Skateboarding’s Finest Photographers


Let’s just put it straight. A lot of hard work goes into the skateboard world and its obviously the best thing to happen since Noah built his ark. If it wasn’t for the photographers who capture this creative invention we would have never of witnessed magazines such as Thrasher, Transworld, Slap, Sidewalk, Document, Free, North and Grey. The photographers, from my point of view are just as important as the film-makers and skaters themselves. Allowing you to reminisce on skateboarding. After all they do lug a huge bag around all day waiting for that special moment when capturing that split second of the trick. Giving you a monthly read. What else could you do whilst sat on the bog than read a skate mag hey? Standard isn’t it! I’ve got a huge amount of respect for the dudes who photograph the worlds best thing, skateboarding. Here’s some legends that have grafted for years behind the lens.




Photographer: Glen E. Friedman.

Skater: Tony Alva.



atiba jefferson

Photographer: Atiba Jefferson.

Skater: Andrew Reynolds.



Photographer: Daniel Harold Sturt.

Skater: Matt Hensley.



Photographer: Lance Dawes

Skater: Jovantea Turner


Jason Lee by Spike Jonze

Photographer: Spike Jonze.

Skater: Jason Lee



Photographer: Gabe Morford.

Skater: John Cardiel.



Photographer: Mike O’Meally.

Skater: Jason Jesse.


stevie williams

Photographer: Mike Blabac.

Skater: Stevie Williams.


Absolutely stunning! Some quite old iconic images there but none the less, they’re just as beautiful as the recent ones you see. Next time you’re out n about maybe help the photographer by at least carrying a tripod. You might not see at the time when you’re jumping down sets or putting the work in on a ledge but they work just as hard and deserve a little break. Go out with any camera, whether it be a Iphone, SLR or Film camera and capture that shit! It’s got to be done…


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