Official – Cardiel ‘Park Ragers’





This past spring Official was honored to participate in one of John Cardiel’s long time aspirations of riding bikes from our homes in Sacramento, CA to Yosemite National Forest (around 180 miles in 3 days). The bike tour was inspired by John’s childhood trips to Yosemite with his father and his ever inspirational need to challenge and push himself. Official Park Ragers is a twist on the original Yosemite Rangers, birthed completely by John and as a way to commemorate the epic three days of riding and camping with our bros and also to poke a little fun at the time honored rangers. This collection celebrates everything that is classic and awesome about John Cardiel and we couldn’t be prouder to have gone on a small piece of the journey with him. Take a closer look below at the collection…


cardiel 1


cardiel 2


cardiel 3



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