Chris Barrett Black Sheep Skateboard Team

Our skateboard team wouldn't be complete without the baddest of skaters, Chris Barrett. When we talk about certain skateboarders that are simply doing it because they love it then Chris is one of those dudes. He grew up in Stockport which is a small town just outside of Manchester and if you have ever visited there before then you would understand why Chris is so raw in all life aspects. Some call him the 'Bad Man' others the 'Baddest of Men'. All I know is that he is a top bloke and his passion for life in genral is heart warming. If you have never seen his skating (you will further down in the edits featured below) then prepared to be blown away. This guy has no limits, he skates boards from 7'' to maybe a fish shaped board at 9'', nothing will stop him. He is a lover of vinly and his collection is growing by the day. If you are interested in swapping music then this is the guy for you.