Reiss Johnson


At the Black Sheep Store we have some wonderful bosses and I’m not just saying that to get a pay rise. Harry and Tez are generally top dudes and I personally couldn’t thank them enough. Not only have they given so much to Manchester skateboarding over the years, risking mortgages and food for their amazing kids but they have also supplied many of us with jobs. One person they’ve helped out for the past year is Reiss Johnson. Many of you may recognize him for shredding transition like there’s no tomorrow.




It is now unfortunate to announce it’ll be his last day working for us at The Black Sheep Store. Reiss is one of those dudes that has an infinite amount of knowledge, whether it be in brew making or where the next sink hole will appear. For those that haven’t met him personally in our store, maybe due to him working hard behind the scenes, he’s a top lad! He’s a good friend, great colleague and a barrel of laughs. There are various rumors to where he’ll be forwarding his career but after his earlier announcement he will be venturing out into the gay porn industry. Good luck pal, hope it serves you well.


reiss johnson


Mr Johnson will still be a valuable member of our infamous skate team. Hopefully we can expect to see some more video parts in the near future. Here’s his welcome edit that was nothing but power….



It’s been great having you part of the team pal….. NOW FACK OFF HAWK!




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