Christmas Gift Ideas


It seems to come around quicker and quicker every year but it is indeed getting to that time again! Never fear though as we at the Black Sheep have lots in stock this Christmas for your present needs! Whether your treating that special someone, have a skateboard mad teenager or just after treating yourself, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right thing from us! Have a look at just a few of the Christmas gift ideas that are below that will hopefully give you some ideas!


Complete Skateboards

Everybody who works here for us will well remember that first ever set-up they got, probably down to the last detail! It’s one of those moments in life that the memory just sticks with you! If someone your buying for has seemed to have taken interest, talked about, or tried skating once or twice then this is your chance to become the best relative ever! If your buying for someone who is just starting out we recommend one of our ready made completes that we stock from various different companies. The advantage of buying one of these is mainly the components ( ie trucks, wheels and bearings ) that come with the completes will be much better than those that come with one that’s bought from a non skateboard retailer, sports shop or toy shop. It may seem the cheaper option at first but wont be in the long run! There cheaper for a reason and will probably need to be replaced in a short amount of time! Once your starter board has been pushed to its limits you can always upgrade and buy new components. We can also make up custom completes and we’re always on hand to offer help or advice! You can see all of our complete skateboards here >



Darkstar Complete Skateboard



If it is just the deck your after then we have more than enough choice! With a variety of hundreds of boards from well over forty different companies – including our own shop boards at a very reasonable £29.95! All shapes and sizes to cater for everybody’s needs. There’s no better feeling than a fresh deck with fresh pop if you’ve been pushing around a soggy chipped plank for a while! Remember all decks come with free grip and will brighten up that persons Christmas! See all the decks that we have in stock now >




Toy Machine – Toy Division Deck



Like any skateboarder knows, its good to have a new pair of trucks waiting for you! There the most important thing people tend to choose when choosing a set – up and the choice can make the difference to the whole feel of your new ride! We stock only the best in their field such as Independent , Thunder and Ace just to name a few. Again we have a variety of colours, brands and widths to help you choose the right pair for you! Browse all of the trucks we have here >




Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow Eric Koston 139



Now I don’t think there  is a skateboarder out there, in the world that doesn’t like the feel of brand new wheels rolling underneath them! We’ve got loads to choose from, from street formula, cruiser wheels, multi-colored, hard, soft , big and small from only the best brands around! We’re proud to have such a vast and varied selection from the likes of Spitfire, Pig, Bones and many more! Check out all the wheels in stock right now >



Spitfire Formula Four Wheels



Now here’s one for everybody and not just the skateboarders! Yes they may be called Skate shoes but having a few different pairs for different occasions has got to be a good call right? After all, our shoes are put through there paces on a daily basis and its important to find just the right pair. We have lots of choice from some of the best brands out there such as Vans, Emerica, Nike SB and Adidas, we regularly get the new releases so there is lots to choose from , why don’t you browse all the footwear that we have for you here >



Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Black / White



There probably the easiest go to present of all time, no matter if your buying or receiving them! Who doesn’t like stepping out of the house in a fresh new pair. We stock a large variety of them throughout out the year and not matter what month it is they are always appealing to buy! Browse through our selection by clicking here > 


Stance X Star Wars Droids Socks




We always stock a wide variety of types of clothing from some of the most prestigious brands that are out there such as Stussy, Dickies, Turbo Kolor, Staple, Altamont and XLarge just to mention but a few! We are proud in the brands that we back and know you will love them to. Whether its a new T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, chinos or a new jacket your looking to buy someone, we are confident you can find that perfect gift right here. Search by brand, style or size and view all our clothing by clicking this link >




Thrasher Skate Mag Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt Grey



We hope this small guide has given you some ideas for your Christmas shopping! Good luck with it all and don’t leave it until the last minute!


We now have a Christmas Store section on the website for even more gift ideas, have a look at it here  >



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