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DC Special Delivery Tour 2016 Edit

Friday, September 30th, 2016



This time last month DC brought over some heavy hitters from the US and hit up some of the UK riders for a tour around England. Hitting most of the scenes with demos, signings, and shredding the streets of course. Check the solid 5 minute clip above to witness the fruits of their week of destruction among the parks and streets! Big up to the UK skaters on the trip, made us proud!


Element – Phil Zwijsen ”Waterproof”

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


If there is one thing that we are used to round here it’s the moment when that enjoyable session gets ruined by the rain. Only a select number of people can seemingly get away with pulling something out of the bag whilst the heavens open above. The most famous example would be Pat Duffy’s gnarly back lip down a handrail at the end of his 1992 part in Plan B’s Questionable video. Nobody has really tried to use the wet to their full advantage as a creative way of doing tricks that are pretty much unthinkable without it…until now! Enter Phil Zwijsen, to mark his pro debut for Element Europe he has released his ”Waterproof” part which consists of nothing but rain footage. Well apart from one or two tricks where the spot has been soaked thanks to the use of a hose but it still counts as wet right ?! As you can probably imagine there’s lots of powerslide variations, hippie jumps, nasty slams, firecrackers thrown in for good measure and the all important mind boggling makes. Click play below now to see what Phil brings to the dampened table and don;t complain when it starts to rain!






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Sidewalk Store Wars 2016

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


Back for its second year after the massive success of 2015, Sidewalk Store Wars in association with Mountain Dew is bringing together 35 stores from across the UK and Ireland representing the bricks and mortar shops that are the grass roots of the skateboard scene on an even bigger scale than last time. Every week, six stores compete against each other to amass the most views on Sidewalk’s Facebook page in the hope of progressing to the final. So this week it’s our turn and we promise not to disappoint, but we also need your help as well so we can clinch that top spot. Everyday we will be sharing our videos so like, share and spread the word, we’re in it to win it! 



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Rough Cut – Jarne Verbruggen’s “Never Skatebored” Part

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


Jarne Verbruggen was pretty much unknown before his Never Skatebored part dropped earlier this month but he blew us all away with what must be one of the best video parts to be released this year. Now, three weeks later the Independent Trucks representative has an extra twelve minutes of footage on the web via Thrasher Magazine entitled Rough Cut. The edit contains the close calls, the heinous slams and of course the eventual make of every trick. Jarne is an absolute beast and these off cuts just show how gnarly his part really was, can’t wait to see more footage of this ripper soon.



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Vans x Odd Future – Saturday (24/09/16)

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016




OF for blog


It’s that time of the year again, that special moment when Vans join forces with none other than Odd Future (OFWGKTA), bringing you the uttermost exclusive/limited collaboration there is and probably has ever been. Having said that I was mightily impressed when Coke Cola joined forces with vanilla so maybe not the best. Anyway despite my thirty brain, I would suggest you guys make a reminder for this Saturday (24/09/16), that is when the world will collapse and donuts will appear on the feet of masses worldwide. The previous drops that Vans and Odd Future have done over the years have been good although they do not compare to this one. Get the wallets/purses at the ready…. you seriously don’t want to miss out on this one.




This years collaboration will include two recognizable styles that are widely known by all Vans lovers. They’ll be the classic Authentic and the ever so popular SK8 HI’s. Both irresistible. Take a closer look at each pair below….





With prices, the Authentic will cost you £51.95 and then the SK8 HI will be £64.95. So finally as you already know, this Saturday sees the release of both pairs and to make things fair we have decided to sell them just in store from 10:00 am. If any pairs are left over then they will go online later that day. Although I wouldn’t advice waiting until they do because due to the high demand I cannot say they’ll be any left over to put online. Set your alarms and be at the ready for this highly limited collaboration release from Vans and Odd Future. 




See you all Saturday… Peace.


‘FACES’ by Ben Chadourne

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016



Skateboarding has changed dramatically over the past few years, we have witnessed the burst of skateboarding in Europe, putting our gritty style of skating on the universal map. Europe as a whole has become more recognized than ever before and fairly so because the UK and all the shredders across the channel are killing it right now. This edit ‘FACES’ is a perfect example of why it has done so, filmed and edited by the master Ben Chadourne. Ben has captured the dudes who are right at the top as we speak such as Kevin Rodrigues, Hjalte Halberg, Vincent Touzery, Gregoire Cuadrado, Sean Pablo, Roman Gonzalez and many more. If you’d like to witness the freshest of footage from these guys then dive in right now. I guarantee you will not be disappointed…


Paul Hart – In Hart We Trust

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


Only just last week Paul Hart turned pro for Cliche Skateboards. His In Hart We Trust part was premiered in L.A on Thursday night and today it has been released on the Thrasher Magazine website. I can imagine the roof coming off the premiere because the first time I watched it I was blown away, it’s bonkers! Paul takes tricks you probably would expect to see on the smaller sized rails and hubbas but takes them to obstacles which are substantially bigger. Over the intense three minutes some of Paul’s gems are halfcab heelflip down the Santa Monica triple-set, kickflip frontside noseslide the Oceanside hubba and then does fakie backside lipslide and backside noseblunt to fakie down the Hollywood High 16 ! This part is full of jaw droppers and rewind moments, lick play and see for yourself.




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Tommy Sandoval Transworld Part

Monday, September 19th, 2016


We’ve all been waiting for a new Tommy Sandoval part for a while now and the Zero Skateboards pro has just had three fresh minutes of footage released via the people at Transworld Skateboarding. Less than twelve months on from his rather impressive LRG 1947 section, that massive frontside flip down the San Diego Sports Arena triple set at Thrasher Magazine’s Bust Or Bail and wowing the crowds not just here in Manchester but throughout the country and some of Europe on the Dwindle Distribution Tour, T-Gunz follows up with some powerful material. With an opening from a controversial 1990’s Iron Mike Tyson and featuring some of the type of terrain that you would associate Tommy with skating, this is everything you could want and expect from a dude who is Zero through and through. Not too shore about the Latin Jazz soundtrack or whether the Chief would approve but he’d surely be buzzing with the new lines Tommy finds at classic spots and the new hucks that have been a staple of his skate parts, Zero’s legacy seems set to continue with Tommy on board.




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Sunday Service: Harry Lintell – ‘True to This’

Sunday, September 18th, 2016


Check 4 minutes of classic Harry Lintell footage for Volcoms ‘True to this’ series.

Harry is the ultimate U.K all terrain vehicle. Jumping into the hairiest of handrail situations with the utmost of confidence, only to orchestrate a well thought out tech flip in-out ledge line on the way to the next rail spot. Check the nosegrind yank out on the bank to bench spot at 2:55 ‘Choice’ as the southerners would say!



Cant wait to see what Lintell has in store for us this year!


Ps. That switch flip is insane. thank you harry!


Stussy – Kevin Cincinnati Summer

Thursday, September 15th, 2016



Rare occasions often arise from the depths of skateboarding and this new Stussy video ‘Kevin Cincinnati Summer’ is definitely one of those occasions. Stussy has been riding the concrete wave alongside skateboarding since the beginning and this iconic brand is probably the top dog when it comes to street wear fashion/clothing. This edit coincides nicely with the new Stussy drop that has just landed here at The Black Sheep Store so be sure to check it out. You can do so below by hitting the link….