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Going Offshore – UK DC Team In Jersey

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017


Recently members of the UK and Irish DC team packed their bags and headed to Jersey for a short but sweet two day trip, their plan was to put on a demo at the skatepark in St Helier and hit up as many street spots as possible.  The mission featured riders Cian Eades, Sam Pulley, Dylan Hughes, Nicky Howells and Dave Snaddon, alongside ripping locals such as Luka Pinto and Dylan Catney. Have a watch of the edit below then head over to Sidewalk for the full article.



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Atlantic Drift – Episode 4

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017


If you have seen anything else by Jacob Harris or any of the previous Atlantic Drift episodes you probably already know whats in store. The finest visual treat is the latest in the Atlantic Drift series, episode 4 this time filmed in New York. This one surpasses what has come before in what was already a high level of brilliance in the series’ earlier outings. Once again released in conjunction with Thrasher Magazine, featuring the combined abilities of Mike Arnold, Casper Brooker, Tom Knox, Mark Suciu, Kevin Coakley and more, alongside the standard high definition filming, there isn’t really any edits that can compare. The final installment of this really enjoyable web series is nothing short of amazing, Harris has the eye for the perfect shot, and this does not disappoint.



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Volcom’s Hell of a Summer Video

Monday, July 17th, 2017


It’s hot and dry, standard procedure for an Australian summer morning, but as the Volcom team approached Sydney International airport the temperature kept rising and rising. They had hit Sydney the same time as a heat wave before heading into the wider land of Oz for spot hunting and alcohol fueled fun with The Skateboarders Journal on hand to capture the action as they went. So one thing was for certain, they were in for one hell of a trip, a trip that just so happens to have collided head on with one hell of a summer.


Featuring Jackson Pilz, Shane Azar, Axel Cruysberghs, Dane Burman, Reese Warren, Scotty Standley, Jesse Noonan, Nik Stipanovi and Colin Provost.



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Mason Silva – ‘Red Balloon’ section

Monday, July 17th, 2017


Mason Silva comes through with four minutes of jaw dropping skateboarding in his ‘Red Balloon’part for Element Skateboards. From rugged banks to big handrails Mason tackles it all. His willingness to throw himself, full speed at pretty much anything that gets in his way is guaranteed to get you hyped. He’s got speed, power, finesse and explosive pop, this section is a onslaught of powerhouse moves. Now that’s how you go pro.




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Yardsale – LA Confidential

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


The Yardsale crew head to Los Angeles for their latest edit LA Confidential, filmed by Dan Kreteim. Hit play to watch Kyle Wilson, Julian Kimura, Curtis Pearl, Sam Sitayeb and Darius Trabalza all smash it in the states.



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Vans Park Series Vancouver Highlights

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


Vans returned to the legendary Hastings Park in Vancouver, Canada for the 4th stop of the 2017 Vans Park Series. Every contest in this series seems to get better and better, and by the footage from this year Canada was no exception. This was Pedro Barros first contest on Canadian soil, and he didn’t disappoint the large gathering of skate fans of Vancouver. The skating was next level to say the least, and everyone was putting together video part tricks in their runs, but at the end it was Tom Schaar 3rd, Karl Berglind 2nd, and Pedro Barros 1st, claiming his second win of 2017. Click play below to see some of the gnarliest park skating your ever likely to see and a winning run that is absolutely bonkers.


Featuring Ivan Federico, CJ Collins, Chris Russell, Adam Hopkins, Patrick Ryan, Alex Sorgente, Ronnie Sandoval, Josh Borden, Murilo Peres, Vinicius Kakinho, Curren Caples, Jack Fardell, Willy Lara, Kevin Kowalski, Trey Wood, Keegan Palmer, Robin Bolian, Cory Juneau, Tom Schaar, Karl Berglind and Pedro Barros.



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Stussy – TRIBE – A Skateboarding Short Film

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


Street wear giants Stussy have made a return to skateboarding with their new short film titled TRIBE. The film, made by world renowned photographer Jared Sherbert is Stussy’s first skate film in a while since last years Terpening in Cincinnati and Lance Mountain building and skating his own pool. The six and a half minute clip reflects just another day in the streets filmed in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco all captured in a nostalgic VHS-like quality. The edit features Stussy skaters Caleb Barnett, Aaron Loreth, Jesse Alba, Max Klein and the legend that is Lance Mountain.



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Primitive Skateboards – The Pendleton Zoo Video

Monday, July 10th, 2017


Primitive Skateboards present their newest edit Pendleton Zoo. With the streets, plazas and the areas that surround Barcelona being the holy grail in the skate world the Primitive team thought it was only right to go in search. Diego Najera, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, Mark Zaprazny and Bastien Salabanzi flew out there and came back with a heap of footage filmed at some OG spots and some new brand new marble treasures.



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Converse Cons Asia Garuda Tour

Monday, July 10th, 2017


Late last year the Converse Cons Asia team embarked on their Garuda tour. The trip saw them travel through Indonesia, hitting up cities like Bandung, Makassar City and Jakarta. The team had to battle Indonesia’s sweltering heat, crazy traffic and tropical rain to discover the country, it’s spots and local ripping scene. Press play now to check out Tao Kitpullap, Lert Saeri, Jeff Gonzales, Geng Jakkarin and Absar Lebeh shredding in Asia.



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Independent Trucks – Barge At Will

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017


Independent Trucks Barge At Will see’s some of of the most radical pools and terrain in the Southwest of the USA get the Indy rider treatment. Select members of the Indy fence hopping collective search alleyways and unearth some hidden gems. Featuring a host of transition masters like Chris Livingston, Turtle Tom, Willis Kimbel, Erick Winkowski and Peter Hewitt in tow your bound to be bowled over.



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