Eddie Belvedere: Wired





The last of the Black Sheep Fridays Edits in conjunction with Sidewalk Magazine sees the Eddie Belvedere: Wired part. We’ve saved the flying and ripping hobbit till last. Although he may be small,wise and wide, he doesn’t shy away from the murky spots the south has to offer. You may find him shredding Cornwall, making the most of the pub benches, cobbled banks and rough walls. I’m guessing he roughly used around 100 sets of 55mm wheels to film this part as the ground isn’t the average marble you find elsewhere. Pure cheese grater it is. Although that doesn’t stop him, Eddie’s a natural on the board and in the pub. A top geezer.

It’s a pleasure to call this guy a friend of mine, he is hands down, one of the best skateboarders the UK has ever seen. Keep up the good work you wired gremlin!






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