The Hundreds By Todd Bratrud Collection


Very pleased to announce that The Hundreds by Todd Bratrud collection will be available online in the next few days! Todd Bratrud is a illustrator  and artist born in 1975 in Crookston, Minnesota. He is the owner of Send Help Skateboards, previously known as the High Five Skateboards. Todd has designed hundreds of board graphics, stickers and adverts for numerous companies over the years like Flip Skateboards, Birdhouse Skateboards, Creature, Black Label and Real just to name a few. He is also a illustrator and blogger over at The Skateboardmag  and took over as art director at Consolidated skateboards way back in 1999. Todd’s artwork reflects his personality as it does with most other artists, his teenage fascination with skateboarding, pin ball machine art, large breasted women and comic books have carved the way for his style.


This project and these drawings are as simple as what happens when you keep a marker on you at all times, obviously bathroom walls are where the best examples of this style of ‘art’ can be found. Also, I physically (and mentally) can’t stop drawing, so these crude drawings might be the most accurate depiction of how my mind works when it comes to creating art.” – Todd Bratrud



Head over to The Hundreds site to see the full collection!

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