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Black Sheep Welcomes Reiss Johnson

Monday, June 30th, 2014



Apparently vert skating is dead so we added Reiss Johnson to the Black Sheep Team as our worst marketing plan ever. Saying that if there was ever someone who could bring vert back from the dead it would be this guy! Reiss has been smashing it for quite a while now, finding himself a spot on the Heathen Skateboards team along the way!
Cameo appearance from fellow Black Sheep rider Andy Scott.

Filmed and edited by Isaac Wilkinson.




Good work Reiss, stoked to have you aboard Manchester’s finest.


The Black Sheep Skateboard Store. x

Stannerz Top Fives

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Our Black Sheep team rider Nick Stansfield  has given you an insight into his faveroute Manchester skate spots, pubs, chill spots etc…… check below to see what he rates in Stannerz top fives !


Top 5 food spots:


Lust Liquor and Burn because the legend Tyrone will look after you!

Can’t go wrong with a Gregg’s now and again.

Common bar for their peng maple burger!

This n That for a dope cheap 3 curry n rice!

Pieminister for the best pie n mash about chief!


Top 5 pubs/bars:


Have to mention The Garratt, they’ve done their best to look after the skaters over the years and keep Ste Prime away so big respect!

Common because it’s a regular spot to hit up for a pint after a skate at Central.

Ram n Shakle is generally the pub to hit up after a session at Plattfields….. DAMO CHALLENGE is always on the cards. 

Terrace in the northern quarter is always a good shout, especially if my main man Jam is working!

Kosmanaut has been good over the years too, ping pong table downstairs so me n Gez can have it out!

Think me and the rest of us are barred from everywhere else……


Top 5 skate spots:


Sand Bar flat for games of skate and few street beers.

Urbis is still going strong and the ledges are still in good condition considering.

Castlefield has loads of hidden gems lurking about.

Stockport ledges are mint and you can often catch badman Barrett shredding it up.

Then the Arndale’s 23 set handrail is pretty sick for a warm up!



Top 5 favorite musicians to come out of Manchester:


Broke’n’english as a team n as individuals…. (konny kon, Drs and Strategy)

Happy Mondays

Kydro (dj)

Kev n Gez on the jamming session is always a mint time.

Stone Roses


Top 5 skaters from Manchester:


Eddie ‘smellsofbeer’ Belvedere


Andy Scott when he’s not being a knob!

Joe Gavin

Rob ‘dogger’ Smith

Tyrone (might be 6 there but who gives a shit!)



Top 5 memories from Manchester:


Numerous challenges from DAMO, espically when he went down a 40 foot brick bank covered in snow on a blank board into a load of bushes….

Seeing WU-TANG play at the academy…. PROTECT YA NECK

Working at The Black Sheep

Plattfields lurks…. every single one of them is amazing and skating around with the best crew. Manchester defo has the best scene in the UK hands down…. don’t agree….come see!

And finally meeting my girlfriend Alice.

Palace Back In Stock

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we will be once again stocking Palace Skateboards over at our online store at The Black Sheep, new boards will be available to buy as of today. Palace has been tearing apart the skateboard industry for some years now and have a powerful team to prove that. Danny Brady and Benny Fairfax are the newest additions to the team over the past year and their new pro boards are available to buy now. If your not familiar with the company  you must check out some of their edits! Combining skateboarding, humour and Turkish dancing they are certainly worth a watch! Click the play button below to see the boys shredding it in Paris.



Palace has stayed the same since the company started giving it a consistent space in the skate world. It started with an idea, and have kept the idea going throughout making very little changes apart from to the team which has made it a very recognisable brand that has probably been the cause for their success. The team is probably the best in the UK at the minute with the likes of Chewy Cannon who has the ultimate steez through to Karim who is a straight up badman! Keep your eyes peeled over on the Black Sheep website for the latest Palace boards at great prices with free grip included… enough said!   



Black Sheep Present The Full length Too Right video !

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

 Here we go, full length Too Right video alert! 


If you didn’t manage to catch the sections from the ‘Too Right’ video which we released a section a day last week live on the blog, we have now made life easier by dropping the full length Too Right video for your viewing pleasure! Edited by our very own Rob ‘Dogger’ Smith with help on the filming thanks to Phil Harvey, Rob G, Rybo, Isaac Wilkinson, Morph and Dan Carpy. The video includes some mind blowing special effects, good times captured on camera and some dope skating from spots around Manchester, Wigan, Barcelona, Paris and more of the good old north west! Featuring in the video are Jake Potts, Rob Smith, Olly Tyreman, Nick Stansfield, Rikk Fields, Jiri Burlin, Eddie Belvedere, Phil Zwijsen, Josh Bently, Sexual Stu, Stu Reynolds, PUMF crew and a host of many more Manchester and UK skateboarding heads. You might as well go and put the kettle on, make a brew and spend thirty or so minutes to watch the full length masterpiece that is Too Right! Hit the play button above to start watching a complete joke of the Girl Skateboards video ‘Yeah Right’!


Happy Hour Shades

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Happy Hour Shades was started by Baker and Emerica pro skaters Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski. It has now evolved into one of the biggest Sunglasses company in the skateboard industry and has a powerful team consisting of the professionals: Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski, Kevin Romar, Figgy, Dustin Dollin, Jamie Tancowny, Nuge, Chima Ferguson, Jon Dickson, Jake Duncombe, Beagle, Frank Gerwr and Collin Provost, Trevor Colden, Riley Hawk. The amateurs consist of the Chief Dog and many more… 

Braydon and Bryan are both pro for Baker Skateboarders and have been a huge influence on the skate scene for several years and hopefully many more. If you are not that familiar with their skills you should definitely make some time to watch Baker 3. Baker 3 was a video made by the Baker Skateboards and was one of the biggest videos to drop in 2005 and is still a very decent watch!  For now here’s a clip of the Happy Hour boys shredding it hard at the skatepark.





They have produced a massive range of sunglasses consisting of pro models to double downs which come in a variety of colours such as black/gold to electric blues. Not only have they made sunglasses but they have also made some fresh clothing and accessories like air fresheners and beer coolers….. perfect for the summer! 


We at the The Black Sheep Store are very proud to stock this brand, especially since we are a skateboarder owned shop and Happy Hour is a skater owned company. It is definitely worth paying a visit to our city centre store at 59 Church Street, Manchester, M41PD or heading over to our website to check them out! Prices range from £17.50 up to £22.50 which isn’t much to pay for looking as cool as can be in the summer sun.  








All This Mayhem – The Pappas Bros

Monday, June 9th, 2014

All This Mayhem is Eddie Martin’s balls-out documentary about Tas and Ben Pappas—Australia’s most infamous professional skaters.


In the late 1980s, two brothers astonished spectators with their acrobatic feats on the vert ramp. When they headed to America, Tas and Ben Pappas soon found themselves in epic combat with rival Tony Hawk, and topping the competition league in vert skating – a sport which was rapidly changing under the steerage of ESPN. On the surface this documentary is solely about skateboarding. Take a deeper look and see the real story of two brothers coming from nowhere, reaching the top of their game and  eventually their downfall.

Not surprisingly their lifestyle had its complexities, and the Pappas brothers’ time at the top was short lived. By the 2000’s drugs and jail time had eclipsed their skating, often finding themselves frozen out of the scene as Aussie outsiders by the world of corporate sponsored skateboarding and much of the film explores two decades of consequences and the difficult return to normal life.

The Pappas bros… vert skating legends, ripping up the ramp and partying hard – catch ‘All This Mayhem’ at Sheffield Doc Fest 8th & 10th June.



The Black Sheep Is Moving

Monday, June 9th, 2014

‘Too Right’ Pt 10 – The Invisible Man of Light Forest

Sunday, June 8th, 2014


The last instalment of ‘Too Right’ is now available to watch online – bought to you by The Invisible Man of Light Forest.

Who is the mysterious balaclava’d tranny ripper? What does he want and where does he skate? The only thing we do know about him is he kills it. 


Edited by:
Rob Smith

Filmed By:
Rob G
Adam Salais
Isaac Wilkinson
Phi Harvey
Dan Carpenter
Adam Shep
Paddy Gomulski 


Big thanks to everyone involved in the production of the epic video…. what’s next?!

Eddie Belvedere Too Right Part

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Some of you may know Eddie is permanently on the mission, not necessarily to get footage for his many projects but purely because the guy skates more than you have hot dinners. The above Eddie Belvedere Too Right part was filmed mostly throughout 2013 whilst spending his time lurking/rinsing the back streets of Manchester but following on from his recent Sidewalk ‘Word’ interview he’s also lined up to release his Cornwall rural spot destruction edit.


From Pies to Pasties, Eddie rules!

Jake Potts ‘Too Right’ Part 8

Friday, June 6th, 2014


Our next section from the ‘Too Right’ video is the little ripper Jake Potts. A Manchester local from Crumpsall, this guy has it all from a sick style to an endless bag of technical tricks.  You don’t find many 16 years old with as much skill as this kid on a skateboard!  Watch his section above to understand what I’m saying. He is also a very polite young chap and would like to thank Phil Harvey, Rybo and Dan Carpenter for filming his part and Rob Smith for editing it and making it happen! Keep your eyes peeled for a Manchester skate scene video called ‘Hype Ting’ which will be dropping at the end of this year/early next year where you can catch more action from The Black Sheeps youth Jake Potts!