Sunland – We Are New Balance Numeric

May 20th, 2015




The New Balance Numeric team along with Russell Hougthen have just released a new three minute cinematography master piece called Sunland via The Berrics !

Like many of their previous New Balance videos Houghton uses his drone directing skills to give us an all rounded and different look at many of the well seen before spots that we are all familiar with. Filmed within a Californian schoolyard, the team all hit up the different spots and obstacles they have to skate one after each other.  The Sunland edit features Arto Saari, PJ Ladd, Jack Curtin, Levi Brown, Jordan Trahan, Jordan Talir, Tom Karangelov, Tyler Surrey, Marquise Henry and the UK’s own Tom Knox.



Tyler Surrey Noseblunt Transfer





Element Make It Count Uk 2015 Edit

May 20th, 2015




A couple of Saturdays ago on the 9th of May, Manchester’s own pump cage was the place to host this years Element Make It Count competition. It’s a great competition that has been running for some years now and always seems to bring out the best in everybody that attends, from people helping out, to the entering process ( one canned food item was required for entry and all food items were donated to local food banks) and to the overall standard of skating! The competition is set out all over the world to see the latest talents that skateboarding has to offer and for Element it also spreads its word  and belief of social awareness and positivity. Once again there was a superb turn out ( like there always is for events here in Manchester! ) and throughout the three different age categories the skating was just as impressive! A big shout out to everyone who turned up, took part, helped out and made the day as good as it was!

Biggest congratulations go to our very own Jiri “George” Bulin who smashed it all day and was crowned overall winner at the end! Bagging himself a trip to Italy and a spot in the European finals for the chance to go to California to compete for Element sponsorship at Nyjah’s park!  Well done pal and good luck!



13 and Under:
1st – Brinlay McNicholas
2nd – Finley Kirkby
3rd – Scaeffer Mclen



14 to 16:
1st – Sam Mason
2nd – Lucien Costello
3rd – Adam Fairooz



17+ and Sponsored:
1st – Jiri “George” Bulin
2nd – Charlie Birch
3rd – Ben Grove
4th – Conor Dinwoodie




Vans Propeller Screening!

May 20th, 2015

Get yourselves down to our new Black Sheep store, located at 36 Dales street, Manchester on Saturday the 23rd of May from 4pm to see the screening of the long awaited first full length video from Vans, Propeller! With a star roster consisting of Anthony Van Engelen,  Tony TrujilloGeoff Rowley, Gilbert Crockett, Chima Ferguson, Chris Pfanner, Dustin Dollin, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, John Cardiel, Tony Alva and many more! You’d be a fool to miss this one! Just check out Chris Pfanner’s raw files from the video under the flyer below!


Piffsticks – Harry Lintell With Yes Fam Friends

May 19th, 2015





There is no faulting our very own Mr Lintell at the moment. For that past few weeks and months we’ve had numerous edits and photo appearances, a banging front cover, an amazing Volcom True To This part, his official welcome to the Black Sheep family clip, his Converse braving the cold tour edit and some sick Instagram clips on the regs! The latest clip we have to offer is from Jack Brooks and the Piffsticks crew – Harry Lintell With Yes Fam Friends Feat. Stinkin Slumrok! So click on the play button below to see what Harry and the Yes Fam boys have to offer us!




Chris Cole For Plan B !

May 18th, 2015



It was unveiled a couple of days ago and is one hundred percent official that Chris Cole now rides for Plan B skateboards! After much rumors circling the  internet and various social media outlets, Plan B finally announced that their new rider  was chosen by the already existing riders like Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill, Pat Duffy, Danny Way, Felipe Gustavo and Colin Mckay are now joined by Chris Cole! There is a rad interview with him over on the Plan B website you should check out. Chris talks about his time without a sponsor, who gets him hyped, why he said yes to riding for Plan B and lots of other stuff!  Check his welcome clip below and expect to see more Chris Cole footage in the near future!













Element Skateboards ‘Make It Count’ Competition

April 16th, 2015


Element skateboards have been killing the skateboard game since 1992. It’s a company I grew up with and I couldn’t be more stoked that they are still going strong. Probably stronger than ever, the team consists of some more than familiar faces like Chad Tim Tim, Nyjah Huston, Chad Muska, Ray Barbee, Mark Appleyard, Bam Margera, Madars Apse and loads more. So over the past few years Element have been holding a competition called ‘Make It Count’ which has been a great success.

It’s a series of amateur skateboarding events that is put on throughout the world to seek out the latest talent skateboarding has to offer. It also promotes the Element message of social awareness, environmental stewardship and positivity. Instead of a cash prize the overall winner is awarded some great memories, a taste of culture from around the world and a possibility for a new found career in skateboarding. A truly unforgettable experience.


This year we see the competition coming to Manchester’s pump cage on Saturday May the 19th. You would be mad to miss out on such a great opportunity on your doorstep. Show your support and spread the word as it could be you or a friend that takes the time to enter and ends up winning something worthwhile. What’s to lose hey..









New ‘MaybeLOL’ Manchester Scene Video

April 16th, 2015

Sam Frost has put together a new Manchester scene video called ‘Maybelol’. It’s all about having fun and going out with your mates shredding various North Western locations. You can expect to find a lot of quirky skating including plenty of wallrides/no complys on various spots you wouldn’t think possible. Our Black Sheep lurker/rider Josh Bentley opens the show with a powerful section leading into many more parts from such familiar faces in the Manchester skate scene. Our shop mosher Sexual Stu gets gnarly, Seb Batty gets fresh with loads more on a general hype! Guarantee you’ll be left in stitches from laughter but also hyped to go and shred some local spots in an unfamiliar way. 100% worth a watch… good work dudes!  






Kareem Campbell’s New Throwback Adidas Pro Model

April 16th, 2015




Kareem Shoe Crop





Adidas Skateboarding, Respect Your Roots Collection 


Adidas Skateboarding have released a new range of Superstar Shell Toe inspired trainers to honor four skate legends of the 90’s, one of which is Kareem Campbell. The range is known as the “Respect Your Roots” collection.


Kareem  is without a doubt one of the most treasured skaters of the 90’s and one of the coolest pros to ever grace the game. Even in 2015 people are still trying to replicate his tre flip.


Back in September Thrasher uploaded his part in World Industries’ trilogy, featuring a kickflip over a trashcan from flat. That sort of pop is rare to see today, let alone in the early 90s.


You can check it out below, featuring a few words from the man himself Tom Penny (who previously said that Reemo’s switch frontside flips were his favorite)





Ghetto Bird


Kareem rarely comes up in conversation without the mention of his signature Ghetto Bird, aka nollie hardflip bs revert, still remains one of the most technical and difficult street tricks around. Pull one out in a game of skate today and you are sure to make everyone else gain a letter, providing you can land one of course.


Just look at that catch:




Kareem also established himself in the commercial side of the skating, founding both City Stars skateboards and Axion footwear. Axion was a huge success initially, grossing almost 48 million dollars three years after launching.


Though he is no longer as active on the contemporary pro circuit, Kareem’s buttery smooth style and technical street skating has continued to be a massive influence on modern skating. His legacy lives on through countless street pros and ams. Just look at any current Paul Rodriguez or Torey Pudwill part today, and it is clear how they have taken the groundwork Kareem laid down to the next level.


Adidas Skate Shoes


The new Adidas Skateboarding Kareem Campbell Superstars are a throwback to a simpler time in skating. Skate shoes weren’t as available as today, so the shell toes were a preferred choice among skaters, as their hard shell toe cap did not wear as easily from griptape abuse.


The series features four shoes released only to a select few retailers. Other skate legends featured in the series are Richard Angelides, Drake Jones are Joey Bast. All are variations on the superstar shell toe design in both high and low top.


Kareem Campbell Adidas Superstar Skate Shoes
The Superstars are one of those shoes that work well both on and off the board, if you are fed up with notorious kickflip toe holes in your trainers, it well worth giving a pair of Adidas shelltoes a try. As well as being practical skate wise, they look fresh and are perfect for that classic streetwear look.



You can view our full range of Adidas skate shoes and Adidas skateboarding clothing on the site.


Keep up with Kareem on Instagram

Win Vans Propeller Premiere Tickets!

April 13th, 2015




So Vans have finally announced the worldwide premiere dates for their long awaited, first full length video ‘Propeller‘. With a team including the likes of  Geoff Rowley, Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson , Anthony Van Engelen, Gilbert Crockett and Jason Dill to name a few! You know that this is a video you are not going to want to miss! Well…you could be going to the UK Premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in London ( There is no age restriction on entry to the premiere) on the 30th April! The prize is for two tickets so you can take whoever you want be it your brother, mother or a lover! Not only that, you will also be able to get your dancing shoes on at the after party at the House Of Vans! How you ask? The answer is simple! Simply treat yourself to a new pair (or pairs!) of shoes from the Vans Pro Skate line from us here at The Black Sheep. You will then receive some of the sought after golden tickets, on which is a strip that you will scratch off to see if your the lucky winner! But remember there’s only one winning ticket! The premiere is coming soon so don’t hang about! Make sure its you that’s going to be one of the first to see the new Vans video and not somebody else!




Vans Shop Riot Series 2015

April 7th, 2015




The clocks have gone forward an hour, its not dark when we get out of work, the sun is starting to shine and it seems like summer is eventually on its way! That could only mean one thing! Yes, its that time of year as we get ready for the Vans Shop Riot! Starting in the UK on the 25th – 26th April for two days of non stop action! This year sees Pioneer Skate Park in St.Albans hosting the event. £3000 prize money and  an all expenses paid trip to the European finals is up for grabs! After the UK leg comes to a close on the 26th, the attention turns to Aalast, at the Flesh and Bones Skatepark, the scene of last years finals where Belgium’s own Rampaffairz skateshop just missed out on top spot to fellow countrymen Burnside so expect it to go off at this one! With as many as fifteen stops around Europe this year the series will be almost everywhere, from Portugal to Poland, Italy to Israel, before it all comes to a head in Spain for the final! Will the Black Sheep lads be there to take the top spot? ( My moneys on them! Come on lads!!! ) Keep your eyes peeled! More info such as a live stream will be up here on the blog at a later date obviously closer to the time!


Vans Shop Riot 2015 Events Listings


  • UK, 25th-26th April, Pioneer Skatepark, St Albans
  • Belgium, 26th April, Flesh & Bones Skatepark, Aalast
  • Germany/Austria, 9th-10th May, North Brigade Skatepark, Cologne
  • Spain, 23rd May, La Chopera, Leganes
  • Israel, 28th May, Galit Skatepark, Tel Aviv
  • Italy, 14th June, Platza Skatepark, Bolzano
  • Switzerland, 20th June, Lugano Skatepark, Lugano
  • Netherlands, 21st June, Burnside Skatepark, Deventer
  • Czech Republic, 18th July, Skatepark Stadion mládeže, Ustí nad Labem
  • Poland, 1st August, Widzew Skatepark, Łódź
  • Baltics, 22nd August, Monsterparks, Riga, Latvia
  • Portugal, 12th September, Parque das Gerações, São João Do Estoril, Cascais
  • France, Date TBC, Cosanostra Skatepark, Chelles
  • Nordics, Date TBC, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Greece, TBC
  • Russia, TBC
  • FINALS, 19th & 20th September, La Chopera, Leganes, Spain




Remember that time when……!!!!