Bearings Buyers Guide

With bearings, they are all of the same size and have the same function unlike other parts of the skateboard, the only function of the bearing is to ride as smooth and as fast as possible. Because of this, the only real differences between bearings are . ABEC is an industrial measure applicable to household appliances such as washing machines, not necessarily for skateboards.

The forces and strains on materials involved in skateboarding can decimate a bearing whatever ABEC it may be. All skateboard bearings are of universal size aside from a very small number of special models. Cheap skateboard bearings will do the job, and with many sets available for what works out at a quid a bearing. The mid range models are slightly more expensive, but provide just that bit more quality, and usually have removable shields for cleaning, and better quality components.

On the high end of the scale you have the “Swiss” bearings. This area of the market is pretty much dominated by Bones, the Swiss range are the best technical bearings available for skateboarding and are used by professional skateboarders all over the world. Bones Swiss bearings are also ideal for the regular skater looking to make a good investment in their gear. A well maintained and lubricated set of Swiss or Super Swiss bearings will last for years, saving you chucking out several old sets and shelling out cash for slower, poorer quality bearings. If you are serious about your speed, we would recommend a good set of Swiss bearings.

The Swiss ceramics that we stock may seem like a fortune at just under £130, but they really are the best bearings available on the market. They contain cerbec ceramic balls which are a lot lighter than regular ball bearings. The advanced technology within the Bones Swiss Ceramics make them the most advanced and best performing bearings available on the market.