Rob Smith Interview



-Name/age/sponsors/blah blah?

 Rob Smith, 23, Death skateboards, Supra Footwear, Carhartt, Monster Energy, Independent, Ricta wheels, CRV WKD, The Black Sheep.


-How long have you been Skateboarding in Manchester and what’s your favorite spots?

 Been in Manchester all my life. Favorite spot was Bones Bolton, favorite street spot now is concrete jersey barriers in Hulme.


-Who’s your favorite Black Sheep rider and who’s the worst?

Scotty, you never know when you will see him and what he will do.

 Polish George. Haha only joking. There isn’t a bad team member.



-Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Riders?

Ollie can’t piss straight


-Give us a little bit of your skate history from in and around Manchester. Where did you grow up skating and with who?

 Grew up skating Bones Bolton with Eddie, Scotty, Ollie, and loads of others . slowly started coming into Manchester the more I learned to skate “street”


-Childhood heroes in skating?

Scotty, Avi, Pontus alv, Ali Boulalla, John Cardiel


-Your one of them annoying multi talented doggers who not only skates all the time but also makes music, edit/film etc… so tell us what your working on right now and music/projects to look out for etc?

PFFWWW, where do I start. I just finished a series of video’s for the Black Sheep along with an intro.

I’m Doing a lot with CRV WKD, we just got our website live, I’m trying to gather loads of content for that, also Ive been doing a lot of graphics work for new T-Shirt/hoodie’s

We also have a top secret project coming up soon that will blow some minds,

I just made the CRV WKD drive edit and made all the music for it which was a lot of fun.

Along with an advert for our new T-shirt graphic that is available online.

Ive been working on a Black Sheep X p.u.m.f  X Carve Wicked DVD that just premiered at the Christmas party.

Also I have been Dj’ing out a lot, and working on an album slowly but surely. I really want to Concentrate on this but it takes 100% of your effort and you cant have other things going on in your mind, you need a clear head to get creative and make something different, there’s so much music out there these days. so it seems like I have to finish my other stuff first. But yeah look out for all that shit!



-You’ve currently relocated to the big smoke with your good lady, what’s noticeable different between the Manchester and London scenes, good and bad?

To be honest when I’m in London its usually in between trips so when I’m in London I just chill at my lady’s place and don’t go out much, Play with the puppy, work on edits/music/CRV etc.

Good things are that there’s always something going on, and there’s so many more opportunity’s with everything.

Bad things is getting around takes hours, and its really busy full of people.


 -Why is Black Sheep the best shop and team?

Best shop because we are not trying to be anything, we are a skate shop that loves skateboarding and skateboarders, We don’t have to try and be cool and put up an image, we just do it, fuck political bollocks, at the end of the day Its skateboarding, we all started because it was fun, and that’s the way its kept at the black sheep.


Oh and best team because we have a man for every job, we got a vert skater, a guy who lands everything, some little tech head, a retired skater who can do back 360’s first go, Whatever we got it.


-Rob Smith words of wisdom?

You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.


-What’s next for Rob Dogger Smith?

Who knows, Ive always got some new idea. My goal is to film a 100% street part, I want to have a song released on a record label. Make more clothes with my sewing machine, Make a film. Maybe even make a dogger fragrance for men why not!

HA! Peace out!

*All pics kindly donated by CJ.

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