Nyjah Huston’s OMFG Part





Now we know that Nyjah Huston’s OMFG part dropped online a few days ago but I thought it was well worth a re-share / blog piece. One of the most recognized skateboarders of this generation is clearly well on form. From that little dreadlocked kid back smithing handrails bigger than him at the X-games and early Element videos, to a young adult getting all the coverage, sponsors, internet clips, TV time and magazine covers. The Element pro divides opinion, love him, hate him, loath him, whichever side of the fence you sit on you cant help but take notice of this lad and the ability that he has on his board. He’s recently jumped ship, leaving DC and choosing to skate for the swoosh factor! Which means he wont be able to use any of his old footage in his old kicks, therefore dropping this rad part due to brand politics! As per usual Thrasher magazine had the privilege of premiering the part which probably caused some major internet traffic! With some jaw dropping combinations of technical street lines, taking tricks that would be difficult on a ledge but yet taking it down some of the biggest handrails, this part pretty much has it all! So no matter what you think, give the edit another watch and let Nyjah’s skating do the talking!





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