Happy Birthday Harry Lintell!


Harry Lintell Happy Birthday Blog Post


Happy birthday HARRY LINTELL! This is a post celebrating the man himself and the many parts/photos he has released over the years. Harry Lintell is one of my favourite skateboarders and I would like to wish him all the best on his Birthday. No doubt as usual he’ll be out skating and there’s no question that he’ll be smashing it. One of the most productive skateboarders the UK has ever seen, I am stoked to have him part of the Black Sheep Family. This dude RULES! Lets get the ball rolling with one of his first ever parts.



Next we have Harry’s welcome to The Black Sheep part and it didn’t take him long to produce this part after we asked for a welcome clip.



Harry Lintell has a number of covers although one of the best was when he switch flipped his way onto the Sidewalk Magazine cover.


Harry Lintell Sidewalk Cover black sheep post

The PIFF STICKS part, now that one came from nowhere although it was still just as impressive as the rest.



The countless interviews he has had over the years, this image was taken from the one in Grey Skate Mag, unstoppable board-slide through the kink.


Harry Lintell Grey Interview for blog post


Finally to finish off, it would have to be his recent Volcom part, ‘True To This’ that came out not so long ago. When we talk about UK skateboarding this is more than worthy of being one of the best. He also managed to bag himself a few tricks in the latest Volcom video ‘Holy Stokes’, now that’s a birthday present in its self. We wish you all the best Harry and keep doing what you are doing. Pints on behalf of us when you are back in Manchester.




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