All This Mayhem – The Pappas Bros

All This Mayhem is Eddie Martin’s balls-out documentary about Tas and Ben Pappas—Australia’s most infamous professional skaters.


In the late 1980s, two brothers astonished spectators with their acrobatic feats on the vert ramp. When they headed to America, Tas and Ben Pappas soon found themselves in epic combat with rival Tony Hawk, and topping the competition league in vert skating – a sport which was rapidly changing under the steerage of ESPN. On the surface this documentary is solely about skateboarding. Take a deeper look and see the real story of two brothers coming from nowhere, reaching the top of their game and  eventually their downfall.

Not surprisingly their lifestyle had its complexities, and the Pappas brothers’ time at the top was short lived. By the 2000’s drugs and jail time had eclipsed their skating, often finding themselves frozen out of the scene as Aussie outsiders by the world of corporate sponsored skateboarding and much of the film explores two decades of consequences and the difficult return to normal life.

The Pappas bros… vert skating legends, ripping up the ramp and partying hard – catch ‘All This Mayhem’ at Sheffield Doc Fest 8th & 10th June.



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