X-Large Clothing Drop

We’ve had a new brand drop on The Black Sheep store… the one and only X-Large Clothing. If you’re not familiar with the brand, I’ll give you a brief history lesson…

The first X-Large store opened in LA, California in 1991 stocking original X-Large items as well old classics such as Carhartt, Adidas and Puma sneakers. From there the store’s popularity grew with skaters, hip-hoper’s and street stylers in the mist of the early ninety’s hip-hop/skate culture blow up.

There has always been speculation around the brand being owned by The Beastie Boys. For starters, the Beastie Boys do not now nor have they have ever owned X-Large, however Michael Diamond (Mikey D) of the Beastie Boys was a share-holder and was one of a handful of men who formed the idea for X-Large. His role in X-Large varied over the years, due to the fact that Beastie Boys claimed hip-hop world domination so were busy recording and touring but they have always had a strong role in the representation of the brands culture and roots.

Check out X-Large clothing on our website and in-store at our Church Street store.

For now, we’ll leave you with a few staff picks and an old skool video interview with The Beastie Boys…


Beastie Boys talk XLarge and streetwear influences… from Milkcrate Athletics TV on Vimeo.

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