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Best Skate Sections Ever

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

After having a conversation about skateboarding with some youths that came into the shop recently I was shocked to learn what videos/skaters seem to get them hyped. Further more it was upsetting to hear that they hadn’t even heard of some of the videos that I had growing up. Got pretty emotional to hear one of the kids had never seen of Flip Sorry and Geoff Rowley’s section. So because of this I thought it would make sense to put some legendary sections from video’s that you may have missed in your era of growing up. So what are the best skate sections ever ? Well let’s start of with Geoff Rowley in Flip’s ‘Sorry’ released in 2002…



Another must see section is Gershon Mosley’s from Transworld Skateboarding video ‘The Reason’ released in 1999. Not only is this a mint part but it also includes some of the most famous spots like the Venice Beach ledges which you may remember from Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2.



Some British heritage next with Nick Jensen in Blueprints ‘First Broadcast’. This has to be one of my personal favorites. Jensen is still killing it to this day, you should also check out his shared part with Danny Brady in Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’. Being a skater from Manchester England, there’s nothing quite like British videos to get you hyped to go skate. Maybe because you can relate to the spots and style of skating more than others.



Next to mix it up for all you gnarly transition skaters out there is Bob Burnquist. An absolute don on a skateboard. Capable of skating all types or terrain from the streets to bowls then vert ramps, this guy has it all. This is his part from The Firm’s ‘Can’t Stop’, keep your eye out for his blunt fakie in Barcelona at 1.22 as it is insane!



World Industries in 1996 changed skateboarding as they brought ‘Trilogy’ to your TV screens. Has to be one of the best of all time. It was so hard to choose someone featured in this video as they’re all amazing and each part is mind blowing. I decided to go with Kareem Campbell although others worth watching from this video are Marcus Mcbride, Jason Dill, Gino Iannucci, Lavar Mcbride, Ronnie Creager, Enrique Lorenzo, Daewon Song and many more….



Transworld need to be thanked for the amount of video’s they’ve produced of the years. The choice of skaters that they include in each one has been on point to the date/style of skating to that specific time. One’s to look out for are 4 Wheel Drive, The Sixth Sense, Feedback, In Bloom, Are You Alright, to the more recent ones such as A Time To Shine, Let’s Do This, And Now, Not Another Transworld Video to their newest Outliers. The one out them all which gets me hyped is ‘Free Your Mind’ which came out in 2003. Here’s Dan Drehobl’s part from it….



I had to include a part from Jason Dill and which one better than the his in Habitat’s ‘Mosaic’. Dill is a beast, has been on form since the beginning of street skating. A true legend! You will remember his killer part in ‘Mind Field’ that was out not so long ago. Also with all the sections I’ve mentioned they have been taken from an even better video as a whole. So if you get the chance watch the whole thing as the sections I like may not be the ones you do! I hope you find some inspiration because over the years these have kept me as hyped as a hype can be…. SK8 OR DIE moshers x



Seb Batty Welcome To The Black Sheep

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


This may not be Manchester’s best kept secret but what are you going to do when Seb’s out skating every single day in and around the city rocking Black Sheep this and that. Also we’ve held back this edit thinking it’d be dope to do a little interview to introduce Seb properly as he’s really a new comer to our UK shores but with the best intention and fellow Wigan pie rat Rikk Fields supposedly conducting said interview things just went adrift, or probably more appropriately ‘Up In Smoke!’


So it’s down to me to give you some what of a little introduction to the latest member of The Black Sheep Family – Seb Batty ! Basically he’s a full on 110% skate rat, out on his board till all hours of the night every single day and obviously when you’ve got the addiction that bad it’s going to come across in your skating as it does all so true with Seb. If your one of the few who’s managed to witness Seb cruising down the cage then you’ll know his consistency and style dripping trick bag can only be attained with such commitment. When not skating you’ll probably find him hot boxing the hell out of his car or just hanging out at the store trying to be understood with his hella mixed up accent (this is due to living all over the world and not cause of the fact he resides in Wigan.) 


In short we’re stoked to have Seb come ride with us and I know he’d like to thank Dwindle Distribution UK for hooking up the Enjoi flow status.


More to come from this one…… if he don’t disappear back to Honk Kong (and who could blame him, you’ve all seen their spots right!)






Big thanks to Isaac Wilkinson for the edit and photo’s. See more of Isaac’s work at




Emerica Skate Shoes

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Emerica doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Started in 1996 this company has done so much for skateboarding and I feel like other companies are pushing real skate brands out of skateboarding which is bullshit. Emerica have been on point with every aspect of the company. Producing some of skateboarding’s finest video’s, designing the best skate shoes and sponsoring some of the raddest skaters out there. Andrew Reynolds has had a huge influence on the company and it wasn’t for him, I doubt it would be the brand it is today. Watch his section from Baker 3 below and I’ll be surprised if your not out skating later today….



Reynolds also has a section in Emerica’s ‘This is skateboarding’ which was released in 2003.  It also has parts from Heath Kirtchard, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Aaron Suski and many more. Probably my favorite video ever made. Here’s the full length video for you guys to get even more hyped…



The latest video they released was ‘Made’ which is once again and unbelievable watch! Having sections from new additions to the team such as Jerry Hsu, this hands down needs to be part of your DVD collection. It’s safe to say Emerica are on it. Also when it comes down to producing some of skateboarding’s finest skate shoes and clothing they have never failed to impress. I remember my first proper skate shoe after skating in trainers for many years and it was a pair of Emerica Heretic’s and they were dope. Bit chunky but that was the style back then, the difference between how big shoes were to how slim they are now is madness. Here’s some recent Westgate’s  they have brought out.



On top of their product they also hold a skate event every year called ‘Wild in the streets’ which has been a huge success. It has been hosted in different cities all over the world from London UK to Detroit USA. It’s pretty much letting all the skaters going wild in streets as one big crowd and skating various spots around the city. It’s amazing to see how many people attend the event. One big family getting together. Keep your eyes peeled for it next year as it will be as always be an event to remember…



It’s been a pleasure to see Emerica grow as a company. I hope it only gets even better as the years go on. The product is mint, the team will always be amazing as it has been for years. There is already a rumor of a new video ‘Made 2’ which is coming out in the near future. Just have a little think the next time your in a sports shop about to purchase some shoes because there could be a pair of dope Emerica’s waiting for you in your local skate shop. We at The Black Sheep are very proud to stock Emerica so come and have a look. I can guarantee you’ll be stoked on it….

Etnies x Plan B

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


Etnies and Plan B have had ties since the early 90s. They have once again joined forces to release a series of Etnies X Plan B shoes for you guys to get your hands on. The first of 3 they have decided to go with are the Scout’s. If you’ve not already seen or more importantly held them they are an extremely lightweight durable shoe. Probably not the best for skating but for chilling, running and day to day life they are perfect. 



The second out the 3 is the Marana. Now this is a shoe worth skating in. It’s exactly the same as previous Marana’s except they have replaced the Etnies logo on the side of the shoe with a Plan B logo. I would say it works really well. Sometimes when shoes do a collaboration with another company whether it being a board company or not, it always seems to be quite obvious and in your face. This is quite subtle and works really well. Etnies have also kept the colours quite simple and the material it’s made from will be perfect for a winter skate shoe.


Finally saving the best till last we’ve got the Marana E-lite. This is pretty much just an upgraded version of the Marana costing a little bit more. If your into your tech items then these will be perfect otherwise I would just recommend the standard Marana’s. Either way they’re both amazing skate shoes. The difference between the 2 is the E-lite has an increase in technology, durability and design.


All 3 shoes seem to be a favorite of Ryan Sheckler’s so I’m guessing this is the reason why they have decided to use these shoes in the collab. Also seems right as Sheckler is pro for both companies. Plan B are also dropping a new video called ‘True’ so this release fits in with the release of the the video. Keep your eyes peeled as it’s supposed to one to remember featuring sections from Plan B’s finest Danny Way, Ryan Sheckler, Pat Duffy, PJ Ladd, Felipe Gustavo and many more…. Have look below at the trailer to get you hyped on this mint collab and also an epic video to come….





Enjoi Oververt – Shop Premiere At The Black Sheep!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Keep Friday the 7th of November free as we at The Black Sheep Store will be having Enjoi’s newest video ‘Oververt’ premiered in our city center store. It will be starting at around 5.30pm so feel free to come and join us to watch skateboarding’s newest full length DVD. Enjoi has been producing some fine skateboards since the 2000’s. They have also brought out some banging clothing during their lifetime too so be sure to check them out over on our website.





Good friend of ours Ben Raemers recently turned pro for them so this will be his first section in an international video and I’ve heard it’s powerful. One of the raddest dudes alive and an incredible skater. Good work Ben!! You can also expect sections from other team riders such as Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Wieger Van Wageningen, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Jose Rojo and Jimmy Carlin. The last full length video they released in 2006 called Bag Of Suck was one to remember, and then their promo footage was released in 2012 called Tweak The Beef, Oververt is going to be a full featured video with proper parts so I’m expecting some great things from this one. Here’s Caswell Berry with his section from Bag Of Suck to get you hyped….



Rybo Top Fives

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Black Sheep filmer, Pumf dogger ,beard repper ,snap chat enthusiast and Instagram killer, Ryan ‘ Rybo’ Hayes has recently joined us as a full member of the retail team here at the Black Sheep. Here are a list of his top fives so you can get to find out a little more about this raw Wiganer!



Top 5 Trips

  • Witchcraft – UK Hecticness
  • Cornwall – Seeing Eddie init
  • Newport – Carve Wiganers! ( Coz they wanna be wiganers!)
  • London – Fam!
  • Cornwall – Eddie again!


Top 5 Beards

  • Bit vein but mine!
  • Tez’s mighty beard!
  • Chris Haslam – my inspiration
  • Prime doggers!
  • French’s ( Witchcraft owner)


Top 5 Skate Essesntials


Top 5 Decks In The Shop

  • Black Sheep Target
  • Witchcraft Policeman
  • Deathwish Jon Dickson Overalls
  • PUMF
  • Enjoi Oververt


Top 5 People I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Meeting This Year

  • Arbel Samsonov
  • Alex Irvine
  • Sox
  • Steve Forstner
  • My Girlfriend ( I don’t have one!)


Check Rybo on the other side of lens with his section in the Wigan / Manchester scene video best believe! A local video brought to you by Rob Greenalgh, featuring himself, Rybo, Kayed Bouffler , Black Sheep’s own rippers Rikk Fields / Seb Batty and many more!  And while your at it give him a follow for some oh his ‘I do what I want’ antics! rybo_23 on the Instansta!


Friday, October 31st, 2014

This Saturday (November 1st) Huf and Thunder trucks have joined forces and are releasing the collaboration of the year. Huf seem to be partnering with companies a lot  recently but this one has to be the one I’m most excited about. Thunder has been around for some years now starting in 1986, gathering a team of steez along their way. It includes Dylan Reider, Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Marc Johnson, Erik Ellington, Peter Ramondetta, Nick Dompierre, Sean Malto, Keith Hufnagel, Ed Templeton, Dennis Busenitz, John Rattray and many more. As you can see it’s an extremely powerful crew….



Huf has also been around for plenty of years starting around the 2000s. Keith Hufnagel the founder of Huf also skates for thunder so I can understand how this came about. Plus quite a lot of other riders skate for both companies so it makes sense to combine the two brands. Take a look below to see what’s to come.. 

It’s good to see how each brand have contributed, Thunder doing the trucks then Huf taking control of the clothing. The socks which have been a huge hit in the past have still got the standard ganja leaf symbol but have also got Thunders heart shaped grenade logo too which I think works really well. The design for the Raglan, T-shirt and Snapback is also mint. It isn’t just the colour way featured above but there is also a navy blue/white one too. 



When it comes down to0 the trucks, the idea behind the packaging is pure brilliance. They’ve made miniature Huf shoe boxes to store them in. How cool is that! Also there’s no need to worry about sizes as there are sizes to please all types of girth. Gillet, Cromer, Hufnagel, Rieder, Ramondetta and Plunkett all have a pro truck for you to choose from. Some are lights too so will make your board as lite as a feather. If your not into that then they are the standards ones as well. 



Overall this is exciting shit so keep yours eye peeled for the drop, happening tomorrow! As always these things tend to sell out fast so get it on your Christmas list asap and hopefully you’ll be available to purchase some of this fine product from the Huf X Thunder trucks range!  

Eddie Belvedere Footage and Interview

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014



Obviously the following interview was going to lead to just pure abuse on Eddie Belevdere’s behalf. We do actually love Edward but we’ve always been drawn to giving him absolute hell for our own selfish/childish amusement. Now with him residing in Cornwall where he’s pretending at being a ‘mature student’ we don’t often get our fill of verbal torment so this interview is purely to fill that sad little void. Big up’s the Belvedere, prepare for onslaught of verbal diarrhea.




Tez: Name, age and reasons for living on planet Earth?


Eddie: Edward Lee Belvedere, 29, I beat somebody else to the finish!



Tez: Who’s silly enough to give you free product so you can claim to be a sponsored skateboarder?


Eddie: The Black Sheep, Fallen, Pig Wheels, Theeve Trucks, Yeah Buddy Wax and Superdead.





Tez: Why are you so short in statue?


Eddie: I’m not, everybody else is just really big



Tez: How did you get the nickname ‘Sly Ed’ from your time working at Central skate-park?


Eddie: No idea! Hopefully not for the same reason the other dirt bag got it. Maybe because I used to make my self brews and you lazy twats were to lazy to get off your arse and put the kettle on. 



Tez: This one always comes up but how come you claim to of come up with the Black Sheep name all them years back?


Eddie: I made the first Black Sheep T-shirts. It was all my idea! Obviously I was very influenced by the original ‘sheep’ skate shop that Harry opened and ran back in the nineties. it all made sense in my mind. We are the black sheep of Manchester. I’m not afraid to say what I think. I do what I want!






Tez: How much abuse have you taken from Harry and myself in one day? Any memorable abuse memories you’d care to be counseled on?


Eddie: No abuse, strictly banter. Everything you have ever said to me has helped to shape me into an understanding human being. If you cant take the heat get out the oven!


Tez: Why have you moved to Cornwall? Surely that’s just unfair on all the nice folk down that way..?


Eddie: Its good to change your routine and put yourself in new situations. What’s the point in doing the same thing day in day out. My missus wanted to go to University and I followed her. I didn’t have any commitments in Manchester. The hardest part was leaving my friends, family and job at the black sheep. I had to put on a Cornish accent when I got here at first because I was being ignored by everybody but its all good now. I’ve got a lot of love for my new friends that I’ve made down here.





Tez: How do you fill your days now your a smelly student pretending to be a jazzy hipster?


Eddie: I’ve just finished living the dream this summer. I spent everyday on the beach chilling, skateboarding, surfing and drinking beers. it was really good as loads of friends came down and treated my house as a hotel for 4 months. So there was always shit going on. Now I’m back in the real world of University and I have to crack on with my second year. 



Tez: Have the Cornish skaters accepted you for your weird and wonderful ways?


Eddie: I don’t think any of them understand a word I say, they all just nod and laugh in agreement. Like I say their all a sick bunch of dudes and love skateboarding.



Tez: Who and what do you most miss from the Manchester skate scene?


Eddie: Security guards and the police! Not! I miss all my mates very much, you all know who you are because you keep in contact with me on a regular basis. It sucks not being able to blag harry everyday for freebies though haha.





Tez: So to inject you with a small compliment (this doesn’t come naturally!) Your one of the most productive skaters I know and are constantly filming for your next section, so with that in mind tell us some of your most memorable parts and also what can we expect in the future? 



Eddie: Pusherman is probably my best section so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the last 3 years of footage that I’ve filmed with Sean Lomax for the Superdead video, I’m sure there is some good shit in there. Also I’ve finished filming with my friend Adam Salais for a Black Sheep section that’s going to be on t’interweb real soon. So keep your eyes peeled!



Tez: Stepping back to abuse now, Sexual Stu is asking why have started to talk funny and also what’s with using fake tan!?


Eddie: I haven’t started talking funny its all the Stella in his ears confusing him! and it isn’t fake tan I actually see the sunshine down here in Cornwall so don’t have to walk around looking like a ghost any more!



Tez: What’s the story behind you waking up on a deck chair scissoring Sexual Stu? 


Eddie: Booze and drugs and rock n roll!!! Good times!






Tez: What’s with your mate Yeomans?


Eddie: Human bean is from the planet Charley where everything happens really fast so his brain learned to adapt at a slower pace. Unfortunately his cocaine space ship crash landed on earth and he’s never been able to make it back!



Tez: So you live with your good lady Heather, how does she put up with you and your drunkard ways? Haven’t you been banned from the pub where she works?


Eddie: She’s a good girl, I have my madness sometimes and she puts me in my place. I’m allowed back in Beerwolf now, thank god!



Tez: Another classic from Sexual Stu, he wants to know why aren’t you bleaching your hair anymore, now that your some radical surfer dude an all?


Eddie: Cos it looked fucking awful! 



Tez: Have you had enough abuse yet? Why is it you bring that out of all the Black Sheep family members? Do you consider yourself as the runt?


Eddie: Never enough abuse! We are all the runts of the family, that’s what makes us who we are!




Tez: Genuinely we do love you Edward and thanks for letting us reminisce on the good old times of giving you shit as we do miss it. Any final words, comebacks or general wise words you’d care to share? 


Eddie: Thank you and goodnight.



Massive thanks to Adam Salais for filming and editing Eddie’s latest Black Sheep edit. This was done with zero budgets and just a pure love of raw skateboarding. Big up Adam mate, absolutely smashed it!


All images used in this blog piece have been kindly provided by Danny Parker and we suggest you take the time to go witness more dope pics from Eddie’s above new clip via this rad online zine


Black Sheep Boards

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

The Black Sheep has been going strong for some years now so it was about time we made some shop decks for you lurkers to shred. Priced at £29.95 they’re a real bargain and can be purchased in our city center store on Church St and online. Boards come with free grip so no need to worry about any hidden costs! Sizes start from 8″ up to a big whopper dogger 8.5″ with an average 8.25′ in between. Keep your eyes peeled because you may see some of our team riders taking one for a spin.

The feedback on the decks have been great, everyone who’s skated one has commented on how good the shape is. Also the coloured ply underneath the Target logo has been a huge hit… I mean why not add a bit of colour to spice up your life. With the Target logo, it’s obvious if your into hip hop that it was an idea taken from Public Enemy’s Target. If your not familiar with hip hops greatest then have a listen below and get to know…  



Why not simply purchase one of our limited decks, get some Public Enemy on your mp3 player and go and tear the streets apart. Just a warning, they’re selling out really fast so don’t miss out on the hype!!!!!!!

House Of Vans Skate Wear Test

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


So I was on holiday, chilling in a static caravan in Cornwall when I got a text off Tez. What the bloody hell does he want? Mans on holiday chilling, ya get me ? Surprisingly it wasn’t to do with work….well kinda! It turned out that the nice people at Vans had invited a couple of Black Sheep representatives to go down to London, to the House of Vans to help them out in a wear test. Having never ( yes you read it right! never!) been to London, the possible chance of getting some free product and the chance of meeting up with Black Sheep rider and House Of Vans manager Rob Smith and assistant Wazza Dowd for an overdue beer was an opportunity not to be missed!



Having got the train from Piccadilly we eventually arrived at Euston a couple of hours later, first stop was to make way through the sea of people to get outside for a ‘comfort break’ and of course the #sexontour instagraming began! Then it was time to jump on the tube to Waterloo, I’ve heard many things about this tube lark, no talking, no making  eye contact and all that, but thankfully it was pretty quiet on the black line that afternoon! ( thank god! ) so I didn’t have the worst tube experience. So we’d reached Waterloo and all that was left was the short walk to the House Of Vans, the excitement was building! I was looking at the skyline to see if i could see any of the famous landmarks, but all I could see was that dildo-esc tube of glass known as the Shard ! We turned around a corner and we were there, I was surprised it was so close by, I thought we were going to have to go on a fair mooch, then we were met by a familiar face on our arrival!



The pleasantries began, handshakes, fist pumps and the general hows life conversation. We all chatted amongst ourselves for a few minutes then was ushered into the park so that things could get underway. We were each given a locker and inside was a Vans tote bag filled with a couple of goodies and most importantly the shoes that we were there to test. I was stoked to see that they were a pair of Gilbert Crockett Pro’s !



And these mega sick socks!



We all gathered in the cinema room to watch a presentation hosted by product manager Juss Apivala and Alexis Jauzion. They took us through the design concept of the shoe and there was a short video of Gilbert himself talking about his involvement and ideas which were used in the whole process. They explained to us about the new Wafflecup soles that had been used, this technology gives a more secure and cushioned sole with the full flexibility of a vulcanized one. We were also told about the Duracap technology which is basically making already tough and durable suede that bit more better for longer lasting shoes. The techno chat was over and it was time to put them to the test with a session in the park. Having never been inside before I was eager to explore and the first thing I saw was the bowl section on my left, its pretty deep and whippy, transition has never been one of my strong points so I decided to spectate till it was quieter later on! People were skating this like it was nothing – ridiculous! The next room is the mini ramp room with a couple of different sized ramps on either side.  The final room is the street section consisting ob a bank, across and down ledge, a couple of quarters and one or two more street-ish obstacles.



Had a decent couple of hours in the park, people were smashing it! If you’ve not been yet its worth a day out! That bowl is pretty gnarly to say the least! After having a good skate it was time to sample the beverages and scran that was on offer! Some tasty burgers and cans of IPA were consumed in the cafe area, we chilled out for a bit and had a chit chat, then Wazza and Rob mentioned a pub near their gaff round the corner that would be ideal for a pint!



We met the doggers  just across the way from the park and the plan was to head to the ‘old man’ pub further down street. By now it appeared that most people had put having a pint at the top of the agenda as we were joined by a merry crew of at least twenty strong skateboarders taking up a large front seating area at the pub. Time quickly ticked away and before we knew it the time had come start with the mission back home, back onto a now slightly busy tube to Euston for our two hour journey back to Piccadilly.
Massive thanks to Vans for the invitation, big thank you to all at House Of Vans for having us and big ups to everyone that was there making the day and session what it was!  In a bit London ! I’ll be back!