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If you have never even been to Manchester on a skate mission, you probably would still have heard of the infamous ‘pumpcage’ . From humble wooden beginnings to a now extended concrete jungle with a heated waiting area and cafe facilities , the cage has been an established part of the Manchester skateboard scene for a good ten years, and like the pillars that hold up the Mancunian way above, the cage has become a pillar for the local community. Whether your young or old, a total beginner or would just like some coaching, Projekts Skatepark caters for everyone. Girls only nights, beginners sessions with different age groups, half term skateboard clubs and even group bookings are available. All the staff that work there are super friendly and a very helpful bunch, and in turn are the locals that use the park on a daily basis! There is always a welcoming atmosphere and anyone is encouraged to come and get involved in the session!





Spiderman killing it at the Halloween ’13 skate jam – photo – Stupid Bloody Tuesday Danny McCourt.


The cage has hosted some of the most memorable competitions, jams and demos. From the likes of Red Bulls Mani Mania,  Elements Make It Count 2015 and the forthcoming NASS UK Skate North qualifier. The yearly jams like the summer, Easter,  Halloween and Christmas events always go down a storm with not just locals coming down but attracting skateboarders from all over the country! But things are not just confined to the space in the skate park, the yearly Manchester ‘Weekend In The City’ video competition encourages the entire city and beyond to be skated. Teams such as Cliche, Supra and Emerica have come and done demos along with a host of British companies! ( How good was the Blueprint demo!) How can you forget seeing the likes of Chad Muska, Lizard King, Jerry Hsu and the boss Andrew Reynolds among’st a host of others shredding the cage! There has also been art / photography shows along with  graffiti jams, with the actual pillars inside the park being used as a natural canvas. Expect more things like this going on in the near future.





Apart from the major holidays in the year, the cage is pretty much open seven days a week 364 days a year so there’s no excuse not go for a roll after school, work or even before heading into the glorious Manchester City center!

The skate park is there to used and enjoyed by all so support the scene and lets keep the cage going for the next generation.



Skate-park Opening Times


Weekdays – 12pm – 9pm

Saturday – 12pm – 9pm


Sunday – 12pm – 6pm





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