Deck Buyers Guide

The Deck is arguably the most important part of the skateboard, and is also the most costly. Conventional skateboard decks are constructed from 7 thin layers of plywood glued together, and are usually between 7.25-9 inches in width and 28-33 inches long. What deck you buy will massively influence your style of skating, as some boards lend themselves better to certain purposes.

For example, a 9 inch board will be great for cruising and filming, but it will be more difficult to perform technical flip tricks on than a smaller board. A wider deck will also be a lot heavier to manoeuvre, but will provide more stability Likewise, a 7.5 inch deck will be light an easy to control, but will not provide a very large surface area, so if you are planning to skate obstacles such as gaps and stairs, it will be more difficult to keep the board underneath you, and it will be hard to “catch” when doing flip tricks down drops.

You also want to consider the concave of the board the steeper the concave you have on the board, the larger the angle from the tail to the ground will be. The larger this angle is, the further the board will have to travel to hit the ground when you press down for an Ollie.

The size of your feet also determine what kind of deck is going to suit you, if you have larger feet a smaller deck will be a lot harder to control than a larger one. Finally, all boards come in a range of designs to identify the company. A word to new skaters, while it is great to admire the graphics, remember that this is a tool, not an ornament, and it will become scratched and damaged over time. After a prolonged time of skating, decks will inevitably chip and break, this is a normal part of skateboarding.
One of the most common reasons that decks snap is through improper landings. If you land with your foot squarely on the nose or tail of the board with one foot, this can cause a snap. In order to avoid this and improve your skateboarding in general, aim to land on the bolts each time you land a trick.

This is the most reinforced part of the board and when you land here you provide the best chance of not only landing your trick, but protecting your board too. Some decks, like the Almost Impact series, have special technology within the board to help strengthen them. The Impact series has two carbon discs around the bolts. Some Enjoi decks also have this feature.