Adidas – ‘Far and Away’ Episode 2

May 6th, 2016




The second episode of the Adidas Skateboarding x Thrasher Magazine ‘Far and Away’ series has landed. In this episode you can learn more about Nak, Adidas’s up and coming shredder as he talks about his roots and from watching this video, he seems to be a proper down to earth dude. Then Miles draws inspiration from overseas and there’s chat about Adidas’s last video ‘Diagonal’. Diagonal, for any crazy human being that hasn’t seen it yet, you need to watch it. It features a part from our UK’s very own Chewy Cannon, as well as the rest of the gang.Back to ‘Far and Away, there’s some more off-cuts like the first episode so you can expect to see some quality skating too. Not fully sure how many episodes are too come, although I hope there are many as I’m thoroughly enjoying each and every one. I hope you guys are too.


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Vans Edit – AV Rapidweld Pro Wear Test

May 5th, 2016




Vans have just released an edit from a couple of weeks back when a few of our Black Sheep Family members, as well as other dudes from various skate shops, went down to London to test out the new Vans AV Rapidweld Pro. Have a watch above and witness all the shenanigans and if you missed our previous post about the day out then hit the link below to go into more depth on the matter.


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Dennis Busenitz’s “Greatest Hits” Video

May 5th, 2016




I would personally like to thank Thrasher Magazine for sharing the new Dennis Busenitz’s ‘Greatest Hits’ video with me today. Dennis Busenitz, for those that don’t know is one of the fastest skaters out there. There’s a few others that skate incredible fast but no one does it better than Dennis. He is a skateboard technician, a down to earth dude and I’m so stoked he picked up a skateboard when he was a kid. This video is a compilation of various video parts that he has released over the years. There’s some tricks in there from Real skateboards ‘Roll Forever’ video that is worth watching as a whole. This video also couldn’t have come at a better time as Adidas Skateboarding are releasing their new video ‘Away Days’ very soon and I’m sure there will be a Dennis part featured. For now, watch the master at work and get hyped to go out and shred in the unexpected Manchester sunshine.


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Carm Cam: A Makukka Abroad

May 4th, 2016





Ishod Wair and his friends have put together an edit for you guys to get hyped on and it’s called Carm Cam – A Makukka Abroad. No need to look any further for today’s skate inspiration as this little edit has it all. From the standard skate pranks that we have all been victim too and probably the perpetrators now and again too some incredible skating. The skating was obviously going to be amazing, I mean any edit that includes Thrasher’s skater of the year, Ishod Wair will include some mind blowing tricks, even if he is just chilling. The guys hit up various locations and countries from LA all the way to skateboarding’s capitol of the world, Barcelona. Dope edit, mint crew and incredible spots. Skateboarding is the best!


Adidas – ‘Far and Away’ Episode 1

May 4th, 2016



To hype up the new Adidas Skateboarding video, Away Days, Adidas and their infamous skate team/crew have put together a few episodes called Far and Away. Far and Away is a behind the scenes edit looking into all the happenings whilst the guys were out on tour filming for skateboarding’s next biggest video, Away Days. I was quite shocked after watching this as all I was expecting to see was the guys chilling/searching for spots. What I didn’t expect to see was some footage that in my eyes, could’ve easily of the made the Away Days video. We must be in for something special as these are just off-cuts. Have a watch of the first episode above to gather an understanding of what life is like on the road whilst searching for the best terrain to bag themselves some stunts for the video. I’m excited, I’m hoping everyone else is.

P.S. There’s a Gonz trick featured, what more do you need!


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Marquise Henry’s “Keep It Moving” Part

May 3rd, 2016


Marquise Henry has just unleashed an amazing video part on the Thrasher website called “Keep It Moving”, and move he does. Marquise is one of the best technical ledge skaters there is out there and this part more than asserts that statement. The New Balance rider comes through with hammer after hammer and his backside 180 nosegrind revert into frontside nosegrind at 4:12 is absolutely amazing! “Keep It Moving” is full of great skating, sweet videography, and an all-around awesome vibe so click play below and witness this yourself.



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Songs that include Skateboarding

April 29th, 2016


Being a skateboarder often involves random pissed up people shouting various lyrics from songs we all know and maybe don’t appreciate that include the topic, skateboarding. Considering there’s a fair few different ones I though I would put a collection together of songs that include skateboarding. You never know, this may also influence a decent playlist for your iPod to get down and dirty too whilst out and about shredding and it might even teach some of us the lyrics so we can join in with the public when they scream the song at us.




To start off with we have the dreaded Avril Lavigne song, ‘Skater Boy’. When this was released you could literally have the whole song sang at you whilst cruising through the streets. I mean most of us probably never actually heard the original, we just know it from when it’s being shouted at us from alcohol intoxicated humans. We don’t exactly skate past pubs screaming the lyrics from Oasis’s ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ song, or do we?



In the late 2000’s Lupe Fiasco graced skate shops all over the world with ‘Kick Push’. I felt like it was more accepted in the skate community because it was a hip hop track, but my god was it cheese, and mature cheddar cheese to say the least. I do not want to listen to or have anything dedicated to all my ‘Homies out there grinding’. I may be being a little harsh with this one and I probably enjoyed it for the first few times but now when this track comes on, simply skip the track man. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of his music is bang on and I would happily have a listen.



Who is this twat? I mean his music may not be related around skateboarding and his lyrics don’t talk about kick flipping the great wall of china but he has still called himself SKATE. Dude, what is that about. You are giving us guys a bad name so please rename yourself to something like Scoot or Blade please.



When a skateboarder suddenly decides to take up a career as a rapper. I mean Jeremy Rogers, you actually used to be good at skating but please put the microphone down and leave it to the various musicians like Wu-Tang who know what they are doing.



On a positive note, OPM killed it back in the day when they released ‘Heaven is a Halfpipe’. Now this is possibly the only track that is based around skateboarding that we can all sit down to and appreciate. Possibly even sing along is the spirits high. What skateboarder doesn’t dream of having a halfpipe in heaven, I certainly do as that would be amazing. Skate or die people, or die then skate a halfpipe in heaven, sorted.


Well there’s 5 tracks to add onto your next playlist, guilty pleasures for anyone? I would certainly like to know and if you guys can think of anymore songs that include skateboarding then fire them over to our Twitter page.



My War: Nuge’s Hill Bomb

April 29th, 2016




I think I’ve just witnessed the gnarliest thing in skateboarding for a while now. Something that doesn’t even include a trick as well and that is thanks to the My War: Nuge’s Hill Bomb. I mean we can all appreciate a good hill bomb but this is just taking things to the next level. I was literally jumping out of my seat when watching this video. There are a few decent hill bombs around Manchester but nothing that compares to this bad boy. I mean Neckface searched the steepest hills in america and this was in the top 5, god dammm. I’m glad he wore his leather jacket too because if he did come off his board, which could have easily happened, it would have torn all the skin of his body, right to the bone. I’m stoked for Nuge that he succeeded because I would much rather watch this incredible make than a Thrasher Magazine, ‘Hall Of Meat’ video. I am also not encouraging everyone to go and find the gnarliest hills around their area, I do not want to influence anyone to attempt something like this as there’s a big possibility that you may fall and that would not be enjoyable. For now appreciate this video and maybe find some mellow hills to go cruise down and have fun. Skateboarding rules and this has excited me for my skate later.



AVE Rapiweld Pro Wear Test

April 27th, 2016




On Monday April 25th, The House of Vans London, hosted the official wear test for the AVE Rapiweld Pro and we were kindly invited to come along. Black Sheep representatives Tez (accompanied by young son and future ripper Reuben!) headed down with the shops newest rider Jordan Sharkey .Also in attendance were more shop owners and riders from other key stores from across Europe, who had also been invited to test the latest seamless AVE shoe for themselves.




The test would be taking place at the House Of Vans and also at two iconic London spots, Brixton’s Stockwell skatepark and of course Southbank. Joining the crew were some of the UK and European Vans team who got stuck in at all three locations. Our own Rob Smith smashed it throughout the day as did our new man Sharkey (more from him in the near future). England being…well England, the heavens eventually opened and cut the Stockwell session short but not before Rob smashed out a banging Miller flip.



Rob Smith – Miller Flip – Photo CJ


Everyone headed to Southbank, the session was resumed and Sharkey took care of business with some sick tricks down the stairs, check out the edit below to see what I mean. Next it was time to head to the House Of Vans where people were treated to some beers and a fine spread of grub put on by Vans who were not shy at all with the hospitality. Big thank you to all the people at House Of Vans and Vans Europe for another enjoyable experience, shout outs to Sidewalk and CJ for photo duties.





VIP style!


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Zane Timpson – “Sun Machine” Part

April 26th, 2016


Thanks to the internet it seems like there is no stopping the amount of skateboard media there is out there. Yet again a brand new section is out there on the world wide web for us to enjoy via the people at Thrasher Magazine. A good part should make you want to grab your board and go shred, after watching this we reckon you’ll be doing just that. Zane Timpson’s part from Warco Skateboards new video “Sun Machine” is power. From the word go you can see Zane’s not afraid to take the odd slam, hit up a handrail or chuck himself at some transition, easy to see why he gets flowed Bones wheels at the moment, he’s got that gnarly vibe going on! Good work on the part Zane it hyped us up! Click play and then go grab that board of yours.




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