Element – Phil Zwijsen ”Waterproof”


If there is one thing that we are used to round here it’s the moment when that enjoyable session gets ruined by the rain. Only a select number of people can seemingly get away with pulling something out of the bag whilst the heavens open above. The most famous example would be Pat Duffy’s gnarly back lip down a handrail at the end of his 1992 part in Plan B’s Questionable video. Nobody has really tried to use the wet to their full advantage as a creative way of doing tricks that are pretty much unthinkable without it…until now! Enter Phil Zwijsen, to mark his pro debut for Element Europe he has released his ”Waterproof” part which consists of nothing but rain footage. Well apart from one or two tricks where the spot has been soaked thanks to the use of a hose but it still counts as wet right ?! As you can probably imagine there’s lots of powerslide variations, hippie jumps, nasty slams, firecrackers thrown in for good measure and the all important mind boggling makes. Click play below now to see what Phil brings to the dampened table and don;t complain when it starts to rain!






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