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Gonz’father. Pic- Andy Horsley @Sidewalk Magazine.



So we we’re fortunate enough to get asked to attend the recent Adidas Skateboarding ‘Boost The Bar’ event along with the epic South Bank demo with pretty much the whole Global Adidas team in attendance.

Serious good times watching the Gonz, Busenitz, Benny Fairfax etc at the historical spot that is the South-bank under croft. Pretty much every inch of the old flag stones got utilized as the the team proceeded to tear it yet another new one. Obvious stand out’s was getting to witness Mark Gonzales just steady cruising but still killing it at a young age of 46, our whole journey down to the big smoke was pretty much focused on the legendary Gonz ‘Video Days’ section when he pretty much opened up Southbank to a whole new world of tricks.


If you’ve not already seen the official Sidewalk Magazine edit from the demo then get your click on here >> Adidas Skateboarding Southbank Demo <<


So after a chilled yet power amped session at Southbank everyone headed over to Mile End Skate Park by various means of transport. The next leg of the fun and frolics in London was the official ‘Boost The Bar’ shop event by Adidas Skateboarding UK. After initial torrential down pours the good old Southern climate came through good and blessed us with a semi dry concrete park including the new obstacle provided especially for the afternoons proceedings.

The actual ‘competition’ was pretty much a chilled session with friends and the Black Sheep Family went through to the final against the host shop Parlour. Even then the banter was high and it proceeded to be general good vibes all round.



Massive thanks to Adidas Skateboarding and our Southern host Parlour Skate Store for the hospitality. No need to tell you the specifics but the booze flowed well into the early hours which left us trailing home Northwards the following morning/night… Big ups to all involved!




Black Sheep Family weekend in London- Filmed and Edited by Isaac Wilkinson.


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