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volcom bromancing the stone


There’s an international Volcom video on the cards, so a few months back the Volcom European crew gathered in a couple of vans to help Ben Raemers accumulate some new footage for the in-progress film. The crew consisted of some Stone irregulars Harry Lintell, Eniz Fazliov and Alain Goikoetxea, with Victor Pellegrin, Dan West, Charlie Birch and Gav Coughlan also present for various stages of the journey to help dig through the good spots in any dry part of the country that the van could reach. Our shop rider Stannerz was due to join them too but after warming up at the infamous Stockport spice ledges he unfortunately tweaked his ankle before they had even arrived to collect him. Although that didn’t stop the hype man from sticking around for a couple of days entertaining as he often does. Sadly Raemers also took a tweak to the ankle meaning he had to leave early too. Despite the upsets the guys went on and managed to produce a fine article that can now be seen over on the Sidewalk Magazine site called Volcom – Bromancing The Stone. Have a look below at a glimpse of the article including some stuuning photos by Jelle Keppens that feature our shop rider Harry Lintell.




Eniz Fazliov making the most of Stevenage’s Bowes-Lyon skatepark, a park that was built during the mid 1970’s in the boom of UK skateboarding. Frontside Blunt decades after its construction. Powerful.





A trip around the UK isn’t right without including a visit up to Scotland. And where better than yet another historic Skatepark, Livingston. For those that have been unfortunate not to visit this place it is probably one of the hardest places to skate due to the cheese grater floor. You also can’t tell but the well known bank to wall featured above has a 30 foot drop on the other side making it one of the gnarliest things to skate. Raemers wasn’t shy though as he managed to bag a Frontside Blunt avoiding an early death. Literally mind blowing.




Harry Lintell, a skateboard destroyer, tinder extraordinaire, this guy will never disappoint in any aspect of life. He has been a valuable member our of team for some years now and as usual he’s done us guys proud yet again by taking a huge Backside Flip over this bump to bar that can be found somewhere in Liverpool. Eniz also took an Ollie over to wall-ride which is mental but you’ll have to visit the Sidewalk Magazine to view that one. Click the link to be directed to the whole article as you’d be stupid to miss this one.


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