroom walls are where the best examples of this style of ‘art’ can be found. Also, I physically (and mentally) can’t stop drawing, so these crude drawings might be the most accurate depiction of how my mind works when it comes to creating art.” – Todd Bratrud



Head over to The Hundreds site to see the full collection!

Harry Lintell – Welcome To Black Sheep Skate Store Section


So yeah we’re obviously stoked to have Harry come join us at The Black Sheep but this has been a good time in the making. Rewind back a good 6 years (or slightly more, hazy memory killing me) and Lintell was riding for a certain board company we where at the time distributing, we had fun times with plenty UK road trips and even took Harry North of the border and he popped his Scottish visitor cherry. Even way back then Harry was skating with the majority of the OG Black Sheep Family like Eddie, Rob, Scotty etc and with out a current shop sponsor he kind of just fell into the team even back then but we never made anything official. So the years went by and we’ve always supported Harry as much as possible cause we/I firmly believe he should be able to support himself by means of skateboarding and skateboarding alone, god knows he’s pretty shitty at life stuff in general,haha but with serious natural talent the boy from Ashford has now firmly and officially come home and joined The Black Sheep Family.


Big Ups the toothless wonder that is Hairy Lentells.


Tez (and the rest of the fam. x)





Name, age, hang left or right?



Harry Lintell.23.firmly left! haha.





Black Sheep skate store, Converse, Volcom clothing, Real skateboards, Ace trucks,  Spitfire wheels, MOB grip tape and Piff sticks co.





Your favorite team manager!?



Tez! (as long as I’m above Parrott,haha -Tez,) Chez and Christian.


Why not Kevin Parrott…?! (haha, sorry Kev, my leading question worked a treat!)



I fucking love parrots! Bert and Kevin.


Why you living in London now? Have you turned into a jazzy bummer because of it?



I just wanted to get out of my home town Ashford and I kept going on skate trips and then would always end up back in London so it just made sense! CLAPTON CASTLE represent! and hell no! I’m sick of seeing those jazzy bummers.

Next trip planned to get out of London?



Skate jam in Hull with bro mattock. then San Francisco mission.




How stoked are you to join the Black Sheep?



Over the moon to be joining Black Sheep fam! don know haha.


Looking forward to a Scottish road trip again with Eddie, Rob, Scotty etc..? (oh yeah that’s your notice that we’re going on a Scottish road trip.) 



Yeah?! Lets do this!!


Why are you so shit with phones?



I am just rubbish with them and skate with all the time in my pocket haha. even when I do put it in my bag I still end up breaking the screen. haha even the indestructible Nokia 3210, smashed that skating! haha.

Just spoke to your Mum and you should call her now and again. She just wants to know your okay in that there London, haha. Thoughts?



Need to drop her a call and catch up with her really. What up Mom haha.


This Welcome clip took a while yeah? You shouldn’t worry about filming for that small clothing company Volcom when you could be filming more for the mighty Black Sheep! Thoughts?



Been a while coming I guess yeah haha but worth doing it right.


Cheers Harry and obviously stoked your the newest member of the #blacksheepfamily. Any words of wisdom you want to put out to the skate rat masses?



Go out and charge them streets. heavy still! haha have fun always!



Safe Harry. Big love from the fam. Tez.





Some words from the rest of the Black Sheep Family-


Eddie Belvedere- ‘It only makes sense that the best street skater in England rides for the best skate shop in England! Welcome to the Family!’



Rob Smith- ‘I met Harry when he was about 16, I’d never heard of him before but as soon as I seen him skate I knew it wouldn’t be long until everyone knew who he was. We went on our first trip together around that same time, I witnessed some of the most ridiculous skateboarding I’d ever seen… he grinded his first kinked hand rail on that trip, 10 stairs then about 5 feet of flat, to a T juction rail with a drop of about 8 foot off the end. What a joker!’



Harry - ‘Damn that tash!!! Stoked he is a part of the Black Sheep Family.’



Rikk Fields- ‘Raw dogger!  Absolute cannon and a good guy. It makes as much sense as a pie on a barm.’



Massive thanks to Sam Ashley for the use of his photos (portrait,  backside wall ride and backside tail slide.) Also thank you to Graham Tait from North Skateboard Magazine (nose grind pop over.)


Lastly huge thanks to Sean Lomax for the power edit. 



Weekend In The City 2014 Premiere



Oh yes, here we go! Another premiere to attend this time for the Weekend In The City 2014! Massive big ups to Lewis ‘Threadhead’ Threadgold for making this years WITC happen. Its always been a great weekend over the years, even if it had rained on a couple of occasions. The premiere will take place on Sunday the 21st September at the Kraak Gallery in the Northen Quarter, a sick venue for a sick event! Entry will be just one of the queens golden nuggets, So don’t be stingy ! Doors open from 7pm with the premiere probably starting going on for 8ish. Big ups to those who entered, we cant wait to see this years edits! For now though here are some of the previous years entries !


























Black Sheep goes to Mountain Dew Am Series, Amsterdam.

It’s always nice to receive a phone call asking if I (Nick Stansfield) would represent The Black Sheep to go to Amsterdam for the weekend to witness Mountain Dew bringing The Am Series to Europe for the first time…. so of course I said yes! At first it was a bit of a dream and I really thought it wouldn’t actually happen but as the date of the event grew closer so did the information so lets just say I was on a hype!



I was allowed to bring a guest to help so it was obvious that The Black Sheeps mascot Stu Reynolds would be perfect for the job, plus he’s a herbalist so could get on an ‘Apple Hype’ whilst he was over there which he certainly did…. So the mission began.. on the 29th of August me and Stu got a coach down to Heathrow for 3pm to meet the rest of the team from Freuds agency to collect our boarding passes and expenses for the trip! On arrival to Heathrow we realized that there was quite a few of us going, Laura and Danielle from Freud to make sure things went to plan, couple from Rollersnakes and Route one, Jordan Waller from FHM, competition winners Ben and Henry who were so sound then other competition winners Nobby and his guest… After meeting and greeting the next thing you know we’re in Amsterdam….. BUZZING! Not sure if you’ve ever been yourself but flying from the UK literally takes no time at all, just enough time to relax with a beer then you’ve landed.



We arrived into Amsterdam at 7 pm local time and as you arrive you are greeted with with one of many ‘I AMsterdam’ signs which starts the trip on a high from the start. The first job we had was too get to the Marriot hotel and drop the bags of and as soon as that was done Stu insisted we went to a coffee shop called Bulldog which was round the corner so he could stock up. Eyes slightly red and stocked up Stu was ready to head back to the hotel to meet everyone where we decided to check out the night life Amsterdam had to offer! By this time it was slightly late so we hit up a few bars close to the hotel so we could get as much booze in our system and stumble back to the hotel which is exactly what happened! As me and Stu arrived back at the hotel Laura was stumbling around the hotel with an empty pizza box in her hand with a trail of slices she had dropped leading us too the lift. She had dropped it everywhere and there was that much around the lift that door was unable to close….. the next morning we found out that she didn’t manage to even eat one slice as she managed to drop it all apart from the box aha! Amazing!



It was pretty clear to say that heads were very sore the next day but Mountain Dew is a really good cure for a Hangover as we found out. After a few bottles of the bright green fizz we were back on track so we headed over to the skatepark which Mountain Dew had put on especially for the event. I’ve not seen a tempory park which had so much flow and variety, it was mint! I really wanted to have a cruise myself but it was packed and I didn’t want to get in the way as skaters were warming up for the qualifiers later that day.



During the qualifiers the standard of skating was incredible! Which was expected in my eyes as the winning prize was a free trip to New York. People that impressed me were Nassim Guammaz who is a really good friend of our Black Sheep team rider Rob Smith, Nick Bax who was from the Netherlands which was nice to see someone local tearing it up and was a really genuine guy then Hermann Stene who was a real treat to watch skate since he tore the park apart! By this point the excitement grew as Boo Johnson, Keelan Dadd and Theotis Beasley showed up. All 3 are really nice guys and they showed there love to the crowd and skaters socializing and giving away freebies which definitely got them going as the noise increased by the second! Not only was there a skate comp going on but there was also live bands playing. I would have to say the amount of noise coming from the skate event wasn’t far off the sound of music ! Qualifiers over and it was time for me and Stu to meet and greet Keelan, Boo and Theotis which was amazing!



It’s very surreal meeting some of your favorite skaters but it was so relaxed and easy to chat to them. We spoke about what Mountain Dew were doing and what their thoughts about the event and they all thought it was great! Theotis said he was a huge fan of Europe so it’s amazing that Mountain Dew had branched over seas and brought the event here. Obviously he was a huge fan of the Black Sheep Store too…



Once we had a chat and chilled for a bit it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for an art exhibition that was happening later that night. Showered and raring to go we had a brief walk down to Green Label Gallery. As we entered the gallery we were given a flyer which had 2 green sticky labels attached to it which was pretty strange but after looking around it came too us that the labels were for us to vote for the piece of art that we liked the most! Next to each artwork there was a name of the artist then the name was also wrote in a list besides them and you place the label next to the name and at the end the person with the most labels was the winner! What an amazing idea! Here’s @buddyvertstrepen the competition winner with his extremely detailed drawing behind him…. congratulations dude!



Mountain dew had also sponsored the exhibition and they don’t do things in half measures. There was loads of little snacks to attack and countless bottles of Heiniken to quench your thirst. They also came up with a cocktail which had Mountain Dew in which I was a bit dubious of at first but after the a taste I was taken by surprise! It was peng! It did get really hot in the gallery so we spent quite a lot of time outside sitting on the canal and making the most of the free booze! Stu must have smoked zoot after zoot which eventually hit him hard and he was put into an apple hype coma from laughter thanks to the Apple Haze. Don’t think I’ve laughed so much at someone else being zooted! Fun times.



After making most of the free booze we decided to hit up a few bars on the way back to the hotel as everyone was slightly merry by this point! We started of by wandering through the red light district which was mental! Can’t believe how open it all is and the amount of horrible old men coming in and out of the rooms was gnarly! Very strange place! Stu was keen to got to the other districts but we decided against that idea! After a few more drinks in a number of different bars on route back to the hotel it was time to call it a night. I don’t think Henry or Ben could handle it anymore anyway since they bought a pipe earlier on in the night and were slowly smoking away on it until there heads turned to mush. Plus it was the final of the skate comp the next day and didn’t want to miss that for anything which turned out to be a good idea because as soon as we arrived at the park the next morning it was going off. You could tell it was going to be a good competition and the standard of skating would go through the roof! You could feel the nerves of the skaters competing in the air! All thinking about that trip to New York. Check out Mountain Dews youtube page to see highlights of the finals and much more. Let’s just say Hermann Stene took a well deserved 1st place because he absolutely smashed it on both days… here he is nose-grinding too first place.



Overall it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time and I can see Mountain Dew putting the event on again next year. I would keep your eyes peeled if they do and get down because I can guarantee you’ll have a mint time. I would like to thank Mountain Dew and Laura and Danielle at Frueds for taking me and Stu from The Black Sheep Store to this great event. It was a huge success and I hope they are more events like this in the future that I will be able to witness and be a part of…. Cheers!

Best Believe

Rob Greenhalgh has been working on a video from Wigan/Manchester for some time now and it’s finally finished and online for you guys to view for free. Amongst having a full time job and helping us film the ‘Too Right’ vid which was premiered last year he has managed to film and edit ‘Best Believe’ Manchesters newest scene vid. Contains some amazing fresh spots and some underground rippers it’s worth a peek! Black Sheep team rider Rikk Fields ends the video with powerful section containing tricks that were featured in his recent haunts in Sidewalk mag! Watch out for Kayed Bouffler as his part is gnarls! Others featured are our city center store lurker Sexual Stu, team riders Seb Batty and Eddie Belvedere, local shredders Brad Winstone and Ryan Hayes with plenty more DOGGERS making an appearance! Ever seen a smith late shuv?! Well get watching below to see how it’s done…..    



DJ Yoda winner of DMC DJ of the Year award in the Scratch DJ category, nominated by Q magazine as one of “Ten DJs To See Before You Die” this guy is pure genius. Born in London, one of the best DJ’s the UK has to offer hands down, been behind the decks since 1998 he has years of experience behind him. Generally plays a mint mixture of everything so you will be pleased especially if you like your Hip Hop as this seems to be his favorite genre. I’ve already bought my ticket because he is coming to Band On The Wall in Manchester because there’s no question about missing him play so close to home…. you can buy your tickets here so make sure you do because I can imagine it won’t be long before it sells out!



If your not familiar with his skills have a listen below… if you are then you will already know how sick DJ Yoda’s ‘How To Cut And Paste vol 1′ mix tape is… I’m so excited for Friday 19th of September now…. Hope to see you there x





Is a hipster a nowadays mosher? Would you find a ‘moshpit’ at a Coldplay concert? Do they even exist anymore? Is a ‘mosher’ a ‘goth’ in an ‘emo’s’ body? I had a ‘Korn’ t-shirt as a kid but had no idea it was a band so was I a mosher in disguise? Is Warhammer a moshers lego? Do moshers have toes, if so I’ve never seen one wearing flip flops?! Do moshers go to heaven? One thing I know for a fact is that Sexual Stu is a mosher! My name is Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield and I’m a sk8er boi so I must be a mosher….. right?!


5 Boro NYC

5 Boro is mint hands down! Founded on the streets on NYC in 1996 this company has such an interesting history and an amazing future ahead! The graphics they have brought out have been on point still to this very day! The new VHS Series they have just released are my favorite graphics I’ve seen for a long time! Simple idea executed with pure class!



You know the company has succeeded with the graphics when you want to buy the whole series to put on your wall at home! Come and see the collection in our city center store and see what you think!

Black Sheeps Shop Riot

Check the clip below to see how the Black Sheep tore apart Prevail Skatehouse in Poole at the Vans Shop Riots. This year we managed to get together enough DOGGERS for an A and B team. The A team managed to get a well deserved 2nd place taking home £600 between Jiri Bulin, Eddie Belvedere, Rob Smith and Rikk Fields. The B team also smashed it but unfortunately didn’t manage to place in the top 3 but big up to Andy Scott, Gary ‘Woody’ Woodward and Reiss Johnson for there effort.



Filmed and edited by our bulk man Isaac Wilkinson!

Thames Bruv!

Open up your mince pies and have a butchers at this! The Black Sheep are proud to announce that Thames clothing is exclusively  available online and in store now!


Thames is brought to you from the mind of Southbank ripper Blondey McCoy who has used his full determination and effort to be heavily involved in the long live Southbank campaign.  Although the fight to keep Southbank is not over, Blondey has put some of his motivation into Thames clothing  and looking at this first drop we think its going to become an iconic British brand.







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