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Reiss Johnson

Friday, November 27th, 2015


At the Black Sheep Store we have some wonderful bosses and I’m not just saying that to get a pay rise. Harry and Tez are generally top dudes and I personally couldn’t thank them enough. Not only have they given so much to Manchester skateboarding over the years, risking mortgages and food for their amazing kids but they have also supplied many of us with jobs. One person they’ve helped out for the past year is Reiss Johnson. Many of you may recognize him for shredding transition like there’s no tomorrow.




It is now unfortunate to announce it’ll be his last day working for us at The Black Sheep Store. Reiss is one of those dudes that has an infinite amount of knowledge, whether it be in brew making or where the next sink hole will appear. For those that haven’t met him personally in our store, maybe due to him working hard behind the scenes, he’s a top lad! He’s a good friend, great colleague and a barrel of laughs. There are various rumors to where he’ll be forwarding his career but after his earlier announcement he will be venturing out into the gay porn industry. Good luck pal, hope it serves you well.


reiss johnson


Mr Johnson will still be a valuable member of our infamous skate team. Hopefully we can expect to see some more video parts in the near future. Here’s his welcome edit that was nothing but power….



It’s been great having you part of the team pal….. NOW FACK OFF HAWK!




Skateboarding’s Finest Photographers

Thursday, November 26th, 2015


Let’s just put it straight. A lot of hard work goes into the skateboard world and its obviously the best thing to happen since Noah built his ark. If it wasn’t for the photographers who capture this creative invention we would have never of witnessed magazines such as Thrasher, Transworld, Slap, Sidewalk, Document, Free, North and Grey. The photographers, from my point of view are just as important as the film-makers and skaters themselves. Allowing you to reminisce on skateboarding. After all they do lug a huge bag around all day waiting for that special moment when capturing that split second of the trick. Giving you a monthly read. What else could you do whilst sat on the bog than read a skate mag hey? Standard isn’t it! I’ve got a huge amount of respect for the dudes who photograph the worlds best thing, skateboarding. Here’s some legends that have grafted for years behind the lens.




Photographer: Glen E. Friedman.

Skater: Tony Alva.



atiba jefferson

Photographer: Atiba Jefferson.

Skater: Andrew Reynolds.



Photographer: Daniel Harold Sturt.

Skater: Matt Hensley.



Photographer: Lance Dawes

Skater: Jovantea Turner


Jason Lee by Spike Jonze

Photographer: Spike Jonze.

Skater: Jason Lee



Photographer: Gabe Morford.

Skater: John Cardiel.



Photographer: Mike O’Meally.

Skater: Jason Jesse.


stevie williams

Photographer: Mike Blabac.

Skater: Stevie Williams.


Absolutely stunning! Some quite old iconic images there but none the less, they’re just as beautiful as the recent ones you see. Next time you’re out n about maybe help the photographer by at least carrying a tripod. You might not see at the time when you’re jumping down sets or putting the work in on a ledge but they work just as hard and deserve a little break. Go out with any camera, whether it be a Iphone, SLR or Film camera and capture that shit! It’s got to be done…


Some Must See Sections

Thursday, November 26th, 2015


As myself (Stannerz) and Sexual Stu were working in the notorious new Black Sheep Store the other weekend we were surrounded by a load of skate rats asking every question under the sun. So we decided to ask a few back which were….


Who had, in your opinion, the best section in Flip Sorry?


To the response that shocked us into an early grave….


What’s Flip Sorry?


At this point we were losing faith in the skate youth but we kept concentration and thought alright, you may have missed that one but you’ve heard of Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg etc right?


Another shocking response….


No never, who are they?


From this I thought it would be compulsory to post a few must see sections that some of you may never have set eyes on and should’ve by now…..




To start of with and finally put an end to this misery we have Tom Penny and Arto’s section from Flip Skateboards ‘Sorry’ that was released in 2002. They’re are some other incredible sections in this video so if you can, find the full length feature online. The sequel was ‘Really Sorry’ and finally ‘Extremely Sorry’ even later in life. All a must see!




Next we have Eric Koston’s section from the infamous ‘Yeah Right’. Created by Girl Skateboards in 2003. It was for the time and even now a mind blowing video. Watch Koston’s first line and I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked!




Transwold also in 2003 released Free Your Mind. A good year for skateboarding as this is yet another incredible video. We have Dan Drehobl’s part here who is a transition king but don’t stop there as the rest of the video is really worth watching.




Not long after in 2004 Chocolate skateboards released the Hot Chocolate Tour. It isn’t just amazing skating that is featured but also interviews with the team. Gives you a feel for what life on the road would be like when touring on skate trips. It was really hard to choose from this one but I went with Mike York since he’s not only a stylish skater but also a really nice dude.




Heath Kirchart.



and another!




Jason Dill is one of the best. His part in Habitat’s Mosaic, too good! Song choice on point, skating is next level. You’d be stupid not to appreciate this section.




Stevie Williams in The DC Video. One of the biggest and best G’s to ever step foot on a board. Big poppa!




Got to appreciate a vert section too and why not Bob Burnquist’s part from Es ‘Menikmati’ which was released in 2000. Bob’s a switch killer so see if you can figure out what stance he actually is from this part, you’ll struggle.




So far the sections have been from over the seas but don’t forget the UK/Europe has also seen some incredible shredders put out parts. Here’s a few from our roots that is gritty UK skateboarding. Starting with Scotland’s John Rattray, this dude is nothing but unstoppable.




Over the years Blueprint have brought out plenty of really powerful DVDs. There was ‘Waiting For The World’, ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Make Friends With The Colour Blue’ but my favorite of all time has to be First Broadcast. When I first set eyes on this video I was out skating the streets in a matter of seconds after watching it. Maybe because it was easier to relate to the gritty spots the UK has to offer that are right on our door step. Nick Jensen steals the show and due too the recent Isle Skateboards ‘Vase’ video that will soon be on sale in store I thought it makes sense to show this section.





Finally to finish off we have my favorite section of all time and that’s Snowy’s from Landscape’s Portraits. It also has a powerful song choice with Manchester’s Stone Roses ‘Elephant Stone’. It was filmed and edited by one of skateboarding’s best filmmaker’s Mr Christopher James Massey. Chris sadly passed away recently, such sad news but he left us with many memories including this masterpiece that is ‘Portraits’.




Thank you for watching. There are many more sections that are not included as the list goes on but here’s a good few to get you started. Skateboarding is the best and it’s a real privilege to be part of something so great. Peace.


Vans Excursion: Episode 4 – Chris Oliver

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


Chris Oliver is a beast and has been killing it since I can remember. Aged 34, mentally 25 and bodily 60 this dude is not done yet. For those that don’t know Chris has been heavily involved in the UK skate scene since the late 90’s early 2000’s. Grabbing himself 1st place in plenty of comps, taking covers of magazines and also releasing more than a fair few video parts. Will this dude ever stop? It’s seems like he won’t as the fourth episode of the Vans Excursion is all about the man himself. Proper stoked to see some more footage from one of skateboarding’s greatest. Have a watch below to see what I’m talking about…




I have to include his section from ‘Never Been Loved’ that came out in 2004 thanks to OG distribution because it’s ridiculous.




Head over to the Sidewalk site to watch the previous episodes of the Vans Excursion.


15 Years Of Enjoi

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015






Can you believe that we’ve had the pleasure of 15 years of Enjoi ?!?!?!


Started 15 years ago by skateboard magician Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson, after they got tired of skateboarding teams that were just built for their marketing purposes, Enjoi have spent the last 15 years keeping it real and just trying to have fun! Its not all been plain and easy sailing though! As a company it has had ups and downs! like Marc Johnson leaving to ride for Chocolate, and Rodney Mullen doing the same but teaming up with Daewon Song to create Almost Skateboards. Still though, to this day Enjoi continue to carry on in the same way they started – still just a bunch of friends, messing about, skating and mainly having fun with it! They now seem stronger than ever with a team consisting of heavy hitters including Zack Wallin, Jimmy Carlin, Louie Barletta, Ben Raemers, Cairo Foster and Wieger Van Wageningen. With such a well liked brand getting to the milestone, there are some really interesting pieces going around the internet, like the Manolo tapes edit that’s below! Manolo tape edits are on point and always gets some unseen footage from here and there, this time going through the Enjoi archives to bring us some classic footage to commemorate the 15 year anniversary. There is also a documentary being shown in parts which delves a bit deeper into the brands history, ideas for adverts, funny trip stories and more. The first part went online yesterday so make sure you check it out after this on the Transworld site!





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View all of our Enjoi product right here



Classic Videos – Transworld Sight Unseen

Monday, November 23rd, 2015





Transworld’s Sight unseen was released back in 2001, put together by Jon Holland and Greg Hunt ,this was the twelfth installment of what was a continuing series of Transworld videos being released every few years or so. Even today, Sight Unseen remains the how – to when it comes to making proper skateboard videos, from John Cardiel setting the standard for all – terrain skating to Tosh Townend’s break out part, the craziness of Dustin Dollin to Heath Kirchart’s epic part to the beautiful piece of music that is ‘Nights In White Satin’. Then topping it off with Henry Sanchez coming out of retirement to give it his all for one last section for the skateboarding world. It was one of those videos that I watched when I was younger and was totally blown away, the skating, the spots and the soundtrack are all bang on. Another great thing about this vid and pretty much the majority of Transworld videos is that they keep it simple, focusing on the five main skaters, John Cardiel, Henry Sanchez, Tosh Townend, Dustin Dollin and Heath Kirchart. For me, its all about that Heath section, don’t get me wrong Cardiel is a legend and Dollin’s section is proper raw but Heaths is next level, from that first switch flip down the stairs, to that incredible backside nose blunt down that square rail! This was the time before all the Street League hype and numerous internet clips that we see today. For me it’s a timeless classic. And now thanks to the wonders of the internet it’s here for your viewing pleasure! Get the kettle on, put your feet up and give Sight Unseen half an hour of your time, you wont regret it!





Vital skate news From Sub Fifty, MUST READ!

Friday, November 20th, 2015


I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about the new complications in skateboarding recently that includes some well known faces. Firstly the news broke out that Rowley left Flip Skateboards. A real shocker, but now adding to the pot of confusion is that Koston and Guy Mariano have departed from Girl. Kids and general forum waste-mans are going mad as we speak, brains rattling with thoughts on who each person will ride for next. Teary filled eyes are stalking the internet for that important information that’ll hopefully be released soon before the internet blows up.




Well the wait is over since Stannerz and bad man Barrett, after being stuck on Skype all night and day, can now announce that Sub Fifty (Stockports biggest and baddest brand) have three new additions to their infamous team. Yes you guessed it, Rowley, Mariano and Koston will now be seen skating the streets of Stockport with the dopest and best crew to grace skateboarding. Although it isn’t all joy, they had to make some sacrifices to the crew, Ben Rowles has been given the boot and John Bell is also off but has been given the role as team manager. As he’s always injured it’ll help build his body back up to normal strength and I’m pretty sure he’ll be back up in the ranks soon so no need to worry.


sub fifity


I’m guessing there’s only a small handful of skaters out there that haven’t heard of Sub Fifty so for those that don’t know this is what they’re about. Chris Barrett was first seen on the famous BBC show The Apprentice in 2005. Alan Sugar was more than interested in his business plan, making skateboarding fun again without any bullshit. From this Chris didn’t need to carry on with the show because he had already won. From the moment he walked through the door wearing his Black Sheep joggers, Fubu denim jacket, and Airwalk Beanie Alan was already on board despite his plan. Alan then decided instantly to invest in Barrett and the crew allowing them to make the first video ‘Wreck heads, fresh heads and piss heads’. Featuring the doped up dope crew Team Weed, John Bell, Ben Rowles, Tom Lowth, Stu Reynolds, Chris Barrett, Lil Dave and Stannerz. That video release went on to make millionsand the crew have gone onto win plenty of EMA awards and are currently living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. For those that don’t know what that’s like its simply the finest of Polish lager, spice and hotel de la Stocky Ledges.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsAlan Sugar looking pleased with himself after making a fortune from ‘Wreck heads, fresh heads and piss heads’.


What’s to be expected in the future from skateboarding’s best crew? Well Koston is currently working will Phil Harvey in mexico on his pro t-shirt, Mariano is currently discussing wages with Stu Reynolds (currently negotiating more than a crumb of sprayed weed a second that Stu first offered) then Rowley is out filming his welcome part already. It’ll have to be up to standard because these guys don’t mess about. Here’s a section of shredders that didn’t make the cut onto Stockport’s legendary team. Expect the best and you’ll succeed in the hard and tough life of skateboarding….




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Bath Salts by Heroin Skateboards

Friday, November 20th, 2015




My good friend Fos, owner of Heroin skateboards. He is truly one of the best dudes out there and I’m extremely happy to see the progression in which his company Heroin skateboards has made throughout its many years of existence. The team have currently been filming for a video, Bath Salts. I couldn’t be more hyped to witness this new DVD. Keep your eyes peeled as it will soon be on sale at The Black Sheep Store.


fos and the heroin skateboarding team

Fos, holding it down in LA with some new additions to the infamous Heroin team.


Focusing on the Am team, Craig Questions, Zack Krull, Adrian Adrid, Nick Michel, Nick Rodriguez, Shane Powell, Lee Yankou, Stephen Malet, Joe O’Donnell, Tom Day and Tony Karr. This new video will be nothing but powerful. As always you can expect to see some madness from Craig Questions to some quirky street lines from Joe O’Donnell. As Fos has said it’s going to ‘eat your face off’. Here’s one of their previous videos ‘Magic Sticky Hands’ that they released in 2006 to get you excited for ‘Bath Salts’.




Keep up with Fos himself and the Heroin boys on Instagram.


Proper stoked on this, good work guys….



The Vase video, by Isle Skateboards.

Thursday, November 19th, 2015




Isle Skateboards have come through with the UK’s newest skate video ‘Vase’. Premiered in London last weekend, it has had nothing but excellent reviews. Filmed and edited by Jacob Harris who certainly did himself and the Isle boys proud. Features sections from their newest pro Tom Knox then Nick Jensen, Casper Brooker, Jon Nguyen, Chris Jones, Paul Shier and Sylvain Tognelli. It’s British skateboarding at it’s finest. Some insane stunts can be seen on some iconic gritty spots from all over the UK. Music choices are also on point making it a really good video to get hyped before you hit the streets. You will be able to buy the DVD soon so keep your eyes peeled as you most definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. In the meantime you can purchase an Isle deck right here.


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HUF X Thrasher – Stoops USA Tour Collection

Thursday, November 19th, 2015




The Stoops tour has hit the USA and with it probably one of the biggest collaborations of the year! HUF X Thrasher have teamed up to bring you some really sick clothing and accessories! This latest collection is an ode to some of Americas favorite past times, beers, baseball, jewelry, football, skateboarding, shoes and  the all new leisure slides. The tour continues from Europe, all the way to Asia, then hitting up the good old U S of A ! The HUF team were out in full force for the tour including Keith Hufnagel, Josh Matthews, Joey pepper, Austyn Gillette, Dylan Reider, Peter Ramondetta, Dan Plunkett, Sammy Winter, Kevin Terpening, Craig Anderson, Tyler Bledsoe and special guests Dick Rizo, Chris Colburn and Matt Field. Being a sought after collection, as most of the HUF and Thrasher products are on their own stock is limited! They will be online very shortly if you are unable to come along and pop in at our store! Some of the highlights of the collection are a customized ring, mini baseball bat, beer helmet, and even bar towels! Also in the collection are a variety of short and long sleeve T-shirts, socks, hoodies, jackets and a selection of snapback hats. Take a look at some of the collection in the photos below and then give the Stoops USA Tour video a watch while your at it!





HUF x Thrasher Baseball Bat




HUF x Thrasher beer helmet