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Jamie Foy – Moving Forward Part

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016


Releasing at least one part per year for four consecutive years is generally considered to be pretty consistent in terms of skateboarding. Releasing four parts in eight months is relatively unheard of until now. Deathwish representative Jamie Foy is back on our screens once again via The Skateboard Mag with another rad part from an independent Florida video called Moving Forward made by Tyler Bamdas. Jamie has had quite the year so far, having already released three parts ( Including his Next New Wave part and Recruit for The Berrics, and also his Twoche part for Thrasher Magazine ) he has no sign of stopping. By the time you have finished watching this Jamie’s probably finishing off yet another part, he’s one of a new generation of super consistent skateboarders who just don’t stop…and we love it!



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Antihero X Volcom – The Vickie Report

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016


In honor of their recent collaboration, Antihero and Volcom sent some of their team to New York to film a short video. The Vickie Report was posted via Thrasher Magazine yesterday and from the start animation you can tell that this is no ordinary edit. Various members of the crew are let loose to shred the streets and DIY spots of New York and New Jersey. Andy Roy, Tony Miorana, Jordan Trahan, Julien Stranger, Grant Taylor, Chris Pfanner, Raney Beres, Daan Van Der Linden and Frank Grewer are all involved. The spots get a fully fledged seeing to with some really raw skateboarding, click play now because this edit doesn’t disappoint.



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Pedro Delfino’s “Twoché” Part

Thursday, August 25th, 2016




So this morning I witnessed one of the gnarliest skate sections that has been released this year and it shits on any previous parts I have seen before. Thank you Thrasher Magazine and more so Pedro Delfino because this part is as powerful as they come. It features everything I love about skateboarding from massive high speed hill bombs, pool skating, street lines and generally hitting any obstacle on offer. This section is raw! Taken from the ‘Twoche’ video which is a second edition to a first video ‘Touche’. If you would like too see more parts from the video then support these guys and buy the full length DVD, use the link below to do so. Skate and destroy every dam day sonny. Peace!


Vans Pro Skate Park Series World Championship Highlights

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016


On Saturday Vans hosted the first-ever Vans Pro Skate Park Series World Championships in Malmö, Sweden and it went off to say the least. We held a live stream in store and many thanks to those who turned up and enjoyed the skating and some nice freebies from the good people at Vans. Things started off with the women’s finals which saw 12 year old (yes 12!!!) Brighton Zeuner crowned champion after she blew the crowd away with some superb tricks including a perfect 360 melon over the ski jump to clinch her winning score. She was joined on the podium by Jordyn Barratt who surged into second place in the final minutes despite being in last position moments before, and then placing third was Kisa Nakamura from Japan who had traveled far and wide to enter as first alternative secured her place with a steady speedy run. See the highlights below also including the other seven female contenders Allysha Le,Lizzie Armanto,Yndiara Asp,Nora Vasconcellos,Nicole Hause,Julz Lynn Kindstrand and Bryce Wettstein.



Then it was time for the men’s finals to get under way and these lads didn’t mess about at all, they were all straight into it hitting the course hard. Taking the crown and the first male winner of the overall series went to Alex Sorgente who dominated the course with some flawless runs both in the semis and in the final itself. Not far behind him was the ripper Pedro Barros who attacked the park with so much force he achieved one of his best scores throughout the whole series to earn a well deserved second place. Coming in at the bronze medal position was Italy’s own Ivan Federico who recorded a feat of three podium finishes in the series overall. Take a look at the action from the highlights below which also feature Cory Juneau,Ben Hatchell,Kevin Kowalski,Grant Taylor and Jack Fardell.




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Silas Baxter-Neal’s “The Grotto Farewell” video

Thursday, August 18th, 2016



So this little beast of a park which has probably popped up onto your feed on many of occasions has sadly come to an end. They’ve had an epic run and this place has been graced with some of the best dudes in skateboarding. To give the park a good farewell a few of the local shredders took upon themselves to destroy every obstacle on offer. Enjoy the video because it may be the last time you see footage at this park. Features Silas, Brent Atchley, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Mike Chin and many more. The pyramid hip looks like so much fun and I would have loved to skate it, although I believe there isn’t any trick that Ryan Casado has done already.


Vans Shop Riot – The Story So Far

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016


Vans have put together footage from the Vans Shop Riot series from all the countries that have been involved so far, including a small selection of clips from our own UK qualifiers at Nottingham’s Flo Skatepark in which the Black Sheep boys Rob Smith, Jiri Bulin and Jordan Sharkey came through and claimed first place….again, good work lads! That means they join the winners from The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany/Austria, Russia and France at the finals over in Lisbon, Portugal at Cascais Skatepark from the 18th to 20th September. There are five countries who are still yet to host their series events so keep an eye out for them. From the edit below we can see that this year has been a real battlefield all over Europe with teams and individuals stepping up and taking the standard of skating to the next level. No doubt that Rob, Sharkey and Jiri will be well up for it in September but then again so will all the rest of the teams, there can only be one winner but I know who I’m putting my money on! More info and build up nearer the event via the blog and our social media outlets.




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The Vans x Pass~Port Collaboration

Friday, August 12th, 2016



Vans and Pass~Port Skateboards have joined forces to bring you one hell of a collaboration. I mean what would life be like if we didn’t have brands joining forces bringing you the best of both worlds? Well I’ll tell you…. It would be boring, almost similar to watching the unstoppable rain falling from our grey Manchester sky, shitters! Anyway to lighten the mood Vans x Pass~Port have brought two banging pairs of shoes that’ll be available to purchase on Saturday (13/08/16) and as always with certain collabs like this they are very limited and exclusive and it’s a first come first served policy. So get the paper at the ready as you are going to love these. Here’s a closer look at them below…






Now that’s a shoe, you’d be crazy not to appreciate these bad boys. The shoe is a Vans Old Skool and this specific shoe has seen on the feet of skaters for a massive number of years and there are possibly one of the most successful skate shoes going. On the other hand Pass~Port is one of skateboarding’s underground companies who are definitely not shy when it comes to releasing powerful edits, you might have seen some of their previous edits before and if you haven’y you can get started right now as in connection with the shoe release we have Vans and Pass~Port – Callum Paul and Nik Stipanovic video. Filmed on the Streets of Australia’s Melbourne and Sydney you have 7 minutes of stylish, creative skating.


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Jeremy Jones – Landscape Skateboards welcome clip

Thursday, August 11th, 2016




Landscape Skateboards recently added none other than Jeremy Jones to the team. Jeremy Jones is a skateboard shredder who is currently situated down in the BIG SMOKE, London. He has been a familiar face in UK skateboarding for a long time now and considering he’s a ripper it was about time a decent board company started to give this guy some wood. In connection with him making it onto the team he joined forces with filmer Austin Bristow and managed to film a welcome clip at one of London’s most iconic skate spots, Southbank. It is also heart warming seeing an edit based around this legendary spot as over the past few years the good people at LLSB (Long Live Southbank) have grafted their hearts out to try and keep this place alive because it was pretty certain that it could have been demolished. Praise the LORD!


Also whilst we are on the topic of Landscape Skateboards, it may not be any new news but our very own Nick Stannerz Tretch Stansfield has turned PRO and you can expect to see his board on sale here very soon. If you want to make sure you can grab one before they sell out (which is inevitable) then PRE-ORDER yours right here… 


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Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Only just last week HUF officially opened a store in Manhattan. To reinforce their occupancy in the city they have released a six minute long edit titled HUF NYC Video – which has been completely filmed in New York. It features HUF riders Austyn Gillette, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo, Brad Cromer, Jake Anderson and special guest Brendan Carroll hitting up skate spots across the Big Apple. The edit also includes the footage of Austyn Gillette’s fakie tre flip that landed him the latest cover of Transworld Magazine. Click play below for six minutes of HUF power.



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Franky Villani – No Cash Value Part

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Many people were surprised when they heard that Franky Villani had made his way onto the Zero team and were excited to see what footage he had up his sleeve. Yesterday via Thrasher Magazine his ‘No Cash Value’ part dropped which is his first for Zero. Lasting over seven minutes long and with the use of two songs this part is full of some absolute bangers. From start to finish there is no telling what tricks Franky will pull out of the bag next – especially the more gnarlier and creative second half. Watch out for a massive frontsdie feeble down a well known hubba and a crazy kickflip fastplant down a hefty stack of stairs.



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