Vans Excursion: Episode 4 – Chris Oliver


Chris Oliver is a beast and has been killing it since I can remember. Aged 34, mentally 25 and bodily 60 this dude is not done yet. For those that don’t know Chris has been heavily involved in the UK skate scene since the late 90’s early 2000’s. Grabbing himself 1st place in plenty of comps, taking covers of magazines and also releasing more than a fair few video parts. Will this dude ever stop? It’s seems like he won’t as the fourth episode of the Vans Excursion is all about the man himself. Proper stoked to see some more footage from one of skateboarding’s greatest. Have a watch below to see what I’m talking about…




I have to include his section from ‘Never Been Loved’ that came out in 2004 thanks to OG distribution because it’s ridiculous.




Head over to the Sidewalk site to watch the previous episodes of the Vans Excursion.


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