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Expect big things in the new year as our team rider ‘Stannerz’ has only gone and got himself a bloody Go-Pro. Therefore giving us the birth of skateboarding’s latest company, ‘Don’t Chat Productions’. It isn’t your average day to day malarkey so be prepared. It’ll be about combining good times with skating. An even balance is the key to success and Stannerz has had that nailed since he cricked his neck back in 2006. For those that are struggling to even bunny-hop on their penny, you don’t need to worry as everyone is legit enough to be featured, no matter who you are or what coloured socks you wear. Heel flips are more than welcome, no comply’s by the dozen and Stella enthused partying will be included. It’s going to be mental, a universe never been seen before will be unlocked right before your eyes in 2016. Footage is already stacking up higher than a human pyramid so hit ‘Stannerz’ up if you’d like to be part of something mega.





Some of you may think this is a complete joke, but I assure you it isn’t. Manchester is prepared and so should you be. ‘Don’t Chat’ will also be doing monthly memberships costing you just £3 every month. A small price to pay to be part of something great. The membership will include the following in a ‘Don’t Chat Productions’ party bag……


  • Free sticker
  • A cold can of Stella
  • 20 minutes of free filming with Stannerz, giving you a chance to capture a trick for the video
  • Respect for life
  • Free entry into the infamous Black Sheep Store


Once the company has made millions each member will be refunded all membership costs. – VAT



simon cowellSimon Cowell was photographed leaving an important meeting with the Don’t Chat Productions team. One of many investors, 420.


Stannerz’s wise words, ‘Spike Jonze started his career with a Go-Pro n I’m going to do the same?! Dream big and simply DON’T CHAT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!!!’ For more information contact the man himself via Facebook/Instagram. T-shirts, stickers and social media are all in production so keep those eyes peeled. Have a watch below at a cheeky off-cuts wallie by Stu Granola Reynolds to get you hyped.








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