New Jake Potts Part



If you saw Jake Potts on the streets of Manchester when he wasn’t out skating then you may assume he was a member of the Made In Chelsea crew as his dress sense is off the wall. If you saw him on the streets skating then that would be a different story, he is one of Manchester’s youngest rippers and has proved himself with this long awaited part that showcases the true skills he has. I’m a fan and have been from the start, his mad style combined with the unusual but yet technical trick selection is powerful. He’s only going to go on and get better and better. The highlight for me from this part is the wall-ride shuv out, now that’s something that I will never be able to understand. I really enjoyed this section, the music is on point, the skating includes a variety that only a few can produce and it is generally just a good watch. Hopefully they’ll be more edits to come from Jake Potts in the near future but for now enjoy this current one.


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