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Pat Gallaher – thnku Part.

Friday, January 29th, 2016





I would personally like to thank Free Skate Magazine for supplying me yet another amazing section to watch on this not so great Friday afternoon. This time round we have Pat Gallaher’s part from the ‘thnku’ video. The style of skating certainly appeals to the kind of skating I like and I’m pretty sure it will for most of you. The switch front-side board, shuv out at 2:00 is definitely worth a replay. I may have watched it more than twice because what an unbelievable landing. What I like about this part is the fact that I’ve personally never heard of Pat Gallaher, some of you may have but unfortunately for me I hadn’t until now. The name will be saved in my brain from now on though because this section has been a wonder to watch and I’m hoping to see some more footage from this guy in the future. Skateboarding is great and this section is great!


You can also grab yourself a copy of the whole ‘thnku’ video right here….



Russell Houghten : Retrospective

Thursday, January 28th, 2016





Russell Houghten is a skateboard filmer and has been bringing amazing edits to your screens for some time now. When watching an edit we always relate the video to the brand and sometimes I feel like the person behind the lens doesn’t receive the recognition they deserve. Russell is definitely one of those dudes. To celebrate his career in the film industry I thought it was necessary to show you guys some of the edits he has produced. They’re are many edits to choose from although I thought I would focus on some of the New Balance videos that he has produced as he’s been working alongside them since the birth of the skate side of the brand in 2013. To start of with we have the ‘A Place In The Sun’ edit that was released a couple of years back now. It’s probably a good place to start as this cold UK winter is leaving us in some desperate need of some sunshine. Lets try and get excited for the summer. Starring: PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor and Tyler Surrey.





Just before the winter took hold of the East Coast the New Balance Numeric team took a short trip to Boston and New York, in search of the place they call Pinnytown. This edit was shot entirely on Red Digital Cinema. Frames were pulled from the video to accompany a print article in Transworld Skateboarding’s April 2014 issue. Unlike the previous edit this one features a rider from the UK who has now made it onto the New Balance International team, Tom Knox. Putting our quirky, British style of skating on the map. Style is most definitely what Knox has, recently winning ‘European Best Video Part’ for his section in the new ‘Vase’ video by Isle skateboards. He is killing it right now so a huge congratulations to this young chap.




Next we have the ‘Data Roaming’ edit and believe it or not it was all filmed on an iPhone 6 by Russell Houghten with the help of James Messina. Possibly the best phone edit I’ve seen so far. After seeing this I’m sure there’ll be plenty more phone edits to watch in the near future.





Finally to finish things off I thought I show you guys the recent ‘Quids In’ edit that was released last year. Having a top film maker such as Russell visit our gritty streets is an honor. I’m guessing people who visit the UK will understand the situation with the spots we have on offer. It may not be all perfect marble, but we do make the most of what is available. Seeing such skaters from across the seas like Arto Saari, Tom Knox, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor, Jordan Trahan, Levi Brown, Marquise Henry, Tyler Surrey & Jack Curtin skate some familiar obstacles that we visit everyday is great. This edit shows the spots/cities really well using different filming methods. There’s even use of a drone being used, capturing the streets from above. A must see..





On a whole it is great that we have people such as Russell Houghten that capture skateboarding and do it well. He is a guy that deserves a huge amount of respect, each edit he has produced has been nothing but special and I would like to thank him for that. Having incredible edits to watch is vital as a skateboarder because without them it wouldn’t be as easy to get hyped to go shred. If you’d like to view more edits from Russell then head over to his Vimeo page as there’s plenty more that are worth viewing.


Some of you may also be interested in grabbing yourself a brand new pair of New Balance shoes after watching the edits above. Well timing couldn’t be better as we’ve just had a load of new New Balance shoes arrive. Already online simply hit the link below to be directed over to our website to have a gander…




Mark Baines Interview

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016




Mark Baines has to be one of the most productive skateboarders the UK has ever seen. He has released a huge amount of video parts over the years and each one has never failed to impress. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet this legend you’ll agree that he is a top bloke, if not get yourself over to his hometown in Yorkshire because you’ll probably find him shredding the street spots on offer. Mark has also put a huge amount back into the skateboard community, organizing in conjunction with WESC, a skate camp that may be of interest for you young skaters our there.





I’m not sure how many interviews Mark has actually had although they are always an interesting read and it is a pleasure to announce you can now find another interview with himself over on the Free Skate Mag website. Topics that can be found spoken about are such things as the old Blueprint days, the state of skateboarding in 2015, ‘Netflix and chill and more. You’d be mad not to have a butchers. For those that aren’t familiar with Mark’s skating then have a look below at his section from Blueprint skateboards ‘Waiting For The World’ that was released in 2000.




Proper stoked to see some more quality stuff from Mark. Keep up with Mark Baines, the Northern shredder on Instagram.



Australia Day

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


Today, the 26th January is annually celebrated as Australia day. It marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip. In present day Australia, people celebrate with family and community events, official community awards, citizenship ceremonies, a few stubbies and probably a barbie or two! So to help them celebrate down under, we thought it would only be right to post some of our favorite Ozzy skate sections! Strewth!


Jake Brown – Blind – What If


Ben Pappas And Tas Pappas Vert Footage


Matt Mumford – Transworld – The Reason


Jake Duncombe – The Blind Video


Dustin Dollin – Shake Junt – Chicken Bone Nowison


Shane Cross – Volcom – Let’s Live


Chima Ferguson – Real – Since Day One




Eastern Exposure Zero

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


Dan Wolfe has uploaded his classic video Eastern Exposure Zero. Released way back when in 1996 in the era of the good old VHS! The video features Donny Barley, Ricky Oyola, Matt Reason, Fred Gall, Tim O’Connor, Willy Santos, Quim Cardona, Bam Margera, Mike Maldonado, Keith Hufnagel, Jamie Thomas, Pepe Martinez, Mike Bouchard and more. Put the kettle and enjoy this mid nineties classic!



Keep up with Dan Wolfe via Instagram !


Eric Martinac’s “Gem” Part

Monday, January 25th, 2016


Pretty much the Boston skate scene is widely known for its level of technical ability, think PJ Ladd in Wonderfull Horrible Life as prime example! Eric Martinac is taking things that next step further! “Gem” is the new video from Tim Savage featuring some of the gnarliest dudes from Boston. Eric’s part is packed full of wizardry and an ender that is bonkers! So what a way to start off this week by watching Eric Martinac’s “Gem” Part……enjoy and prepare to be amazed!



You can see more technical maneuvers from Eric by giving him a follow on Instagram !



Enjoi x Black Sheep Store Deck.

Friday, January 22nd, 2016



ben raemers x black sheep board


At the Black Sheep Store we more than Enjoi skateboarding, even more so when big brands decide to join forces and do an extra special collaboration. You’ve probably already realized from the image above who is our next partner in crime is, if not it’s Enjoi Skateboards. HYPED! A worldwide skateboard brand that has been nothing but the best since it came onto the scene in 2000. So what can be expected? A bloody dope deck featured above which will come in sizes consisting of 8” and 8.25”. A combined effort on the design, you’d be mad to miss out on this super limited drop. On sale in store from Saturday the 23rd (tomorrow), then if there’s any left, which might be doubtful, the rest will go online on Sunday for the online buyers. Costing you just £39.95 including free grip, they’re cheap as chips. Do you really want to be a fool and miss out on a chance to take one of these bad boys home?! Watch Enjoi’s ‘Bag Of Suck’ below to begin the hype…





The Enjoi x Black Sheep Store Collaboration, kicking things off for a great year to come. Many more dope collaborations on the horizon in connection with celebrating our 7th year as a skate store in the heart of the Manchester streets.


Keep up with the Enjoi boys on Instagram.



Top 3 – Chris Barrett

Friday, January 22nd, 2016



Chris ‘BAD MAN’ Barrett, the best dude to survive the murky Stockport drinking water since 1987. As it did for must of us skateboarding took control over his life from the moment he stepped on a board. If it hadn’t of been for this guy I doubt Stockport would’ve ever made it onto the skateboard map. He’s the rawest skater I’ve possibly met, and without him I doubt I would still be shredding to this day. He’s a huge influence on everyone who has ever met him, a barrel of laughs in any situation, this guy is mint! My name is Stannerz and I would like to thank him for being a raw SUB FIFTY family farther! Get to know him more as I asked him about his top 3 favourites in a variety of topics.



1: Pizza

2: Lasagne

3: An actual Steak, what is it…. Rib Eye.



1: Black Sheep Ale

2: Tyskie or any Polish Beer

3: Ice Tea…. Peach



1: Stockport

2: Dubai

3: Bilbao



1: Joe Gavin/Dom Henry

2: Eddie Belvedere

3: You…(stannerz)






1: Bs 180 Nosegrind

2: Flip back noseblunt but only when you do it.

3: Fakie Front Noses


Moments of 2015:

1: Putting out my Black Sheep Fridays part

2: Nature walks with the dog

3: Spice



1: All the riduclous parts that Thrasher bring out..

2: as above

3: as above



1: What you mean jobs…





1: Wu-Tang

2: Captain Beefheart

3: Pink Floyd





Football players:

1: Tony Hawk

2: Steve Cab

3: Andy Mcdonald


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Visit Eddie in Cornwall

2: Back to Dubai

3: Chilling



1: All of them

2: All of them

3: I like the change in weather, it would be shit without seasons. You’d be like a lizard if it was always hot.


Keep up with this ‘BAD MAN’ on Instagram.


Top 3 – Josh Bentley

Thursday, January 21st, 2016



josh bentley


The next Top 3 to drop is none other than the finest of Northern rippers, Josh Bentley. You may recognize Josh from skating down stairs at various house parties in Fallowfield or shredding the cage, producing some mind boggling tricks. He’s a skateboard killer, a general top bloke and it’s mint to have him part our of Black Sheep Family. If you’ve never had the opportunity of meeting this young chap then get to know him a little by reading his Top 3’s below, Top 3 – Josh Bentley.



1: Burrito’s

2: Oranges

3: Pizza



1: Water

2: Crumpton Oaks Cider (BIG BOTTLE)

3: Orange Juice



1: Manchester

2: Bristol

3: Not Accrington



1: Andy Scott

2: George

3: Daryl Horner






1: Back 3 no comply (emo)

2: Early grabs (mosher)

3: Tail Blocks (mosher)


Moments of 2015:

1: Moving to Manchester.

2: Maybelol?

3: Skating when my knee wasn’t fucked.



1: Lewis Johnston in Maybelol?

2: Seb Batty, Black Sheep Fridays.

3: My own.




2: None (10% discount?)

3: None (student wasteman)






1: The Showers

2: King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard

3: Homeshake


Football players:

1: Not about that life..

2: Rugby,

3: I don’t like cricket.


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Hopefully skating more (knees are bastards).

2: Put out another part

3: Girlfriend life hammers



1: Summer

2: Summer

3: Summer


Keep us with this shredding student on Instagram to see where you can grab yourselves a 10% discount on a single can of Strongbow.




The House Of REUP

Thursday, January 21st, 2016




The House Of REUP, a full edit that was premiered last weekend is being shown over on the Free Skate Magazine website. The House Of REUP is a collaboration video between Hold Tight and Reup Clothing. It’s an edit from the boys down south that should be appreciated as it’s pure street skating as we know. Capturing the Southbank history as it happens but also it also includes a Reup section that makes an appearance in the middle, a rad snapshot of the Lambeth skate scene. Not only is there an amazing video to be seen but also a very interesting interview with Henry Edwards-Wood, a film maker who has contributed so much to the UK skate scene. You’d be stupid not to check it out!