Choosing the right trucks is an essential part of any skateboard setup. High trucks increase the distance of your tail from the ground, whereas low trucks give you greater stability due to them being closer to the ground. Trucks are available in both a raw metal or painted finish. High trucks will allow you to use larger wheels, as their higher profile means that there is less chance of “wheel bite”, which is when the wheel rubs against the deck.

You also want to consider the width of the truck itself. Different sizes of trucks fit different board widths. You should be aware that certain areas of the truck are more vulnerable to damage than others. The Kingpin is the bolt that holds the hanger (top bit) to the baseplate of the truck. Kingpins are extremely strong, but can snap after a lot of wear or a landing where a lot of stress and weight is placed on them. The Axel nut is another area of the truck which withstands a lot of abuse from skating.

When you land primo (with the board on its side) the axel nut is forced to the ground with the weight of both the board and your body concentrated onto the axel nut. After a while of heavy skating, the axel nut will become difficult to remove. If you are attaching trucks to the skateboard yourself, always remember to fix them so that the kingpins are facing each other towards the middle of the board, otherwise you will find the board turns in the wrong direction! The width of your truck should match the width of your deck, you should not be able to see your wheels when looking on to the deck from above.

For more information on trucks and to view our full range, check out our skateboard trucks page. We stock a large range of brands including Tensor, Venture, Independent and many more.