Welcome’s Promo Video.

February 11th, 2016





Welcome’s Promo Video, a delightful watch if I must say. I wasn’t too sure what to expect considering the boards seem to have stranger shapes than John Travolta’s chin. I should have never of judged the book by its cover as the video is nothing but magnificent. Truly stoked after watching this, a great variety of skating, some mind blowing technical shockers, the odd gnarly stunt and pretty much skateboarding at its finest. I’ve been a huge fan of Welcome Skateboards since the start, after watching this promo it has only increased my love for the brand. They seem to be hitting the nail on the head from my point of view because the graphics are dope, team is powerful, dropping banging edits and finally the boards look more than inviting. Good work to all those involved as its definitely got me hyped to go shred later this evening. Stoked!






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Stannerz Rants About Switch Mongo.

February 10th, 2016





First of all I would like to apologize to the dude in the video above for using him as an example, but lets be honest pushing mongo, isn’t the most stylish of things to watch. I’m not a hater and it’s only my personal opinion but mongo is a wasteman maneuver! Although why does my mind tell me different things when a skater was to push mongo switch? Now that changes everything, for a reason I can’t explain. I may be contradicting myself but to be honest in my eyes they are totally different. I push mongo switch the majority of the time, does that make me a wasteman? Some of you may think so and after seeing a comment recently about how gay a switch mongo push is, by a kid that can’t even ollie and can only no comply out of his miserable life. To change this kids thoughts I thought I would show you some of the best skaters to grace this earth who push mongo switch. The youth of today may reconsider commenting on various skate clips after knowing who actually does push mongo, in switch.



Stevie Williams.




None other than Gino Iannucci. One of the most stylish skateboarders to ever step foot on a board, and yes you’ve guessed it, another incredible skater who pushes switch in mongo. There may not be a lot of evidence in this part but the line at 1:45 says it all.



Josh Kalis.



Mike Carroll.



Nick Jensen.



Rodrigo Tx.



Scott Palmer.


My name is Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield and I’m fighting the love for pushing switch mongo. If you disagree don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram for a debate, although I feel I’ve fought my argument pretty hard. I mean come on, Gino is the don, so you can’t hate the best player in the game.



Jim Greco – “The Way Out” Film

February 9th, 2016


Jim Greco is a legendary skater, there’s no denying that. In his earlier days, rolling around with the “Piss Drunk” crew, who had amazing skills on skateboards, that lawless punk rock attitude but who’s fates have almost all been damaged in one way or another. Along with Ali Boulala, Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Dollin, Erik Ellington (with whom he started Deathwish with) and a host of others, they set the scene and direction for skateboarding at that time. Baker 2G was one of my very first skate videos I saw and was completely blown away by it, especially Greco’s section and I’ve been a massive fan of his ever since. Thankfully he pulled himself through the crazy periods of his life and has now treated us to a new video called “The Way Out”. Shot by Greco himself, it follows two years of his life, the 11th and 12th years of being clean and sober. The 30 minute feature that also includes footage of Jeremy Klein, is produced by Hammers USA and is shot in 35mm colour and is the most personal and introspective skate film to date. Greco has always raised the bar in every part he’s put out there and the skating in “The Way Out” is no different, in no way at all has he slowed down or shown signs like he is ready to stop and this film proves that. Lets hope this is not the last part we see of “Grecs”, I don’t think it will be! Greco became sober and devoted his life to skateboarding, well done Jim and thanks for the inspiring skateboarding that you continue to give us!



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Skin Phillips – Adidas Respect Your Roots Tribute Series

February 9th, 2016




After decades of skateboard photography, Adidas have taken it upon themselves to commemorate one of the most iconic skate photographers – Skin Phillips, with the release of the Skate, a special edition shoe re-imagined as part of the Respect Your Roots tribute series, which pays respect to skate related icons for their contribution to our past time and progressing our culture. Skin’s dedication can well be seen in the short documentary below by Kirk Dianda, which was filmed in Swansea, Wales and California. It’s well worth a watch, so click play now!



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Lobster Tales

February 8th, 2016


To support the new One Star Pro Launch, Converse Cons teamed up with Sidewalk mag and set out to explore seaside resorts in the North of England. Some of the infamous resorts visited were Blackpool, Whitby, Bridlington and Skegness, along with a few other hidden gems that were hit up along the way. So for one freezing cold week in January 2016, the UK Converse Cons team consisting of Ollie Lock, Dom Henry, Mike Arnold, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Harry Lintell and TM Jerome Campbell braved the cold, layered up and packed themselves into a convoy of vehicles to see what these Northern seaside towns had to offer. As you’d expect but the crew came through and have this rad edit to show, ladies and gentlemen, these are the Lobster Tales !



Video Selek – Harry Lintell & Manny Lopez

February 8th, 2016


Brand new Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez footage for you today courtesy of Kevin Parrott! Harry and Manny have spent the last two months battling blustering winds, rain showers and limited daylight whilst out on filming missions and this is the results of their efforts! Video Selek – a shared part filmed in and around the city of London , good work lads!



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Nike Sb Lance Mountain Chronicles 3

February 5th, 2016





Lance Mountain took the breath away from each and every skaters lungs last year. Well maybe from those who managed to watch his part in the Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 3 video. His part was released yesterday via the good old internet. If you didn’t watch it the first time around then you’d be mad not to watch it now. A 51 year old ripper who has shocked the world yet again. Not only has he been involved in and contributed a huge amount to the skateboard world for a huge number of years, it seems after watching this there will be many years left in him. I hope filming this part has given him inspiration to film another. An absolute shocker and it would have to be my best part from the video. Apologies to the other skaters featured in the video but I’m sure they’ll agree with me that this shit is dope. It wasn’t just the bowl/park skating I was expecting to see, there is also a number or street clips involved too. My mind is melting! Imagine capturing a glimpse of this legend board-sliding a yet familiar jersey barrier. Bloody brilliant! Have a look above to see what I’m talking about…



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Top 3 – Stu Reynolds

February 4th, 2016


stu reynolds


Stu Reynolds, The Black Sheep’s most valuable employee. A middle-aged man in a teenagers body. A dude that is still shredding to this day, and more than ever may I add. When I say shredding, I mean busting out 360 flips or flip back smiths on the regular, he’s a beast. There are also some rumors lurking around Manchester that we’ll be expecting a Stu Reynolds section later this year so keep those eyes peeled. For those that have been fortunate to meet this chief he is truly an amazing character and never fails to bring the banter. For the unlucky few who haven’t had the opportunity, have a look at his top 3 to gather a bit of information about this coughing, granola eating toothless chap. Top 3 – Stu Reynolds.




1: Steak

2: Tomatoes

3: Chocolate



1: Milk

2: Lager (just that 4% shit though)

3: Orange squash



1: Barcelona

2: Amsterdam

3: Newcastle



1: Chris Barrett

2: Pepe Martinez (RIP big dog)

3: Gino, he’s pretty good ain’t he aha





1: 360 flip, not fucking called a tre flip.

2: Nose-blunts

3: Bs power-slides (or any power-slides)


Moments of 2015:

1: First year of being with my girlfriend Sascha.

2: Trip to Barcelona

3: The Black Sheep Mangle Street Jam. It was SICK!!!! MC STU YA KNOW AHAH



1: Chris Barrett, Sub – 50 video, Wreck Eds, Fresh Eds and Piss Eds.

2: Jason Lee in the Blind Video Days.

3: Harry Lintell, Volcom True To This part.






1: The Black Sheep (although being supervised by stannerz isn’t great aha)

2: Poolside Bar Tenerife

3: Painter and Decorator, Newcastle.



1: Wu-Tang

2: The Amazing Snake Heads

3: Massive Attack





Football players:

1: Alan Shearer

2: Peter Beardsley

3: Tino Asprillia


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Well Iv’e already had a mint trip away to Germany, so that’s first.

2: Barcelona again in September.

3: Try n stay healthy



1: Summer

2: Summer

3: Summer



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Pizza Skateboards “Puerto Rico” Video

February 3rd, 2016


Some of the Pizza Skateboard team packed their bags and headed to Puerto Rico in search of sun, heat and skate spots! They found all three! The edit features Michael Pulizzi, Jesse Viera, Brian Whalen, Seph Quiming, and Richard Hughes. From the looks of the spots that they found I can see even more Puerto Rico footage emerging in the future, it seems to be the island of choice for American teams at the moment offering marble plaza’s and skate-stopper free ledges! Skate trip anyone?!?!?!?!?!



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Bobby De Keyzer’s “Blue Tile Lounge X Habitat” Part

February 3rd, 2016


Once again Bobby De Keyzer comes through with a spot on part! The part is in connection with the skater owned shop in Toronto the Blue Tile Lounge who have teamed up with Habitat skateboards to produce some shop decks with some of Bobby’s photography on them!  The part is full of what you would expect from him, crisp lines, board control which is second to non and some buttery ledge / grind variations.  A really good small part promoting a rad designed board as well!






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