Things Only A Skateboarder Would Do


Have you ever wondered what the general public may think of you when you’re doing your day to day things in skateboarding. Not that it even matters but I thought I would show you some things that ‘normal’ people would find strange that skaters get up too on a daily basis when out and about.



handrail for skate blog


When you stop at various locations and scope out a spot. This can involve randomly jumping down some stairs too even lifting one leg up onto a handrail to test the height.



Park Bench Plas 1


Telling such things like a park bench to DO ONE because you can’t land your nose-slide that you’ve been trying for almost an hour. Talking to objects in the street would be weird for your average person right?



tealight candles


Pulling out a candle from your pocket, mainly tealight candles as we are cheap skates and instead of lighting it up you wax up a ledge.




Giving each other plenty of knuckles throughout the day. Sometimes a few each minute.


big crowd


Gathering the crew around a screen smaller than a £2 coin to watch back a trick, too then turn around to each other and scream you hearts out. Yet again more knuckles are seen..





If it has recently rained, grabbing any nearby newspaper to dry up the spot again so you can bag a trick. Sometimes even leaving a trail of paper up to the spot then away for the landing.



camera equpiment


Having a film maker/photographer on standby with a stack full of expensive camera equipment than probably is more high-tech than what Channel 5 use for filming the news.



tony hawk


Telling people, including the public to ‘Fack off Hawk!’, even though a few years back it was definitely the other way around. ‘AHAHA it’s Tony Hawks init’





Then finally being hyped on receiving some stickers even though you’ve been an adult for some time now. ‘Grow up pal, your not a kid anymore!!!’ to which you reply, ‘there’s an empty spot of my fridge where that would go nicely!’.



Every single one of these makes skateboarding great, but when you think about it, we must look like right weirdo’s. Not that it should bother you, because as we all know, skateboarding is the greatest thing to grace this earth so who cares what people think. If anyone has any more crazy things only a skateboarder would do then email them over and we’ll add them in ( For now, carry on with the unusual and enjoy yourselves.



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