Girl Skateboards Welcomes…

March 23rd, 2017


Girl Skateboards Welcomes… Andrew Brophy.

With the onslaught of social media this ones been spoke of for a while, Andrew Brophy well and truly fits with Girl Skateboards and it’s a match made in skateboard style heaven. After the demise of Brophy’s last board sponsor Cliche it’s good to see him find a home on the long established brand Girl Skateboards. Props all round for making this one happen and bringing the hype to the Crailtap Camp once again. Now get your fill of Australian power house pop below with Brophy’s all new welcome clip.




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Speedway Mag – Uncut Josh Stewart Interview

March 22nd, 2017


A while back, our mate Farran Golding caught up with Josh Stewart to discuss all things Theories of Atlantis. The original interview, mainly focused on the Theories Brand itself, was published on Keen Dist’s blog.


With this month marking the ten year anniversary of Theories, an extensive edition of Stewart’s interview has just been uploaded to Speedway Mag which includes a fairly comprehensive history of the Static videos alongside insights into the day to day operations of Theories of Atlantis.


Hit the photo below (shot by Pep Kim) to read the whole interview, browse our range of Theories goods by clicking here and be on the lookout for a rad delivery from Theories arriving at Black Sheep fairly soon!




Mark Baines – ‘In Progress Bonus Disc Part’

March 21st, 2017


We’re obviously huge fans of Sidewalk Mag here at the Black Sheep but we are also massive fans of their Sunday Service feature. This Sunday saw them post one of the best bonus parts from one of their most iconic videos. Back in 2011 they released the ‘In Progress’ bonus disk free with the December issue, it was filled with about half an hours worth of unused footage from the main ‘In Progress’ video which also featured the likes of Barney Page, Carl Shipman, James Foster, Conhuir and Denis Lynn, Tom Harrison, Nicky Howells, Black Sheep’s own Harry Lintell and many more UK shredders. The final section was held by none other than New Balance representative and one of the UK’s most productive heads Mark Baines along with appearances from Scott Palmer and Dave Mackey. Point your eyes in the direction of this overlooked gem to see some top quality skateboarding.



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Louie Lopez Spitfire Part

March 17th, 2017



Prepare yourselves for a treat in the form of Louie Lopez Spitfire Part!


To see the progression of Louie over the years as the Flip Skateboards prodigy has been nothing short of ridiculous. From the mini framed skate rat growing up in the skate world spotlight Louie has seriously proved himself as the true professional he’s become. Recently smashing home his first Pro victory at the highly regarded Tampa Pro contest along with numerous parts and trips with footwear sponsor Converse Cons and now blessing us all with this silky smooth annihilation of a part for Spitfire Wheels.


Get your click and viewing below and be prepared to hit the rewind as Louie delves in deep for Spitfire.




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Nike SB – Loud Pack Video

March 14th, 2017


Thrasher Magazine have just released Nike SB’s latest clip the ‘Loud Pack Video’ and my word its good. The newest edit see’s team riders Cory Kennedy, Grant Taylor and Ishod Wair ripping it up, shredding in Idaho and Montana as the crowds watch on in awe. As we’ve seen many times before its gotta be Grant Taylor who steals the show, flinging himself with some massive airs and disregarding the laws of gravity. Click play below and let the show begin..



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Carlos Ribeiro – It Must Be Nice

March 13th, 2017


It must be nice…well it must be if you were just as good at skating like Carlos Ribeiro. Less than a month after Thrasher Magazine broadcast his brand new part for Primitive Skateboards the Brazilian wizard is back and yet again in mesmerizing style leaving us open mouthed in awe at his expertise on a board. This new edit sees him cruising around the Berrics banging out lines and combos that could be seen in a video game like it’s no big deal. It seems mad to think after seeing his natural ability, before P-Rod decided to hook him up he was floating around sponsorship limbo with only a Plan B flow deal to his name. Now at 25, with a Nike SB contract, a pro board on one of the biggest brands around at the moment, things are looking very bright for Carlos and he doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Hit that play button to see some naturally gifted precision.



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Pizza Skateboards “Prepare the Video”

March 12th, 2017


Everybody’s favorite food related skateboards – also know as Pizza Skateboards are back with a new visual treat called ‘Prepare The Video’. At first glance you may think it’s a bit on the short side to be called full length but the skating that’s packed in to eleven minutes does it justice. Loads of people have and still are travelling to Barcelona on filming missions, so if you want your footage and video to stand out from the crowd you better had put the effort in. The Pizza crew go way beyond the call of duty in this one, a killer edit with raw skating on all those superb Spanish spots. Click play to see a slice of Chase Webb, Mike Pulizzi, Jesse Vieira and Ducky Kovacs getting deep in Barca.



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New Balance Numeric: Sankhara

March 9th, 2017


New Balance Numeric’s latest trip to Asia to promote the Brighton 345 shoe has been documented in their newest edit titled Sankhara. The trip stretched across several various countries and the locals ranged from ancient antiquity to modern metropolis. When the team arrived in a tsunami it was clear that this trip was going to be quite an adventure. After the guys learned to deal with different levels of hospitality, they knew it was going to turn out to be one wild ride. Even with its wildly changing weather and attitudes towards skateboarding, Asia offers skaters a fine balance – as long as you’re open to something new. Click play below to see Axel Cruysberghs, Anthony Schultz, Marius Syvanen, Marquise Henry and Tom Karangelov make their way through Asia hitting up some amazing spots in Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo.



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Sean Malto – Nike SB Elite Squad Part

March 7th, 2017


Its been pushing five years since we saw Sean Malto have the second to last part in Girl and Chocolate’s Pretty Sweet at the end of 2012. The year after Sean suffered one of the worst sounding ankle injuries that could happen. He tore two ligaments and his fibula pierced his skin touching the concrete. He underwent a complete lateral reconstruction of his ankle. Although his original physiotherapists said he was ready to skate gain, he complained of a pinching pain causing him trouble. After an X-ray the doctors found that a bone spur was causing this and as a result had to undergo another operation. After that and countless sessions of physiotherapy on his ankle he was ready to get back on his board again. Now he’s back with a part for Nike SB proving the worst of injuries shouldn’t keep you down. From ledges to rails, big or small, Malto always looks in complete control, his effortless smooth style has been well and truly missed but now is back and looking better than ever.



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Jim Greco ‘Year 13’

February 28th, 2017


Jim Greco follows up from last years ‘The Way Out’ with a new skate film called Year 13 and once again has created something that stands out. Jim is one of skateboarding’s most captivating characters. The early noughties saw his rock and roll excess lifestyle reach levels that would see off the average human. His ability to get himself in the most hazardous of situations, on and off his board, are legendary. Now, with thirteen years of sobriety under his belt, numerous style changes, successful companies like Deathwish, Hammers USA, Supra and Baker Boys distribution, Greco is counting down to turning forty but still prevails to be considered one of skateboarding’s greats and is still dropping the hammers like the years gone by. Featuring appearances from Jeremy Klein, Danny Sargent, Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, all captured by the legendary lens of Tobin Yelland and Joey Sinko is what skateboard legend is made of. Though the booze, drugs and Johnny Thunders outfits may have disappeared the craving and aspiration to skate still remains.



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