Jeremy Klein Interview – Etnies X Hook Ups

October 8th, 2015


The Jeremy Klein interview is here! This all started when the good people at Sole Tech UK asked us at the Black Sheep if we would be interested in having a little chat / interview with the man behind Hook Ups Skateboards legend Mr Jeremy Klein! It would be wrong to turn down an opportunity like that, so indeed we accepted! Have a read through the brief interview below where Jeremy talks about World Industries, The End, Skater owned companies, his recent Hookups collaboration with Etnies and more! Enjoy!




Black Sheep- To set the scene where do we find you answering the following questions and what’s on your agenda for the day? I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 8am, and i’ll be doing art on the computer today, and hopefully skating this evening.



Black Sheep- The magical era of the 90’s is something that gets spoke of a lot right now especially with all us old boys who’ve ended up running skate shops so we’ve got to ask how was your time working and skating for Rocco?

It was really fun, Rocco didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought, and to me that’s the most important thing in life and running a skate company.




Black Sheep- Moving on from the blow out of World Industries how was the early days of Birdhouse and being apart of the now legendary ”The End’’ video?

“The End” was a really fun time also, me and Heath were given the opportunity to do anything that we wanted and if you saw the video we did just that. I am the most proud of the night part in “the end”



Black Sheep- That time/era in skateboarding was seeing the ‘Tony Hawk’ boom with huge hardware sales and it pretty much being the years when skateboarding became acceptable to the mainstream. Was this a period you enjoyed after seeing where skating had come from and being the outsiders in society?

No I’ve never cared about acceptance in society, and look how bad/lame it is now that it is accepted (street league, nike, oakley, red bull) all these terrible non skate companies are in our industry, fuck that.



Black Sheep- So Hook Ups was definitely a huge part of that initial boom and pretty much you’d see the now infamous anime graphics adorning board walls world wide. How was the early days starting off as a t-shirt brand to where Blitz Distribution ended up taking it at it’s height?

It was fun hook-ups has always just been a pet project for me to do, it’s what I enjoy doing so it’s easy for me.




Black Sheep- Are you stoked to be back at a grass roots level now and having complete control over Hook Ups?

It’s so much better! I can make anything I want now! and people will see that soon.



Black Sheep- The demand for Hook Ups certainly seems there from following your social media, can you see yourself maintaining production all in house and keeping your product super limited?

Yes, the demand is good and the fans want quality, and I’ll continue to give them that.



Black Sheep- Which has been your most prized graphic from Hook Ups past? Would you say which has been the biggest ever seller?

Alice in wonderland



Black Sheep- How did talks start with the good folk at Etnies about this much sort after collaboration?

James Appleby contacted me and it has been smooth sailing from there, the etnies people have been so good.



Black Sheep- Have you had a good working relationship with one of the most core skater owned shoe companies out there? Has this been in the works for a while now?

We worked on it for about 6 months and yes the relationship and experience with etnies has been amazing. Thanks James, Rick, Pierre, Mike, and Oliver.



Black Sheep- Did you have fun with English ex-pat Mike Manzoori filming the promo web clip?

Mike is so good at what he does, we cranked that commercial out in 10 days, (editing included) had a great time filming with him and Oliver.



Black Sheep- What’s on your agenda for the future with Hook Ups? Any plans to add riders, go down the whole video route?

I have skaters that i’ve always given product too, I just don’t run my companies the same way everyone else does.



Black Sheep- Massive thanks from all us here at The Black Sheep but lastly we need to know do you still enjoy a bit of van off roading?

I will always love driving over stuff, thanks guys.







You can keep up with Jeremy Klein by following him on Instagram




Emerica Wild In The Streets Edit

October 7th, 2015


The Wild In The Streets edit is now online!


Sunday 27th September saw the Emerica Wild In The Streets event take place in our fair city of Manchester, if you weren’t there where the hell were you ?!? It went off as we thought it would! Skateboarders from all over the country descended on a surprisingly sunny and quite warm Manchester! First spot of the day had to be Urbis as this was the meeting spot, the megaphone came out and everybody started getting on it. Rob Smith pulled off some massive lip slides on the bottom ledge whilst Sexual Stu delivered a textbook boardslide shove mid block. Harry Lintell was on fine form, delivering some flip back tail variations, switch front heel and nollie backside heel over one of the marble blocks from flat! After a while, well it was only a matter of time, before people started skating the big 3. Not many things have gone down these steps and its easy to see why. Eddie Belvedere smashed a kickflip from the top to the last step, not easy, and then a first try straight nollie to the bottom step! Big shout out to Robert Rooney Woodward who flung himself down the whole thing quite a few times, ollied it with ease and then getting his backside 180 after a few harsh slams!



Harry Lintell – Nolle BS Heelflip    Photo – CJ


The next spot on the agenda was Bridgewater rail / stairs. One of the best sights of the weekend was the vast amount of wood and wheels all in unison on the streets en route to the spot! Oh and a quick nosegrind revert was thrown out by Eddie Belvedere himself! Fair play to all involved for being well mannered and polite to the sometimes bewildered public! The Bridgewater spot isn’t to forgiving on the feet but people rose to the occasion and hammers went down. Straight away Harry Lintell did a NBD early grab boardslide down the rail! Curtis Munton pulled off a steezy tre flip over the rail to finish off the session but not before Black Sheep new boy Sam Mason rolled away with a smith grind!



Sam Mason – FS Smith Grind     Photo – CJ


That was it, next spot! Skating down Deansgate heading towards Granada bump, Lewis Threadgold stopped by Tesco for a quick caveman bluntslide on a rail that shouldn’t be skateable, with hardly any run up squashed next to a glass wall! In the end the session was taken to Castlefield arena where Mr Lintell did it again, this time taking a boardslide down the infamous rail – “ Woody’s rail “. Some of the wooden ramps had been brought down from the Pumpcage and wall ride madness proceeded thanks to Rob Smith, Eddie and Lewis!



Eddie Belvedere – FS Wallride     Photo – CJ


The day lived up to its name, it deffo was a wild one! Big thanks to all of you who showed up and skated, repping the sheep and spreading the good vibes! Massive thanks to Woody and Claire, Emerica, Dickies and Landscape! Also thanks to CJ for shooting the rad photos throughout the day, you can read the full write up and see more of CJ’s snaps over on the Sidewalk website!


Have a gander at the edit below, and we’ll see you all same time, same place next year!







House Of Vans Manchester Comes To Black Sheep

September 29th, 2015







Yes that’s right the House of Vans is coming to the Black Sheep! Everybody put Sunday 4th October in your diary and keep it free! As I’m sure this will be one not to miss! The perfect end to an action packed weekend in conjunction with The House Of Vans! Get ready for a awesome street jam taking place just next to our shop ( 36 Dales Street, Manchester, M1 2HN ) in the Northern Quarter from 1pm till late! There will be ramps, rails, bumps, pads and a whole lot of other interesting things for you to get your shred on including a specially designed obstacle from us! There will also be Black Sheep riders and lurkers in attendance to bring the good vibes and make sure everybody has the best time! Like any good old fashioned street jam, there will be plenty of giveaways throughout the day and also cash for tricks so there’s the intention to get your training in!


Following the massive success of the first European outpost, House Of Vans London, Manchester has been chosen to host a bumper weekend of art, music, street culture and skateboarding. First of all, on Friday 2nd October the Great Northern Warehouse will undergo a massive reconstruction and turn itself into the House Of Vans Manchester! The 900+ venue will welcome some of the biggest names in Electronic, Dub, Drum & Bass. Jenna and the G’s will headline  the night of music. 8 Gold rings ft Fox and Sparks will produce a set mix of the finest Dub and Drum & Bass. The likes of Madam x, Roy Davis Jnr, Shadow Child and electric duo Maribou State will all be playing sets throughout  the night. There’ s more to come as well, with the announcement of some very special guests so keep your eyes peeled!


Apart from the incredible line up of music, Saturday the 3rd  has loads of activities to get involved with from 1pm!  Throughout the afternoon there will be skate lessons from 12pm to 3pm provided by the guys and girls at Projekts MCR ! Womenswear label Man Up Girl will be hosting an embroidery workshop, where they will be on hand to help you design your own Vans t-shirt with a choice of illustrations. There will also be a Sk8 Hi Riso printing zine workshop. Manchester ambassadors Jemma Jones, Jake B and Krek will be there to help you experiment with type, collage and illustration on your Sk8 Hi, it will then be scanned and turned into a page of the zine! There will also be an exhibition showing pieces of work from these three ambassadors! Also from 4pm – 6pm there will be another skate jam with the obstacles that were mentioned above, there’s 1000 pounds up for grabs between first, second and third place!


Lots going on and it looks like its going to be another memorable weekend in Manchester! For more information regarding your entry / participation to the events, this cane be found on the House Of Vans Manchester website, just click here !







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HUF X Bronze Reflective Pack

September 28th, 2015


Its always a good thing when two companies come together to create something. Having previously collaborated successfully together, HUF – one of the biggest names in street wear at the moment have again teamed up with New York skate crew and hardware company Bronze 56K to bring us the aptly named – HUF X Bronze Reflective pack!




Having gained recognition for their gritty skate videos filmed around the streets of New York and their 90’s tech inspired logo’s, both HUF and Bronze have brought both of their individuality into this collection. The ultimately strong co-branding provides a modern twist to a set of clothing and accessories that have a established following already, while still keeping an element of the basic level of where the brands began. Featuring a 3M black reflective theme throughout the drop, the most noticeable pieces include the Formless Visor 6 panel hat, reflective Track Pants and matching packable anorak which folds and tucks into a kangaroo zipper pocket, transforming into a hip pouch, other styles include a hoodie, reflective T-shirts and socks!










The collection is in store as we speak and will be online very shortly! Don’t miss out on this limited edition collaboration!


See the full range of HUF product by clicking here >






Vans Syndicate x Golf Wang

September 23rd, 2015




Vans Syndicate x Golf Wang release is just around the corner. The first release of three which was available in 2013 flew of the shelves. As you can imagine, so did the second last year. It’s now time for round 3 so this is a warning to those it may consider! Be at the ready people because this drop has already had a substantial amount of interest! Constant incoming calls/emails asking the obvious. Stuttering voices have been flowing into the phone microphones asking when they’ll be released? What time? How much? Will they go online? Can I buy them all? The world is collapsing as we speak. To prevent world panic all the information needed is right here….



golf-wang-x-vans-2015-old-skool-collection-1 (1)


This year you can expect to see each shoe featured in the image above go on sale at 10 pm on the 26/9/15. I would arrive early as we are already expecting a queue first thing Saturday morning. First come, first served. They were first previewed on Tyler’s Instagram page, this particular release is centered around the Old Skool silhouette. This iteration is constructed with panels of ostentatiously bold orange, blue, yellow and pink, and likely relates back to Golf Wang’s own apparel collection for Fall 2015. Costing you just £84.95 per pair. Take a closer look at each individual pair below…



His palms are sweaty.


golf-wang-x-vans-2015-old-skool-collection-2Knees weak.



Arms are heavy.



There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.


Due to the high demand, we will be applying the one pair per person rule so hopefully as many of you will be able to purchase the shoe you want. It is highly unlikely but if any are left over they will be put online. To be honest I can’t see there being many left so make sure your first in line!




You can keep up with Tyler, The Creator  by following him on Twitter !





Ride Channel Open Edit

September 22nd, 2015





For nearly a year now the Ride Channel have been posting a series of edits up on their site called the ‘Open’ edits. These clips are from shops not just in the USA but from all around the world. The idea was to show the independent shops that support skateboarding in their community and also the riders and staff that make these shops the backbone of the skateboard scene, and yes you guessed it, it was our turn for the Ride Channel Open edit ! Thanks to the camera and editing skills of Mr Phil Harvey, he has treated us to nearly four minutes of Black Sheep action! Jiri Bulin kicks things off with some raw street hammers before Lewis Threadgold shows us how to properly do a load of wallie and wall ride variations! Josh Bentley mixes old spots with new, a sick line at Manchester’s newest DIY spot and a huck down the infamous grizzly stairs. Stu Reynolds after that proves that 40 is the new 20, then Lucien Costello shows us the talents of Manchester youth on the rise! Seb Batty makes light work of one of the highest ledges in town! Nick Stannerz and Sexual Stu keep the mosh alive with a quick line each on urbis.  Rikk Fields throws some of his footage in from his recent exploits in Hong Kong while Jake Potts keeps it local with an added Barcelona banger! Badman Barrett gets tech at Stockport’s finest ledge haven, then there’s strictly business as Reiss Johnson and Andy Scott take it to the vert! Harry Lintell comes through with even more mesmerizing street antics before Eddie Belvedere takes on some Cornish concrete! Rob Smith ends the show in fine fashion, gnarly drop ins, street lines and flying high at Stockwell! Big thanks to Phil Harvey for putting it together, Rybo, Armani Rochford and Isaac Wilkinson for additional filming. Big shout out to MC DRS for providing the soundtrack and also to the Ride Channel for having us on! So what you waiting for click play now!




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Luke Meier X Vans Syndicate Seylynn S

September 21st, 2015


Introducing the Luke Meier X Vans Syndicate Seylynn S




To help celebrate the 10nth anniversary of Vans Syndicate, they have asked once head of design at Supreme, Luke Meier to work on a shoe for them. What he came up with is now known as the Seylynn S, it was based upon the Zero Low which was released in 2010 whilst he was still at Supreme. Now creative director with menswear label OAMC, he often likes to challenge the ‘norm’, merging together high end fashion with streetwear function and the Seylynn S is just that, the elegant shoe silhouette has been transformed into a fully functional Vans skateboarding classic. Like the other collections from Vans Syndicate, only the best materials are used, Meier has opted for an all white buttery premium nubuck leather construction with the inclusion of a classic rubber vulcanized sole, reinforced ollie patch on the toe panel, Vans ultracrush HD footbeds and it has the signature Syndicate 10th anniversary artwork in gold on the footbeds. Perhaps the best way to describe the thought process behind the shoe would be from the man himself, so here are a few words from him that we borrowed, taken from his Syndicate interview.




This year marks the 10th year anniversary of Syndicate. We are bringing back some of favourite shoes and collaborations. Is the anniversary model a colour you wanted to make before? What was the process behind the updated version? 



It’s actually a colour I never really imagined, but when the guys approached me with the idea I thought it was fresh. The updated version was mostly put together by the Syndicate guys. I had some input, but it’s really been their initiative.



Was designing the Vans Syndicate shoe a new experience for you at the time? Tell me a little bit about your background at Supreme as well as school and how that informed this shoe.



It was a new experience because while I’d worked with Vans (through Supreme) for a long time, this was the first shoe that was a completely new style that I was able to make. I started designing for Supreme in 1999, and working with James (Jebbia) and all the talented people there definitely helped to shape my approach to making things.



You designed the shoe from scratch or based on an existing model?


The upper of the shoe was designed from scratch, but we used a classic Vans vulc outsole.




Most of the time when people do shoes for Vans they are colour-ways or slightly altered versions of their classics. Do you like the classics? Did you ever wear any of them growing up?


I grew up with Vans, and have had most of their classic models at one time or another. I got my first pair when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Freshest kid in school that day … black and white checkerboard slip ons. I have always had at least one pair of Eras or Authentics ever since.



What were the styles that inspired the shoe you designed? Did you want something skateable or more fashionable?


Because the idea was ‘Destroy Luxury’, I wanted to make a skate shoe of luxurious materials that was supposed to be shredded. Even more, I wanted people who skate to really like the shoe for skating; style is the bonus. Many different people have told me that they like to skate in the shoe, so I think it was successful in that regard. There wasn’t a particular style that inspired the shoe, it was more an approach of how can I make a shoe with Vans DNA look a bit more ‘luxurious’.



Is the piece on the side for ollie protection?


Yeah. It’s the spot on a skate shoe that gets the most abuse, so I put the most luxurious material there … to be destroyed.



Was it cool to imagine people skating in the shoes?


It’s the main reason I wanted to make them. Vans and skateboarding can’t really be separated in my mind. Skateboarding has had such a profound effect on me, and Vans is part of that. For that reason I will always revere the brand.





Stock is limited on these fine pair of footwear, so be quick and get yours to avoid disappointment !


You can see all of our Vans Syndicate collection by clicking here >



Manchester Wild In The Streets 2015

September 18th, 2015





That’s right, its incoming, Manchester Wild In The Streets 2015 is nearly upon us!
Emerica footwear’s Wild In The Streets event was first held on the streets on New York back in 2004. The event was based on mass bicycle rides, reclaim the streets festivals and motorcycle rallies. It has now been a yearly event in the skateboarding calendar, and over the past several years has spread all over the world. From New York to London, Paris to Madrid, this is one you don’t want to miss! The idea behind the event is simple, Wild In The streets aims to bring together skateboarders of all ages, abilities, colour and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in a celebration of pure skateboarding! It asserts that the essence of skateboarding and being a skateboarder is to be able to reinterpret our surroundings, using our environment to our advantage to create fun. The event also aims to show that skateboarding belongs where it was born, on the streets and that the conventional competitions and events are carefully re-packaged for mainstream corporate consumption. This in effect is a misinterpretation of what skateboarding is all about!



So get Sunday 27th of September in your diary, spread the word and be at Urbis from 1pm to join the Manchester leg of Wild In The Streets. Expect to skate all over the city, hitting up numerous iconic Manchester spots on the way. There will be a heap of prizes up for grabs and numerous Black Sheep riders will be in attendance! Check out how rad some of the previous years have been by watching the videos below, let’s make the Manchester event the best one up to now but that can only be done by you, your mates, your skate crew turning up and having it!













Get ready for Wild In The Streets and view all our Emerica range here >



Preston Skate Park Opening Jam

September 17th, 2015




So last weekend saw the Preston Skate Park Opening Jam and lets just say the newly poured concrete was shredded until the unsuspected sun disappeared for the night. Expectations high, skaters descended from all over to give the Norths newest park a good seeing too. A heavy LBP presence working behind the scenes, local skate legend Frosty helping out, it was certain to be a good day.

Freestyle, one of the UK’s leading skate park construction companies took on the contract to build the park as part of the Moor Park restoration. Costing £320,000, it’s worth every penny. Not a ledge in sight, just strictly transition! Situated right across the road from Preston North End football stadium it’s easy to find/get too and it’s 100% worth a visit. So if you’re ever in the area go take a look for yourself, plus there’s free parking too so no excuses.


preston opening

Welsh Alan, Back Smiths the deep end.


Since Preston is one of Manchester’s neighboring cities. It was inevitable that some of our family would make an appearance including The Black Sheep’s veteran Mr Eddie Belvedere. You also saw the likes of Josh ‘Man Head’ Young, Same Pulley, Frosty, Sam Mason, Rooney, Sox and many more slashing the fresh pool coping. Paul Graham behind the camera lens as seen above with Welsh Alan’s, Back Smith. Catch the whole gallery over on the Sidewalk Magazine site. As for the edit, you don’t need to look any further than below….




Big up to everyone involved for giving the North yet another amazing place for not only the kids to go shred but also us old dudes! Massive thanks to Bob Frost, chair of Preston Skate Park Projects for making it happen.


Etnies X Hook-ups Collaboration

September 8th, 2015


Introducing the Etnies Marana X Hook-ups Collaboration shoe!


Jeremy Klein rose to skateboard fame as a promising ripper for Steve Rocco’s World Industries company. He then moved over to Birdhouse skateboards spear headed by Tony Hawk and became one of the first professionals on the team before finally retiring from the company in 2008. Back in 1993 though, he started Hook-ups, which started mainly producing T-shirts with Japanese animation style female characters and monsters on their products which has become their well recognized trademark. It has grown over the years into a fully fledged skateboard company producing their own boards, shoes and other apparel. Now to celebrate his brands time and his own within skateboarding, skater owned Hook-ups and Etnies have teamed up to release a collaborative shoe, the Etnies Marana X Hook-ups. The shoe is a translation of the Hook-ups Special Police style which was released in 1995. The designs on the shoe are reminiscent of the original Hook-ups style, it has the same Japanese katakana on the side and a silhouette which is similar.





etniesxhookupsmaranaburgundy1Jeremy was at the forefront when street skating started to make a real impact in the nineties and has the footage to prove it! Check the clip below to see some amazing moves from him from the past and present and more on the Etnies X Hook-ups colab.





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