Section Hype!

Following on from yesterdays piece on Sexual Stu’s top fives we decided to delve a little deeper and ask him, what’s the section that gets you on a mega hype  to go skating?



This one is an easy one for me ! When I was younger I used to watch this section endlessly, on repeat, maybe at least four or five times before getting the bus into town to skate, it got me so hyped back then and it still does when I watch it now. For me Jim Greco ‘s section on Baker 2G is a timeless classic! That opening line finishing off with the back three down the Med Choice gap wow! What a way to start a section! Then there’s that backside blunt down that dark grey hubba, switch ollie the down the big Wiltshere stairs, the backside 5-0 and backlip down the big rail and then that banging switch frontside flip ender!




Now don’t get me wrong, I know his other sections like his last Deathwish one were rad but for me 2G is the one to watch if you want to get gnarly, it gives me the hype up every time. Give this a watch, grab your board, go shred and try to learn back threes like Greco



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