Quentin’s hometown weekend contest at PLO skate-park.


My name is Quentin and from 1995 there has been a contest every year in the city I grew up in at PLO skate-park. That is thanks to the organizers Ploskateclub. This annual contest is an opportunity to meet new people and skate in a unique atmosphere. I mean as we all know, competitions and skate events are more than adventurous. People from all over the country come every year to skate and party during these two special days when the contest is held. The ‘PLO Skate Club’ spirit is to share and promote Skateboarding around Brittany giving the kids a decent place to go skateboarding but also a place for any skaters to evolve. The skate-park opened in 1993 and since then we have seen some amazing skate sessions, parties, video premieres, contests and International trips. Have a little look below to gather an understanding of what goes down at the PLO skate park and even more so when the yearly competition is on.




The contest is divided into 4 parts. First of all you’ve got the death race which often sees a few collisions, it’s lethal. Then it is the standard skate-park competition which is held as a jam format for the kids and then nervy one minute runs for the older dudes. I have entered more than a few times from the age of 8 although sadly have never won aha. Well in fact I did win once but it was as a team so maybe that doesn’t count. That is followed by a bowl comp that sees the transition guys smashing it and finally we finish with the best trick. The best trick is held on the second day which is normally the Sunday due to all the antics on the previous day. You need a little rest don’t you. Well in fact that isn’t the case as the big party is on the Saturday night and pretty much everyone parties too hard then fail miserably on the Sunday. View some photos below and watch an edit to understand what I am talking about. Maybe in the future we will see a few people from the UK at the contest or even just to skate the park.




Salim Vs Theo in a war. ( Photo by Evan Lunven )



Nolan Insane Bs Alley oop Melon.



Tanguy stylish backside smith. ( Photo by Evan Lunven )



To finish we have an edit for you guys to watch. I mean the photos are amazing above although I feel that watching the edit is the best way to understand the beauty of the weekend contest. It’s made by passionate skaters and I feel it’ll express the atmosphere with the kids, parents, traditional crepes, beers and rad skating to its best. I love this weekend and it has been a huge part of my life since a young age, enjoy!







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