Sale On!

In this day in age there has never been so much choice available to us mere human beings. Cast your mind back, if you can to think how the good old retail game was back in the 1900’s. Then it was all about local culture and the local corner shops dominated retail,  there were few things such as catalogs so choice was limited, and people were refined to only take what they could carry. Fast forward about 40 years, home refrigeration was here and the automobile and car industry was in full swing. People could go further and bring more back to their homes.  Then up to the 70’s saw the birth of small shopping centers, mass retailers and the hey day of the television advert. Then into the booming 90’s big chain stores and large value retailers seemed to kill off the smaller local businesses and stores. Then we come to now, the digital era, and the internet is seemingly ruling the way we shop. But never fear, your number one, well and truested skateboard store is here to save the day! As well as having some savings to be had online we’ve now got a whole lot of product ( some up to 30% off! ) available to you in our Church Street store in Manchester’s northern quarter. Whether your going on summer holiday and need to be looking fresh, passed those summer exams or just want to update your wardrobe! Your sure to find something here at The Black Sheep !

But remember folks sales don’t last forever! Come and grab yourself a bargain while it lasts!



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