Nike Sb Lance Mountain Chronicles 3





Lance Mountain took the breath away from each and every skaters lungs last year. Well maybe from those who managed to watch his part in the Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 3 video. His part was released yesterday via the good old internet. If you didn’t watch it the first time around then you’d be mad not to watch it now. A 51 year old ripper who has shocked the world yet again. Not only has he been involved in and contributed a huge amount to the skateboard world for a huge number of years, it seems after watching this there will be many years left in him. I hope filming this part has given him inspiration to film another. An absolute shocker and it would have to be my best part from the video. Apologies to the other skaters featured in the video but I’m sure they’ll agree with me that this shit is dope. It wasn’t just the bowl/park skating I was expecting to see, there is also a number or street clips involved too. My mind is melting! Imagine capturing a glimpse of this legend board-sliding a yet familiar jersey barrier. Bloody brilliant! Have a look above to see what I’m talking about…



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