Manchester Wild In The Streets 2015





That’s right, its incoming, Manchester Wild In The Streets 2015 is nearly upon us!
Emerica footwear’s Wild In The Streets event was first held on the streets on New York back in 2004. The event was based on mass bicycle rides, reclaim the streets festivals and motorcycle rallies. It has now been a yearly event in the skateboarding calendar, and over the past several years has spread all over the world. From New York to London, Paris to Madrid, this is one you don’t want to miss! The idea behind the event is simple, Wild In The streets aims to bring together skateboarders of all ages, abilities, colour and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in a celebration of pure skateboarding! It asserts that the essence of skateboarding and being a skateboarder is to be able to reinterpret our surroundings, using our environment to our advantage to create fun. The event also aims to show that skateboarding belongs where it was born, on the streets and that the conventional competitions and events are carefully re-packaged for mainstream corporate consumption. This in effect is a misinterpretation of what skateboarding is all about!



So get Sunday 27th of September in your diary, spread the word and be at Urbis from 1pm to join the Manchester leg of Wild In The Streets. Expect to skate all over the city, hitting up numerous iconic Manchester spots on the way. There will be a heap of prizes up for grabs and numerous Black Sheep riders will be in attendance! Check out how rad some of the previous years have been by watching the videos below, let’s make the Manchester event the best one up to now but that can only be done by you, your mates, your skate crew turning up and having it!













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