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Vans UK Team – ” Les Denis” Edit

Friday, December 23rd, 2016


The Vans UK team have seriously ‘GONE IN!’ for this one. With the newly appointed team manager Josh ‘Manhead’ Young at the helm and guiding the tour van across sunnier climates of France the whole crew managed to come away with this ridcoulous edit. Filmed and edited by master lennsman Sirus Gahan.


And of course massive props to Black Sheep family rider for smashing the back doors in on his first Vans UK Team trip!


Get your viewing pleasure on below for the all new Vans UK Team edit “Les Denis”





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Quasi Bledsoe “All Clear OK” Part

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


It’s been about 5 yers or so since Tyler Bledsoe released put out a fully fledged part. That has all changed now though as yesterday via Thrasher he put out a part for Quasi Skateboards called ”All Clear Ok”.  Tyler takes it from the streets of Portland to the schoolyards of Los Angeles. Bledsoe footage is always a treat, but a full part is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Click play below to uncover the treasure.



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Bru-Ray: Best of Daan Van Der Linden

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


Daan Van Der Linden has had one hell of a year, he went from getting on the Vans global team in January to joining the pro ranks for Antihero in August. In between all that, he’s had some significant footage in Antihero’s ‘Chestnut Hill’ and Volcom’s ‘Holy Stokes’ videos, both of which were released over the summer period. Now, as this year is coming to a close, Thrasher / P-Stone have lumped together eight minutes of Daans best footage and it does not disappoint, it puts in to perspective how gnarly his skating really is. Get hyped for the destruction that he will come up with in the coming year.



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Evisen Skateboards

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


Evisen Skateboards now available from us here at the Black Sheep!


Evisen Skateboards was established in Tokyo by Japanese skateboarder Katsumi Minami, who wanted to create a brand that would represent his passion for supporting team riders and local skate communities in typically overlooked areas of Japan such as Osaka and Sendai. In an interview he said ” We keep on finding and expressing the originality of our thoughts, often against the world.” The depth of history in Japan lends itself perfectly perfectly to Evisen’s creative direction and provides an endless source of cultural inspiration that informs the unique aesthetics of the brand.  The distinctive logo is a mixture of English and ancient Japanese decoration, signifying the sense of brotherhood that exists within skateboarding no matter of your location. Members of the team include Seimi Miyahara, Shinpei Ueno, MARU, Akira Imamura, Koichiro Uehara and Katsumi Minami. Check out some of the  edits below, expect to see more from the guys at Evisen in the near future.





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Numbers Skateboard Company – Est 12:45

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


After a long hiatus of board sponsorship it was announced yesterday Eric Koston and Guy Mariano have formed a new brand ‘Numbers.’


Coming in strong with legit name riders Rodrigo TX, Miles Silvas and Antonio Durao this is a power style crew from the get go.

Check the first mellow hammers edit ‘Numbers -est 12:45’ from the new guys on the block below




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Jose Rojo’s “Super Chavela” Part

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016


Back in May Jose Rojo mentioned that he was working on a new part for Enjoi. It was released to the world wide web via Thrasher Magazine yesterday. The impressive part which clocks in at just under four minutes showcases Jose’s prowess for super smooth technical skating at some really interesting spots. As we reach the end of 2016 Joso Rojo has given us all a little early crimbo prezzie in the form of his new part, good work Jose!



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Zoo York “Eastern Conference” Video

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Zoo has come thru with a banging 5 minute clip in the big apple featuring most of the Squad + the obligatory scenic views that New York has to offer!

Its so sick to see new Ron Deily footage among the up-and-comers, watch if your in the mood for an OG gritty NYC edit.



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Speedway Magazine – New Balance x Black Sheep Shoe

Friday, December 2nd, 2016




Coming back from India to one of the freshest collaborations was definitely heart warming, it cut the holiday blues right in two and my excitement was yet again flowing in abundance. And in case you’ve been in hibernation due to the sudden weather change over the past week, the collaboration I am talking about is the infamous Black Sheep x New Balance Numeric 598 and 998 shoes. May I also add, New Balance Numeric have never ever joined forces with anyone before-hand. Obviously it may each and every member of the Black Sheep Family extremely proud, especially the top dogs and the guys who provide Manchester with an Independent skater owned store, Harry and Tez. None the less my experience with interviews and general writing is no where near the standard of Faran Golding, who by the way is a skateboarding expert. This is where I pass you on to him as he took the time to interview Harry and Tez and it can now be witnessed over on his blog. Hit the link below to see what was discussed and learn more about the collaboration itself….


Black Sheep, Manchester & New Balance Numeric with Paul Harrison & Tez Robinson


‘Thanks Jake’ Video

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016



Well if this edit of Jake Johnson doesn’t inspire you to go out skating then you may as well quit. Just what I needed, especially during these cold and dark miserable winter days where finding the motivation isn’t the easiest of things. Thank you Converse, GX1000 and Thrasher Magazine as you’ve made my day. Watch the edit above right now too take a look back at some of Jake Johnson’s recent moments. Mind blowing moments too..


Vans ‘No Other Way’

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016


Yesterday Vans’s latest video offering, ‘No Other Way’ was released to the world via Thrasher Magazine. Clocking in at just under 14 minutes it has full parts from Kyle Walker and Elijah Berle, along with supporting clips from other Vans riders Daniel Lutheran, Chima Ferguson, Anthony Van Engelen, Andrew Allen, Curren Caples, Rowan Zorilla, Daan Van Der Linden and Geoff Rowley. They also introduce Ronnie Sandoval as their newest AM to be added to the team. It’s here, heavy and absolutely bonkers, this is one you don’t want to miss, prepare for one of the gnarliest grinds you will see it’s one of the sickest tricks of 2016 we reckon and will probably be well remembered throughout skate history.



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