Rybo Top Fives

Black Sheep filmer, Pumf dogger ,beard repper ,snap chat enthusiast and Instagram killer, Ryan ‘ Rybo’ Hayes has recently joined us as a full member of the retail team here at the Black Sheep. Here are a list of his top fives so you can get to find out a little more about this raw Wiganer!



Top 5 Trips

  • Witchcraft – UK Hecticness
  • Cornwall – Seeing Eddie init
  • Newport – Carve Wiganers! ( Coz they wanna be wiganers!)
  • London – Fam!
  • Cornwall – Eddie again!


Top 5 Beards

  • Bit vein but mine!
  • Tez’s mighty beard!
  • Chris Haslam – my inspiration
  • Prime doggers!
  • French’s ( Witchcraft owner)


Top 5 Skate Essesntials


Top 5 Decks In The Shop

  • Black Sheep Target
  • Witchcraft Policeman
  • Deathwish Jon Dickson Overalls
  • PUMF
  • Enjoi Oververt


Top 5 People I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Meeting This Year

  • Arbel Samsonov
  • Alex Irvine
  • Sox
  • Steve Forstner
  • My Girlfriend ( I don’t have one!)


Check Rybo on the other side of lens with his section in the Wigan / Manchester scene video best believe! A local video brought to you by Rob Greenalgh, featuring himself, Rybo, Kayed Bouffler , Black Sheep’s own rippers Rikk Fields / Seb Batty and many more!  And while your at it give him a follow for some oh his ‘I do what I want’ antics! rybo_23 on the Instansta!

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