Harry Lintell’s ‘True To This’ Volcom Part


There’s no stopping our latest team rider Harry Lintell, smashing out parts like there’s no tomorrow. This guy is seriously on a mad hype. Constantly on the road living out of a bag this dude is living the life and would say he’s right up there in the UK’s most productive skaters at the minute. When he’s not on the road you can find him couch surfing in the city of Manchester, The Black Sheep’s back garden.



Harry’s hit the bulls-eye with his ‘True To This’ Volcom Part…


So our mate Harry, earlier this year he released a part to be proud of. It was a project him and Kev Parrott had been working on last year for Volcom Clothing, hitting up some iconic UK spots as well as some hidden gems. It has everything from gnarly rails to some technical lines so it will definitely appeal to almost every skater. It got my hyped anyway to go out and shred! It was advertised on almost every social media site so I’ll be surprised if you’ve not already seen it. It was also advertised on the infamous Thrasher Magazine’s homepage which is pretty good dam going if you ask me. Watch below and prepare to have your mind blown….



Pretty good right, the switch flip at Southbank also made it onto the front cover of Sidewalk Magazine as it should have done because it’s absolutely nuts. Surely he can’t keep this standard up, can we expect more this year from Mr Lintell? We definitely can as he’s already featured on a Converse trip ‘Braving The Cold’ and is currently on another filming mission with the lads somewhere in Europe. Can’t wait to see more of this raw ripper, keep up the good bloody work pal!   



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