Black Sheep Deck Give Away Competition


So then people, you may all think owning a skate shop brings in lots of money and we’re living the lifestyle of a true player sipping champagne every night but in fact it doesn’t. We’ve settled for Lambrini because the real reason The Black Sheep exists is for the love of skateboarding and giving back to Manchester’s powerful skate scene.


That’s why we contacted the infamous Slugger Distribution to have our own boards made. Making a deck that’s really good quality but also affordable to all you shredders out there. Even better, you’ve now got a chance each month to win yourself a brand spanking new deck in the Black Sheep Deck Give Away Competition.


This is how it works… Simply purchase one of our many beautiful decks from any brand such as Palace, Enjoi, Landscape, Death, Yes Fam, Primitive, Zoo York, Almost, Welcome, Cliche, Polar and many more and we’ll make a note of your name/contact details then on the last day of each month a winner will be chosen. It could be you so what’s too lose. Need a new deck, why not grab one then maybe your name will be picked out a hat leaving you with 2 sexy skateboards for the price of one. Got to be a player to be a slayer.




P.S. Lambrini girls just wanna have fun!

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