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It’s a surprise this blog post ever made it to the publish button due to the time I could spend trawling the web reminiscing at one of the most iconic skaters in the whole of skateboarding’s history. Yes I know, very strong opening statement but Neil Blender is what most see as the very essence of skateboarding, simply put he’s just one of them guys that stands completely alone and probably invented the phrase “Marching to the beat of a different drummer.”


So the reason/excuse for this post is the good folk at Vans Syndicate have come through with this powerful collaboration from the man himself. First up is the Authentic Pro “S” in the Washed out Grey featuring Blender artwork around the out sole along with the Ultracush HD cushioning we’ve come to expect from the Syndicate range. These are obviously a take on the original and probably most recognizable Vans shoes but with that added extra comfort and higher grade materials used across the whole makeup. Second up is the skaters favorite Chukka Low WC “S” in Suede, and washed canvas upper which incorporates the Vans patented Wafflecup sole unit to give this normally Vulcanized shoe a completely different feel and more supported fit.


We’re being told the UK release will be early March but you can keep checking back to Vans Syndicate on our website or alternatively give us a follow on our Instagram for daily updates.



So back to the self indulgent part of this post, scan below and get all nostalgic with the true legend that is Neil Blender.

















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