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2015 with The Black Sheep Store.

Thursday, December 31st, 2015


This year has been a busy one for us at The Black Sheep Store. To celebrate all the happenings we thought we would recap on some memories that some of you may have missed.


To start off with we would like to thank all you lovely people for the support you’ve shown us. Not just in the past year but since our birth in 2006. It has lead us to the grand opening of our newest and best store situated on Dale St, Manchester.




The opening off our store meant we had to close Central Skatepark that hopefully inspired the next generation the next generation of skaters for many years. It has to be one of the best parks I’ve ever skated, it was amazing to be part of something great in the Manchester scene and we hope you all enjoyed the time we had there as much as we did. Here’s the video of the last ever jam…




Then Sexual Stu was hired and proved his capabilities meaning he kept his job here, at Manchester’s finest The Black Sheep Store, PUMF.


sexual stu


We extended our team adding some rippers such as Jordan Sharkey.


Then also welcomed Seb Batty to the team…



Nearly forgot about our extension into the vert side of our team with none other than Reiss Johnson.



Harry Lintell released a Volcom ‘True To This’ part that blew away the minds of many skaters.



The best skating hobbit to grace this earth who is also a valuable member of our team, Eddie Belvedere, managed to bag himself a spot of the Dickies European team.



Stannerz got himself a GoPro so expect big things in the future. No need to be a HERO as he already is one..





A few members of our Black Sheep family went down to London to skate the House of Vans and they smashed it to pieces!




Speaking of the House Of Vans, they managed to make it to Manchester for a one off event allowing us guys to hold A Mangle Street Jam which saw an incredible amount of people congregate from all over, making the most of the free beer and cash for prize jam. As expected our team plus many others killed it showing the rest of the UK what Manchester is made of. Not only is the skating on point but the music from Manchester’s greatest Chimpo and Trigga is also featured in the edit making it nothing but pure genius.




Our good friend Phil Harvey made an edit with all the team in for the Ride channel. It’s yet another decent edit for you guys to watch.




Ollie Tyreman trained to become a fire-man.




Emerica shoes held a Wild In The Streets in Manchester earlier this year too and it was a day to remember! The sun was shining, the beers were flowing and the skating was at the highest level I’ve seen on the streets of our home town for a long time. Our team rider Harry Lintell also took the infamous castlefield rail board sliding it many years after the Manchester legend Woody attempted it. A lot of things went down in history that day so watch the edit below to understand what I’m talking about.





Just the other day Landscape released their promo video ‘Escapes’. Stannerz, who you may recognize from working in our store or being a Black Sheep Family member ended the video with some stunning trickery. Watch out as Landscape, over the past few months, seems to be on the rise again. Great news for us because we are huge fans. Hopefully more edits to come in the new year!



LANDSCAPE SKATEBOARDS – ESCAPES from Landscape Skateboards on Vimeo.


Throughout December we also in conjunction with Sidewalk Magazine released a series of edits every Friday. We had Stannerz, Seb Batty and Bad Man Barrett all with dope parts. Bad Man Barrett came through strongly with the grittiest edit we’ve seen this year. ODB as the the music choice too, what’s not to like?




For the 4th time we managed to win the Vans Shop Riots too, allowing us to enter the finals with other shops from all over Europe. Unfortunately we didn’t win the European finals but our team that went definitely did us guys proud! Next year we’ll have it in the bag so be prepared!





There has probably been many more events/happenings that we’ve not mentioned although there is quite a few there and each individual one needs celebrating. More importantly we hope everyone has an amazing New Years Eve tonight and we’ll see you all in the new year. Lots of love from everyone here at the Black Sheep Store!!!




Cons Movements No0001

Thursday, December 31st, 2015





Cons Movements was filmed throughout 2015. Aaron Herrington and Tom Remillard, a couple of valuable members from their infamous team, a team that seems to be improving/growing as the weeks go by. They both managed to capture plenty of footage from all their travels in the past year, gathering enough footage to produce this powerful edit. The style of skating is current, although what’s amazing in my eyes are the spots they’ve managed to skate. They’re not your average spots that you’ll see in previous edits that have dropped this year, makes it fresh and new. Grab a brew, sit back relax and enjoy this new masterpiece.



‘Escapes’ by Landscape Skateboards

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015


LANDSCAPE SKATEBOARDS – ESCAPES from Landscape Skateboards on Vimeo.


During the festive holidays we saw Landscape Skateboards release their newest edit ‘Escapes’. Filmed in various locations throughout Europe such as London, Paris, Portugal, Barcelona, Sheffield and Manchester it is nothing but spectacular. Just what was needed on Boxing day when lounging around after the amount of booze/food consumed the previous day. A lovely unexpected surprise, especially because our very own team rider Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield closes the show with some lovely stunts. Not only was it Stannerz who smashed it but also Ash Hall, Snowy, Keanu Robson, Joe Gavin and Jethro Coldwell were nothing but mind blowing. Landscape need to produce more edits as this one was on fire. Maybe because it was filmed and edited by Sean Lomax who is killing it in the film making game. The promo is dedicated to Chris Massey who sadly passed away recently, without him Landscape wouldn’t be the same, so sit back, raise a glass for Massey and enjoy. For those that don’t know who Massey was, he iss the legend who made Portraits, Landscape’s first ever video that is still powerful to this day! RIP MASSEY!


Hit the link to be directed over to the Sidewalk to watch Portraits..


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John Rattray – Waiting For The World ‘Video Days’

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015




It’s always important to remember in life and not just within skating what has come before the point we find ourselves at now! Thanks to Sidewalk, we were given a history lesson on how good British skateboarding was…and still is! One of the pivotal videos that shone the British scene to the rest of the world was Blueprint’s Waiting For The World. The 2000 release came at a time when the American industry were starting to peer over and see what was happening over here, with the likes of Rowley, Sumner, Shipman and Penny more than often appearing in 411 videos and magazine euro tours becoming more apparent. The British scene videos had a different raw look to their American counterparts, they seemed, cold, dark, wet and had horrible looking cracked pavement slabs at most spots – standard Great Britain! With sections from Carl Shipman, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, Channon King, Paul Carter, Scott Palmer, Mark Baines and Colin Kennedy all blew us away with how advanced the scene had become and where it was going. One of the most mind blowing parts was the last one, John Rattray’s part is still just as amazing watching it today as it was when I first saw it all those years ago! Full of John’s power and style, sick lines, big hammers and that all important ender ! So give the section a watch below, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen, and it will be the same for you, trust!





‘Don’t Chat Productions’ by Stannerz

Friday, December 18th, 2015


nick stansfield dont chat productions



Expect big things in the new year as our team rider ‘Stannerz’ has only gone and got himself a bloody Go-Pro. Therefore giving us the birth of skateboarding’s latest company, ‘Don’t Chat Productions’. It isn’t your average day to day malarkey so be prepared. It’ll be about combining good times with skating. An even balance is the key to success and Stannerz has had that nailed since he cricked his neck back in 2006. For those that are struggling to even bunny-hop on their penny, you don’t need to worry as everyone is legit enough to be featured, no matter who you are or what coloured socks you wear. Heel flips are more than welcome, no comply’s by the dozen and Stella enthused partying will be included. It’s going to be mental, a universe never been seen before will be unlocked right before your eyes in 2016. Footage is already stacking up higher than a human pyramid so hit ‘Stannerz’ up if you’d like to be part of something mega.





Some of you may think this is a complete joke, but I assure you it isn’t. Manchester is prepared and so should you be. ‘Don’t Chat’ will also be doing monthly memberships costing you just £3 every month. A small price to pay to be part of something great. The membership will include the following in a ‘Don’t Chat Productions’ party bag……


  • Free sticker
  • A cold can of Stella
  • 20 minutes of free filming with Stannerz, giving you a chance to capture a trick for the video
  • Respect for life
  • Free entry into the infamous Black Sheep Store


Once the company has made millions each member will be refunded all membership costs. – VAT



simon cowellSimon Cowell was photographed leaving an important meeting with the Don’t Chat Productions team. One of many investors, 420.


Stannerz’s wise words, ‘Spike Jonze started his career with a Go-Pro n I’m going to do the same?! Dream big and simply DON’T CHAT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!!!’ For more information contact the man himself via Facebook/Instagram. T-shirts, stickers and social media are all in production so keep those eyes peeled. Have a watch below at a cheeky off-cuts wallie by Stu Granola Reynolds to get you hyped.








Rush Hour – Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015



In association with Kingpin, this Kevin Parrott produced video – ‘Rush Hour’, includes our very own and Real skateboards ripper Harry Lintell tanking it around, hitting up several of the capitals lesser seen spots with his partner in crime Manny Lopez! We all know that every city around the country has those spots that are always in the minds of local skaters to hit up, but the reality is that your only going to get a single go…if your lucky, and then there’s the imminent arrival of security guards turning up and giving you the boot! Now there are some people out there, for example Harry and Manny, who only need a couple of tries at best to get their trick and that’s the focus around ‘Rush Hour’. The old rush a quick one in before the High visibility jackets come to stop you in your tracks, then the standard “oh come on mate one more try” proceeding the cheeky ” we not get five more minutes please pal?!?” The fact that any of these tricks were landed at the spots is a challenge in itself, but Harry and Manny are well on it….but you lot knew that anyway! Enjoy the clip below and try and go and hit up that impossible spot next time you go skate!





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Black Sheep Fridays – Ol’ Dirty Barrett

Friday, December 11th, 2015




As promised we have yet another mind blowing Black Sheep Fridays x Sidewalk Magazine edit for you guys to feast your eyes on. Who better than Stockport’s ‘BAD MAN’ Barrett. You may find this shredder lurking in the finest of Polish Liquor stores of greater Manchester or at the Stockport ‘spice’ Ledges. Expect nothing but raw shit, ODB kind of raw, OOOOO BABY I LIKE IT RAW! You’d be stupid to miss out, so make space in your day and be taken to the next another level of gritty skateboarding that many of us will relate to in our UK’s ghost towns. Also expect big things in the up and coming weeks with Barrett’s crew SUB-50. Some powerful stuff on the horizon so keep them eyes peeled!


Keep up with SUB-50 on Instagram and our Black Sheep Store one to be kept up to date with all the happening’s.



Welcome To Hell

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015


toy machine logo


Toy Machine, a company that has been nothing but solid from the start (1993). It was created by Ed Templeton, one of skateboarding’s veterans who with out a doubt has one the best FS nose-blunts in the game! Initially, at the birth of the brand Templeton couldn’t decide what name to give this new comapany. It was a choice between “Toy Skateboards” or “Machine Skateboards”. It was when his good friend and fellow professional skateboarder Ethan Fowler suggested a combination of the two propositions, giving you Toy Machine Skateboards.


ed templeton


Templeton was born in Orange County, California, US and began skateboarding in 1985. You would have found him cruising the streets of his home town, that was Huntington Beach with his good pal Jason Lee who you may recognize from the popular comedy series ‘My Name Is Earl’, otherwise it’ll be for his mad quirky style on a board. With Templeton he saw nothing but a career in skateboarding, fully committed from an early age, ‘The first thing that I ever saw was a kid skating down the street and he ollied up a curb; that was, you know, the thing that got me started. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, like, how could this guy just keep cruising down the street and not have to stop and pick up his board.’ I’ll have to agree with that too, I thought it was magic. He most definitely didn’t see himself going back to life as a normal human being anyway. He obviously made the right choice as he went on to produce some powerful video parts that have included the best style/selection of tricks I’ve ever seen. His part in ‘Welcome To Hell’ was bonkers!




Holy shit, the One Foot FS lip at 1:30, mind blowing. Templeton has produced many more parts too that I highly recommend you watch, Toy Machine: Jump Off A Building, Emerica: This Is Skateboarding, Toy Machine: Suffer The Joy, Emerica: Stay Gold, the list goes on. As-well as having an incredible career in skateboarding Templeton is also a well respected artist which connects hugely with Toy Machine as the really familiar graphics used in conjunction with the brand have mostly been designed by himself. The well known character featured below can easily be renown as the face of Toy Machine.



toy machine graphic



Other graphics that come to mind are the Toy Machine Knuckles, The Eye and the Devil, all of them are brilliant designs. Not only are the graphics on fire but their team is also one to be proud of. You will find Diego “The Butcher” Bucchieri, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Leo Romero, Matt Bennett, Collin Provost, Jordan Taylor, Daniel Lutheran, Blake Carpenter and Jeremy Leabres shredding the boards. Some of the skateboarders who joined the company during its early period were Brian Anderson, Elissa Steamer, and Brad Staba. However, all three quit the company at the same time. Austin Stephens also joined the team, he actually became the longest-serving team member aside from Templeton but sadly retired from professional skateboarding in December 2013. To commemorate  Stephens’s career they released a tribute skateboard deck and Templeton officially stated:


I recall Austin coming to me at the Toy Machine Halloween demo a few years back saying that he didn’t think he could do it anymore. And I said, “Do what?” and he said, “Skateboard. My ankle doesn’t work anymore.” … I respect a man who is willing to see things as they are and make an honest choice. So it was with great sadness that we retired Austin Stephens, the rider who was on Toy Machine the longest aside from me.


It’s a really shame loosing skaters that many of us have looked up too from an early age due to injury. Although let’s not dwell as I’m sure the current team will go on to produce many more eye catching videos for us all to get hyped on. Here’s Nick Trapasso’s part from one of Toy Machine’s more recent videos, ‘Brainwash’. More style than Vivienne Westwood right there.





I love working in a skate shop, none other than here but it’s amazing when you can reminisce about a brand you’ve grown up with. A new drop of Toy Machine boards have just arrived and it takes me right back to being a kid staring at the yet familiar graphics that were plastered on a wall in my local skate shop. I’m pleased to say, you can still find them now on display including here at The Black Sheep Store. All I ask is that you take time to consider this skater owned brand next time you’re thinking of replacing your old whip with a new plank. It deserves a lots of respect and I’m extremely glad my bosses are willing to support one of skateboarding’s finest by constantly stocking Toy Machine. If you’re from Manchester or just appreciate good music you’d be mad to miss out on the new Joy Division inspired graphic.




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Christmas Gift Ideas

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015


It seems to come around quicker and quicker every year but it is indeed getting to that time again! Never fear though as we at the Black Sheep have lots in stock this Christmas for your present needs! Whether your treating that special someone, have a skateboard mad teenager or just after treating yourself, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right thing from us! Have a look at just a few of the Christmas gift ideas that are below that will hopefully give you some ideas!


Complete Skateboards

Everybody who works here for us will well remember that first ever set-up they got, probably down to the last detail! It’s one of those moments in life that the memory just sticks with you! If someone your buying for has seemed to have taken interest, talked about, or tried skating once or twice then this is your chance to become the best relative ever! If your buying for someone who is just starting out we recommend one of our ready made completes that we stock from various different companies. The advantage of buying one of these is mainly the components ( ie trucks, wheels and bearings ) that come with the completes will be much better than those that come with one that’s bought from a non skateboard retailer, sports shop or toy shop. It may seem the cheaper option at first but wont be in the long run! There cheaper for a reason and will probably need to be replaced in a short amount of time! Once your starter board has been pushed to its limits you can always upgrade and buy new components. We can also make up custom completes and we’re always on hand to offer help or advice! You can see all of our complete skateboards here >



Darkstar Complete Skateboard



If it is just the deck your after then we have more than enough choice! With a variety of hundreds of boards from well over forty different companies – including our own shop boards at a very reasonable £29.95! All shapes and sizes to cater for everybody’s needs. There’s no better feeling than a fresh deck with fresh pop if you’ve been pushing around a soggy chipped plank for a while! Remember all decks come with free grip and will brighten up that persons Christmas! See all the decks that we have in stock now >




Toy Machine – Toy Division Deck



Like any skateboarder knows, its good to have a new pair of trucks waiting for you! There the most important thing people tend to choose when choosing a set – up and the choice can make the difference to the whole feel of your new ride! We stock only the best in their field such as Independent , Thunder and Ace just to name a few. Again we have a variety of colours, brands and widths to help you choose the right pair for you! Browse all of the trucks we have here >




Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow Eric Koston 139



Now I don’t think there  is a skateboarder out there, in the world that doesn’t like the feel of brand new wheels rolling underneath them! We’ve got loads to choose from, from street formula, cruiser wheels, multi-colored, hard, soft , big and small from only the best brands around! We’re proud to have such a vast and varied selection from the likes of Spitfire, Pig, Bones and many more! Check out all the wheels in stock right now >



Spitfire Formula Four Wheels



Now here’s one for everybody and not just the skateboarders! Yes they may be called Skate shoes but having a few different pairs for different occasions has got to be a good call right? After all, our shoes are put through there paces on a daily basis and its important to find just the right pair. We have lots of choice from some of the best brands out there such as Vans, Emerica, Nike SB and Adidas, we regularly get the new releases so there is lots to choose from , why don’t you browse all the footwear that we have for you here >



Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Black / White



There probably the easiest go to present of all time, no matter if your buying or receiving them! Who doesn’t like stepping out of the house in a fresh new pair. We stock a large variety of them throughout out the year and not matter what month it is they are always appealing to buy! Browse through our selection by clicking here > 


Stance X Star Wars Droids Socks




We always stock a wide variety of types of clothing from some of the most prestigious brands that are out there such as Stussy, Dickies, Turbo Kolor, Staple, Altamont and XLarge just to mention but a few! We are proud in the brands that we back and know you will love them to. Whether its a new T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, chinos or a new jacket your looking to buy someone, we are confident you can find that perfect gift right here. Search by brand, style or size and view all our clothing by clicking this link >




Thrasher Skate Mag Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt Grey



We hope this small guide has given you some ideas for your Christmas shopping! Good luck with it all and don’t leave it until the last minute!


We now have a Christmas Store section on the website for even more gift ideas, have a look at it here  >



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Black Sheep Fridays

Friday, December 4th, 2015





As it’s coming up to Christmas we thought it would nice to keep the skate spirit alive during this cold winter by releasing an edit each Friday in connection with Sidewalk Magazine called Black Sheep Fridays. The first part to drop is Seb Batty’s and Jiri ‘George’ Bulin’s that went online earlier today. Nothing but pure gritty northern skating to feast your eyes on. Filmed and edited by Isaac ‘wasteman’ Wilkinson, you must watch. You can expect to see more sections dropping from the likes of Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield, Chris ‘Badman’ Barrett, Eddie Belvedere and a solo part from just Seb Batty. So don’t forget to check the Sidewalk website each Friday for a fresh unseen edit from our infamous team. Big up!!


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