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Adidas Skateboarding, Respect Your Roots Collection 


Adidas Skateboarding have released a new range of Superstar Shell Toe inspired trainers to honor four skate legends of the 90’s, one of which is Kareem Campbell. The range is known as the “Respect Your Roots” collection.


Kareem  is without a doubt one of the most treasured skaters of the 90’s and one of the coolest pros to ever grace the game. Even in 2015 people are still trying to replicate his tre flip.


Back in September Thrasher uploaded his part in World Industries’ trilogy, featuring a kickflip over a trashcan from flat. That sort of pop is rare to see today, let alone in the early 90s.


You can check it out below, featuring a few words from the man himself Tom Penny (who previously said that Reemo’s switch frontside flips were his favorite)





Ghetto Bird


Kareem rarely comes up in conversation without the mention of his signature Ghetto Bird, aka nollie hardflip bs revert, still remains one of the most technical and difficult street tricks around. Pull one out in a game of skate today and you are sure to make everyone else gain a letter, providing you can land one of course.


Just look at that catch:




Kareem also established himself in the commercial side of the skating, founding both City Stars skateboards and Axion footwear. Axion was a huge success initially, grossing almost 48 million dollars three years after launching.


Though he is no longer as active on the contemporary pro circuit, Kareem’s buttery smooth style and technical street skating has continued to be a massive influence on modern skating. His legacy lives on through countless street pros and ams. Just look at any current Paul Rodriguez or Torey Pudwill part today, and it is clear how they have taken the groundwork Kareem laid down to the next level.


Adidas Skate Shoes


The new Adidas Skateboarding Kareem Campbell Superstars are a throwback to a simpler time in skating. Skate shoes weren’t as available as today, so the shell toes were a preferred choice among skaters, as their hard shell toe cap did not wear as easily from griptape abuse.


The series features four shoes released only to a select few retailers. Other skate legends featured in the series are Richard Angelides, Drake Jones are Joey Bast. All are variations on the superstar shell toe design in both high and low top.


Kareem Campbell Adidas Superstar Skate Shoes
The Superstars are one of those shoes that work well both on and off the board, if you are fed up with notorious kickflip toe holes in your trainers, it well worth giving a pair of Adidas shelltoes a try. As well as being practical skate wise, they look fresh and are perfect for that classic streetwear look.



You can view our full range of Adidas skate shoes and Adidas skateboarding clothing on the site.


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