Dylan Witkin – A Concrete Forest




Well, well, well, what is there to say about this! What a way to start off 2016! Dylan Witkin literally blew me away with his Concrete Forest part which dropped online via Thrasher bang on new year! The Nike SB representative seems to be able to skate everything and anything that is in his path! From skating the biggest ledges, throwing down technical lines with the old flip in flip out steez, to throwing his body down the largest set of stairs or gap possible, even skating vert with no pads! It seems like this guy can do it all and make it look super stylish at the same time! It’s pretty few and far between that you find someone who can adapt to skate absolutely any terrain. We were first properly introduced to Dylan Witkin and his skateboarding talents in a shared section in the Expedition One video ‘Gone Fishin’ (Check the insane 50-50 above!) released back in the winter of 2014. Along with his and Frankie Heck’s shared footage they both made an impact and stood out whilst still being up against a well established pro team. Despite having footage at some of the most rinsed out spots in America he still left us with that wow factor with what he brought to the table. This part has certainly set the standard for 2016 and the year ahead, and if this is anything to go by, this year should be a real cracker! Click play below and prepare to be amazed!



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