Skateboard Wheels Buyers Guide

The wheels of the skateboard are constructed from urethane, a hard rubber. Our wheels come in different sizes and degrees of hardness. The hardness of the wheel is determined by a measure called durometer, which you may see mentioned on some of the packaging of the wheels, the higher the number of the durometer, the harder the wheels will be.

Small Wheels are a lot lighter and better for technical and street skating, they also accelerate faster. Large wheels are a lot less prone to being stopped by debris such as rocks, they also ride a lot faster than smaller wheels but do not accelerate as fast due to their extra weight and size.

Large wheels are great for transition skating where you need that extra speed and stability. Soft wheels are a lot more grippy, and are able to stick to uneven road surfaces better than hard wheels, they provide a much steadier ride and are perfect for cruising. Hard wheels are ideal for technical street/park skating, as they will not stick on ledges as much as soft wheels, when performing tricks like nose and tail slides.

They are more suitable for sliding, are faster on smooth surfaces and are more responsive. If you are doing any type of conventional trick skating, harder wheels are generally more favourable than softer wheels. However, as we all know British pavement surfaces are much more rugged than over in the states where most skate wheels are developed. It is best to keep this in mind when choosing your wheels.

Harder wheels are a lot less forgiving on rough and cracked terrain, and are more susceptible to being stopped by pebbles. In summary, when choosing your wheels think of the sort of skating that you usually do and where you skate. If you are new to skating, it is probably best to choose an all rounder wheel, not too hard at around 54 mm.

After skating on these for a while you will be able to decide whether you would like more speed, a lighter board or more board feel, and for your next set you can choose accordingly.

For more information and to view our full range check out our skateboard wheels section, we have a huge stock of wheels available including Spitfire, Ricta, Bones Wheels and many more.

If you would like any further advice about what wheels are right for you then contact a member of our helpful and experienced staff, either in store, by phone or online.