Thames Bruv!

Open up your mince pies and have a butchers at this! The Black Sheep are proud to announce that Thames clothing is exclusively  available online and in store now!


Thames is brought to you from the mind of  Blondey McCoy: a seventeen year old skateboarder from south London / north Lebanon who rides for Palace and Supreme, a Southbank local  who has used his full determination and effort to be heavily involved in the long live Southbank campaign. Blondey started his knack for creativity when he was fifteen, making funny stickers and T-shirts for his skate friends. Fast forward a year and Thames had started to grow into a fully-fledged clothing company that had support from Slam City Skates in London and Supreme in New York City. Thames’s roots are firmly presented as a by Southbank, for Southbank brand , admired in its tight community, worn by locals, designed by a young local who is a heavy active campaigner for the south bank scene. Although the fight to keep Southbank is not over, Blondey has put some of his motivation into Thames clothing  and looking at this first drop we think its going to become an iconic British brand. 







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