It’s Too Early! Pre Festive Rant!

I’ve worked in the retail game quite a lot over the years, and I know that your big chains and companies  start preparing for Christmas and the festive period  quite early. In fact in my old work we used to have our ‘Christmas’ meeting at the end of August! Now I’m all for being prepared and that, but that’s not the problem I have with it.


So this my beef, I came into town the other day to buy my mum a card and some flowers for her birthday (basically it was the first week of November). I’ll just go to the card shop in the Arndale I thought ,you know the one – cheap and cheerful. So I walk in and there it is, Christmas this, Christmas that and blaring on the speakers was Slade’s Merry X-mas Everybody – a song you can never get away from this time of year (don’t get me wrong I’m pretty down for Slade) but ironically a song that was written in the SUMMER of 1973! Then that’s always followed by Wizzard I Wish It Could Be Christmas and somewhere along the line Cliff Richard rears his ugly head with Mistletoe and Wine! No need for Cliff at any time of year, but we’ve only just got into November chill out on the Christmas related beats!



Oh but wait, there’s more! Music in shops is one thing but on the same very day they start leaking adverts onto the telly with companies trying to out do each other. You know the ones, that well known drink that can take layers of crap off a one pence coin and make it look brand new or the quite up market department store and its bloody penguin. All night on Facebook getting re-shared and re-shared, I’m sick of that truck already and who in their right mind would give a penguin as a  Christmas present aye?!?!




Is it me just getting bitter as I slowly but surely get older? I mean, for me , December is the Christmas month NOT October or November. It just seems to be in your face earlier and earlier every year. Yes I know its getting to that time but its nearly a whole month and a half away! Christmas adverts would  be banned until the 1st of December if I was in charge!




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